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Somali literature booksIn preparation for the Somali Day - postponed until 29 June 2021 - the ASCL Library has compiled a web dossier on Somali literature. The dossier consists of selected titles from the ASCL Library Catalogue, extended with sources available through the broader Leiden University Library collection. Titles link to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, which provides additional details and abstracts, where available. A special section has been added under the header “Acquisition trip 2019”, showcasing literary works in Somali purchased at the 12th Hargeysa International Bookfair. The dossier is introduced by ASCL researcher Annachiara Raia and concludes with a selection of links to relevant websites.
For publications on other subjects than literature acquired in Hargeisa in 2019 see this page.


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Language and script

The Somali language (af somaaliga) belongs to the Cushitic language family. It is spoken in Somalia and in adjacent parts of Kenya, Ethiopia, and the Dijbouti Republic.

The documented arrival of Arabs in what was to become Mogadishu dates back to the middle of the 2nd century A.H.—the second half of the eighth century (Cerulli 1927). Islam reached the Somali coast very early, but the Somali language did not adopt an official orthography until 1972. Prior to this, a plethora of scripts (18 writing systems—some indigenous, others Arabic- or Latin-based) were proposed and used over time.

The introduction of Arabic into northern Somaliland is attributed to Sheikh Yuusuf bin Ahmad al-Kawneyn (known as Aw Barkhadle), of Ashrāf descent. It is said that Aw Barkhadle came to Somaliland in the 13th century to proselytize Islam. The sharif Yuusuf introduced a vowel system based on Arabic nomenclature, which facilitated the acquisition of literacy in Arabic. A huge corpus of political and devotional poems in Arabic script was produced under the aegis of Sheekh Aweys (or Uways) Maxamed Baraawii, who was an important religious leader of the Qâdiriyya brotherhood. Sheekh Aweys, a member of the Tunni clan, was born in 1847 in the southern town of Brava, in the Benadir region; after studying in Baghdad, he returned to Brava in 1880. A further advance in the writing of Somali in Arabic script was achieved by Muuse Xaaji Ismaaciil Galaal, who introduced seven completely new signs to properly mark the Somali vowels.

Osman Yusuf Kenadid, meanwhile, was the inventor of  an eponymous indigenous script, Osmania, between 1920 and 1922. In A Nation in Search of Script: The Problem of Establishing a National Orthography for Somali, Hassan Adam says of this purely local script that: “the signs were borrowed neither from Arabic nor Italian but seem to be freely invented, perhaps partially under the influence of the ductus of the Ethiopian writing” (1968: 21). The prominence of the script until late 1971 is attested by the publication of an entire book, Afkeenna iyo fartiisa (“Our Language and Its Script”) in Osmania script published by Industrie Grafiche della Somalia.

The Latin Somali alphabet was eventually officialized on the occasion of the third anniversary of the revolution and became effective on 1 January 1973. Among others, former president Siad Barre has claimed that economic as well as pragmatic reasons underpin the decision to adopt a modified Latin alphabet in Somalia. (Labahn 1982: 172–173).


The core of Somali expressive culture is poetry (gabay) and Somalia is rightly regarded as a country of poets. During his visit to Somalia in 1854, the British explorer Sir Richard Burton reported that “the country teems with poets”. Mainly due to the largely pastoral lifestyle of the Somalis, Somali poetry is first and foremost oral poetry. This means that its first realization (composition, dissemination and conservation) occurs without recourse to writing. Three key components form the backbone of Somali poetry: its prosodic pattern; a quantitative meter; and its alliterative form, which is sustained through each line of the poem.  

The genres of Somali poetry span a vast and diverse range of topics, which adapt and change over time and with the culture. Work songs depicting rural activities involving camels are among the oldest Somali oral genres. While these poems (commonly referred to as hees) are not attributed to individual poets, the more prestigious genre of maanso consists of poetic works whose composers are indeed known: the text usually exists and is meant to be memorized verbatim by a so-called reciter. Before tape recorders became widespread in the 1960s, oral poetry was memorized verbatim. The reciter in the Somali context—different from the griots of West Africa or the bards of Yugoslavia —was commonly not a skilled poet, but regarded solely as the mediator of the poetic text (which was never of epic length), addressing the public audience and preserving the poem for the future generations (Andrzejewski 2011). Invective poems addressed to a particular lineage, which, in turn, trigger responses and create a poetic chain (silsila). Two of the most famous in this regard are the Siinley chain of the early 1970s and Deelley of 1979–80, (two series of poems named after their alliterative schemes). They are both popular chains of political poems. One of the most common meters from the 1970s onwards has been jiifto (Orwin 2012).

The use of musical accompaniment was pioneered by the composer Cabdullaahi Qarshe, who introduced the oud, an Arabic string instrument, to Somali poetry in the 1940s. The first new genre that emerged from this was the heello, drawing from a prior genre known as belwo. Originally consisting of love poems, the heello genre was subsequently adapted as an important medium for nationalist poetry amid the Somali struggle for independence. As attested by John William Johnson, this heello urban-based genre “was the voice of marginal segments of the society” (Johnson 1995:111). After Somali independence in 1960, the heello genre developed into a modern form of hees, which has become widespread since the 1970s. 

Another genre, known as buraambur, is used exclusively by women in a variety of contexts, mainly dance, and is characterized as being extremely short—mostly between two and five or six lines (Orwin 2012; Banti and Gianntasio 1996). Somali women’s poetry has also played an important role in support of and in opposition to the military regime that came to power in the coup of 1969. Though not widely recognized, Somali woman actively participated in the Somali Youth League and placed poetry at the core of their political arsenal. Notable works include those of Hawa Jibril (Mudug, 1920–2011) and her views on the post-independence reality of her country, which are explored in Somalia—The Untold Story: The War Through the Eyes of Somali Women (El-Bushra & Gardner 2004).

Somali Novels and Writers

Hawa Jibril is one example of the abundance of voices representing what has also been conceived as a country of writers in exile. As pointed out by Nuraddin Farah (Baidoa, 1945– ) in his “A Country in Exile,” for World Literature Today, to date “there is no Somali term to describe the idea of exile—and yet the condition has become familiar to many of my people” (1998: 715). Exile has been depicted by a variety of genres in Somali literature, perhaps the most notable of which encompasses the genres of novel and memoir. The novel as such, Moolla observes, “embodies to the highest degree the features and trends associated with the development of writing in print capitalism” (Moolla 2012: 435–6). Furthermore, precisely because of its particular historical trajectory, the Somali novel has been written in Arabic, Somali, French, Italian and English, and the works of Somali writers have been translated into many languages. Thus, the reader should not be surprised that the depiction of Mogadishu in Farah’s “extroverted African novel” (Julien 2006) on the Somali civil war, Links, mirrors that of Dante Alighieri’s Hell; nor should the reader be disappointed, but rather enthusiastic when a writer such as Igiaba Scego (Rome, 1974– ) is awarded an Italian literary prize such as the Premio Mondello for La mia casa è dove sono (“My Home Is Where I Am,” 2010). Within contemporary creative writing, it is also worth citing novels from the country itself, for instance those depicting Somali experiences in the refugee camps of Kenya (see Bile M. Hashi’s Hammi adduun iyo hasaawe jacayl [“Ambition and Love,” 2010] ).

Among the classics of Somali literature in the Somali language, Faarax M. J. Cawl’s novel Aqoondaaro waa u nacab jacayl (“Ignorance Is the Enemy of Love”), translated into English by Andrzejewski in 1982, is a masterpiece imbued with orality through the interpolation of love poetry.   Cawl’s novel masterfully illustrates the equal value of orality and literature, both essential to shaping the African novel as authentically “African” (Julien 1992). Marriage is a major theme woven into the plot of this novel, a theme—together with that of the journey—that has also remained dear to the latest generation of Somali prose writers, such as Xusseen Sheekh Biixi, who in his novel Waddadii albahaarka  (“The Road of Grief”) uses the theme of marriage to portray the situation of Somalia in the early 1990s, a time of dramatic change for Somalis, whose life was about to change and never be the same again (Orwin 2008; Ali Jimale Ahmed 1989). 


It would be remiss not to comment on the role of music in Somali literature and culture in this introduction to Somali literature. In the so-called golden era of Somali music in the 1970s and 1980s, musicians sporting afros and wearing black and gold jackets used to perform at Mogadishu nightclubs where people danced until the early hours. In an interview for The Guardian and Nigrizia, Habib Sharaabi and Abdulkadir Korea retell their memories of that golden age. In the late 1980s, when Siad Barre’s regime became particularly repressive, censorship and economic crises forced many musicians to leave the country. The beautiful memories of the country before the civil war are also evoked by contemporary singers based in Hargeisa, Somaliland, like Sahr Halgan, the icon of pan-African music, regarded as a sentinelle somalindaise, and founder of the Sahr Halgan Trio in 2010.

Today, the Hargeisa Cultural Centre, founded in August 2014, serves as a living archive, promoting and preserving the artistic and cultural heritage of Somalis. The centre holds 14,000 cassettes of music, poetry and plays that, during the war, were hidden underground to escape destruction. They were mainly collected through donations from ordinary people or old cassette shops that have since closed their businesses. 

Among those composers whose poetry was written and meant to be set to music, Xasan Daahir Ismaaciil “Weedhsame”’s lyrics, mainly love poems, popularized by YouTube,  must be mentioned.

Djibouti also boasts a long musical tradition (see Cabdalla Xaaji Cismaan and Siciid Maxamuud Gahayr’s Sooyaalka fanka iyo hobollada Jabuuti, Hargeysa, Somaliland: Sagaljet, 2019) that illustrates the important role the media has played in broadcasting Somali-oriented music and voices. Singers such as Siciid Xamarqoodh, Cali Mooge Geeddi, Rooda Axmed and Faadumo Axmed Dhimbiil were generally performing at weddings at the time Radio Djibouti was founded. This station would become the main outlet for these artists’ work, raising their popularity as well their status as an anti-colonial voice during the struggle for independence.

Against All Odds: Make Literature Your Own Religion

Against all the odds, against a country labelled a “no-go area” by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since 2008, Hargeisa—the capital city of the internationally yet unrecognized Somaliland—has hosted one of the biggest book fairs in the Horn of Africa, where scholars, writers, young storytellers and passionate, educated Africans—who have made literature their own religion—meet and network to build a better present and future for their own societies. From book fairs to our own libraries and educational events, all of these initiatives combined also ensure a better present and future for African studies and the field of African-languages literature.

Annachiara Raia


Selected titles

Acquisition trip 2019 - publications in Somali

This section will be updated regularly in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Novels and short stories

Balanbaalisyahay duul : iyo sheekooyin kale / Jaamac Muuse Jaamac. - Hargeysa, Somaliland: Ponte Invisible, 2019.

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(About) Somali language and literature

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Children's literature

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For publications on other subjects than literature acquired in Hargeisa in 2019 see this website.


Somali literature - publications in European languages

Novels and short stories

Between love, past and destiny / Nasiim M. Aar. - Tayo Printing publication: Hargeisa Republic of Somaliland, 2019.

Migrant avec sa palme d'or : (une histoire universelle et rocambolesque) / Yaas Daher. - Saint-Denis: Edilivre, 2018.

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Maps / Nuruddin Farah. - New York: Arcade Publishing, 1999.

Secrets / Nuruddin Farah. - Cape Town: David Philip, 1999.

Mijn woestijn : ervaringen van een nomadendochter, topmodel en speciaal ambassadeur van de Verenigde Naties / Waris Dirie en Cathleen Miller ; vert. [uit het Engels] door Jorien Hakvoort en Albert Witteveen. - Amsterdam: Arena, 1998.

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Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac "Gaarriye" : biography and poems / edited by Jama Musse Jama ; [translated from the Somali by W.N. Herbert, Martin Orwin, David Harsent and Rhoda A. Rageh. - Pisa, Italy: Ponte Invisible, 2012.

When donkeys give birth to calves : totems, wars, horizons, diasporas : poems / Ali Jimale Ahmed. - Trenton, N.J.: Red Sea Press, 2012.
ASC Subject·Headings: Somalia ; poetry (form)

Teaching my mother how to give birth / Warsan Shire. - Milton Keynes: Lightning Source, 2011.

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About Somali literature

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Selected web resources

Somalia: a nation of poets
Produced with Ka Joog and the Somali Museum of Minnesota.

What is Somali literature (suugaan) / Ali Jimale Ahmed
Produced by Somali Studies.

Other resources
The Digital Somali Library
Digitized Somali language books and posters from Indiana University-Bloomington's collection

The Poetry Translation Centre
Biographies of Somali poets, Somali poems together with videos and podcasts of readings of Somali poetry.

Somali textbooks / Jibril Aw Mohamed
Digitized textbooks as well as digitized literary works.