Early African press

Printing class, Lovedale Institution (Wikimedia Commons, Source: The redemption of Africa by Frederick Perry Noble, 1899)

On the occasion of two seminars on early African press organized by the African Studies Centre in October and November 2021, the ASCL Library has compiled a web dossier on this subject with a focus on pre-independence African newspapers. The dossier consists of selected titles from the ASCL Library Catalogue, extended with sources available through the broader Leiden University Library collection. Title links to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, where available, provide additional details and abstracts. The dossier is introduced by Ursula Oberst and concludes with a selection of links to relevant websites. In addition to the compilation of the web dossier, the ASCL library has also started to document early African newspapers in Wikidata.


Annonces, affiches, et avis divers pour les colonies des Îles de France et de BourbonThe presumable first newspaper in Africa Annonces, affiches, et avis divers pour les colonies des Îles de France et de Bourbon was established in Mauritius in 1773 by Pierre Nicolas Lambert. The newspaper was printed in French and published on a weekly basis. It contained advertisements, local and foreign news, publication of government announcements and educational articles on agriculture and trade. Roughly 30 years later, the first government gazettes were published on the African continental mainland, beginning with the bilingual Cape Town Gazette and African Advertiser in 1801, and followed by The Sierra Leone Gazette in 1802.

The history of newspaper publishing in Africa is interwoven with the history of the Christian mission in Africa. In South Africa, the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society in Grahamstown began publishing the Xhosa periodical Umshumayeli Wendaba (The Preacher of the News) in 1837. In Nigeria, the first newspaper was the Yoruba-language fortnightly Iwe Irohin (The Paper with the News) which was set up in 1859 by the Church Missionary Society missionary Henry Townsend. Iwe Irohin did not only feature church news, such as recorded and advertised clergy movements, sermons and missionary visits; topics ranged widely from history and geography to current affairs, including foreign news.

The production of the first newspapers on government or missionary printing presses quickly inspired the creation of independent newspapers.  From May 1855, an independent newspaper called New Era, was published by William Drape in Freetown, Sierra Leone. New Era was a trail blazer, and others soon followed. By the late nineteenth century, West and South Africa were homes to a lively African press.

In East Africa, the first newspapers appeared later, beginning with Msimulizi (The Storyteller), published by the Anglican Universities Mission to Central Africa (UMCA) on the island of Zanzibar from 1888. Mainland Tanzania’s Swahili-language print media in the first half of the twentieth century was missionary and government owned, at least until the rise of the nationalist press in the 1950s. In her talk, Emma Hunter will explore Tanzania’s Swahili-language print media as an area in which writers reflected on their place in an increasingly unequal world.

The content of early African newspapers was not restricted to local and foreign news, the publication of government announcements and advertisements. Early African newspapers were also important sites for literary works. The first African novels often appeared in newspapers, published as serials. This was the case of Marita: or the Folly of Love, which has some claim to be first West African novel written in English, published in instalments by the Western Echo, a local Gold Coast newspaper from 1886 to 1888. This is also true of the first Yoruba novel Life Story of Me, Segilola published in the Yoruba newspaper Akede Eko between July 1929 and March 1930. I.B. Thomas's Segilola is one of the subjects of Karin Barber’s talk.

Ursula Oberst (Main sources: Dictionnaire des journaux: 1600-1789 & Emma Hunter: Newspapers as sources for African history)

Selected publications

Subsaharan Africa | Northeast Africa West and West Central Africa | East Africa | Southeast Central and Southern Africa

Subsaharan Africa


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French-speaking Africa

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Portuguese-speaking Africa

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Northeast Africa

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West and West Central Africa


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Cabo Verde

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Congo (Brazzaville)

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Democratic Republic of Congo

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Equatorial Guinea

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East Africa 


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Southeast Central and Southern Africa


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São Tomé e Príncipe

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South Africa

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