African art (II)

book cover "Visual century - South African art in context"Together with Studium Generale Leiden and the University of Amsterdam, the African Studies Centre Leiden is organizing a lecture series on African a rt and literature. Renowned authors and art scientists will speak over eight Wednesday evenings. The Library, Documentation and Information Department of the African Studies Centre Leiden has compiled this web dossier on African art to coincide with the lectures.
The dossier is based on the ASCL Library's collection and contains authoritative works on African art as well as recent publications from the last five years. Each title links directly to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, which provides details about each title and abstracts of articles and edited works. The introduction by Dr Harrie Leyten is followed by titles on classic and modern African art and illicit trade in cultural property. The dossier concludes with a selection of web resources on African art.

  1. Introduction
  2. African art - authoritative works
  3. Classic African art (2010-)
  4. Modern and contemporary African art (2010-)
  5. Illicit trade in cultural property
  6. Selected web resources

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1. Introduction

African art: About a name
As modern African art differs so much from the art which predates it, there was need for a name to distinguish between them. But, what should we call the art that existed in Africa prior to modern art (and which still exists to a certain degree)? The name used most frequently is: primitive art. However, the term, coined in the nineteenth century by travellers to Africa, is becoming increasingly unpopular, as it is considered discriminating and derogatory. The term traditional art is incorrect, as it suggests that ‘tradition’ is a stable, static concept, and that African societies in the past have not experienced change or development. Another common name is: tribal art. The word tribe was introduced to Africa by the colonial authorities in order to facilitate their administrative management of ethnic groups. While it may have served certain administrative purposes, it has not been a satisfactory name in terms of distinguishing between peoples who have different languages and cultures, yet are each others’ neighbours and interact with each other. Perhaps a more suitable name for this type of art is: classic African art. The word ‘classic’ refers to a work of art of recognized and established value. Today, classic African art is recognized everywhere as world art and has a proven value, both aesthetically and as treasured collectors’ items.   

The confusion about the names is just one of a number of misunderstandings and stereotypes that originated in the nineteenth century and which have persisted deep into the twentieth century: Africans have been described as uncivilized, exotic, sensual, primitive and wild. (Nederveen Pieterse 1992) Missionaries spoke of African religions as pagan and called their religious objects fetishes. Anthropologists assumed that for Africans all objects were imbued with living souls: the theory of animism. (Leyten 2015)
At the beginning of the twentieth century, a number of European artists (among them Picasso, Matisse, Derain and De Vlaminck) ‘discovered’ African masks and statues. They saw them as magical objects, as intermediaries between humans and the mysterious forces of evil, as tools that enabled man to free himself from all that threatened his existence; but, primarily, they saw them as objects that inspired them to create new artistic forms (cubism, ‘fauvism’ (Paudrat 1984)).

In the first decades of the twentieth century, expeditions into the African hinterland were organized, specifically to study and collect art: well known among them are those by Leo Frobenius (Congo and Nigeria) (Kuba a.o. 2010), and Emil Torday (Congo).
From the 1930s onwards, scholars, anthropologists, ethnographers and art historians, began to do fieldwork in Africa. Melville Herskovits conducted fieldwork among the Fon in Dahomey ( present day Bénin), Marcel Griaule among the Dogon of Mali, and Hans Himmelheber among Guro and Baule in Ivory Coast. Their fieldwork was halted by the Second World War. William Fagg, keeper of the Africa Department of the British Museum, has probably been the greatest stimulus for the appreciation of classic African art in the western world. All of them have published about their research. Much later, after the independence of African countries, beginning in the 1960s, a new generation of European scholars emerged. They concentrated on a specific region, ethnic group or theme, and remained involved with it for many years. British scholars were especially active in Nigeria: John Henry Drewal (Yoruba), John Boston (Igbo), Kevin Carrol (Yoruba Religious carving), Philip Dark (Benin), Robin Horton (Kalabari), Keith Nicklin (Oron), C. Thurstan Shaw (archaeology of Igbo-Ukwu), William Bascom (Ifa Divination), and Frank Willet (Ife). Their publications form the starting point for every study of Nigerian art and culture. (For an overview see: Susan Vogel (1991)).
Soon after, the study of African art was taken up by Africans of different scholarly disciplines. Among them are: Kyerematen, A.A.Y. (1964),  Ekpo Eyo (1977), Abiodun (1980), Jegede, Dele (1983), Salih M.Hassan (a.o. 2013), and Lawal (2012).

Books on classic African Art
Generally speaking, books on classic African art can be divided into three categories:

  1. Publications on African art of a general nature, often entitled African Art. They try to give a geographical overview of ‘tribes and styles’. This category has been very popular in the past decades. Well known authors are: Elsy Leuzinger, Joseph Cornet, Jacqueline Delange, William Fagg, and Frank Willett. The format of these books makes the contents necessarily superficial. The limited number of pages made it impossible to do justice to the cultural wealth of African countries. Only one or two art objects  relating to each ‘tribe’ or ‘style’ could be published. Thus, it narrowed the cultural heritage of a people down to a few arbitrary items.
  2. Publications on themes within classic African art, such as architecture, textiles, symbols of chieftaincy, ornaments, weapons, religious objects, weights (e.g. gold weights) and others. Many of these books have a thorough scholarly value, include high quality photographs, and are of interest to fellow academics and laypeople with an aesthetic taste.
  3. More recently, publications on African art and cultures appear in monographs. They tend to concentrate on a particular culture or ethnic group, base themselves on fieldwork, and publish a much wider range of objects, both art objects and household objects, in their social, cultural or religious context. They also discuss the artists themselves, which is a new trend, as previously African art was considered to be anonymous. Some examples are: Joseph Cornet on the Kuba,  Francois Neyt on the Luba, Mary Nooter Roberts and Allen Roberts on the Luba, Eberhard Fischer on the Guro, Louis Perrois on the Fang, Susan Vogel on the Baule, Marie-Louise Bastin on the Tsokwe, Daniel Biebuick on the Lega, Jean-Paul Colleyn on the Bamana, Ruth Philips on the Mende, and Rogier Bedaux on the Dogon.

Illicit traffic in cultural property
With the spectacular growth in interest in classic African art, and the increase in sales of this art, an illegal market for precious objects of African art developed. Archaeological finds, such as those from the Nok culture (Nigeria) and Djenne (Mali) fetch high prices in the western world. In 1970, UNESCO promulgated the Convention for the protection of cultural heritage. It was designed to stop the illicit trafficking of cultural goods. (ICOM 2000; Leyten 1995; Renfrew 2000, Van Beurden 2001, 2012; Panella 2010) Notwithstanding fierce opposition by art dealers and collectors, an increasing number of nations has ratified the convention in recent years. The return of stolen objects to Africa happens rarely. 

Modern and contemporary African art
Modern art in Africa had a slow start. If the colonial powers showed an interest in art and the training of artists at all, they taught talented African youngsters in European art and art history at academic institutions, such as Kampala, Khartoum and Zaria.
Informal training was given by some colonial officers or European businessmen, sometimes at home. One of them was Pierre Romain Desfosses, a retired French navy officer who settled in Elisabethville (Lubumbashi) in 1944; another was Pierre Lods who, in 1950, started the Poto-Poto workshop in Brazzaville (Greani 2012). In 1957, Frank McEwen, director of the newly opened National Gallery in Salisbury (Harare) encouraged his personnel to take up painting, while tobacco farmer Tom Blomefield founded a sculptors’ community at Tengenenge (Zimbabwe) (Leyten 1994). After Nigeria’s independence in 1960, Ulli Beier organized summer schools at Oshogbo, which produced a good number of successful artists (Probst 2011). Among them are Twins Seven Seven (Glassie 2010), Buraimoh, Olatunde, and Ogundele. Throughout Africa, artists surfaced  without formal or informal training, who were able to develop their own style and gain national and international recognition. Among them are Valente Malangatana (Mozambique), Middle Art (Nigeria) and Chéri Samba (Congo, Zaire). (Leyten a.o. 1980; Mount 1973; Willett 2003; Woets 2011).

Contemporary African art
From the 1980s onwards, African art became mainstream in the western world. Increasingly, museums opted for large and well published exhibitions of contemporary African art. The first international boost was given by Hubert Martin’s exhibition Les magiciens de la terre in Paris, in 1989, and its accompanying catalogue. This was soon followed by André Magnin’s exhibition Africa now in 1991, which was shown in several countries. (Magnin 1991) 
André Magnin published his Contemporary Art of Africa in 1996, producing an impressive list of contemporary African artists. (Magnin 1996) .
A major exhibition curated by an African, Simon Njani, was Afrika Remix, which was shown in several western countries in 2004-2005. (Njani 2004). The Museum Rietberg organized a travelling exhibition of classic art from the Ivory Coast in 2014 (Fischer a.o. 2014).

The Nigerian art historian and professor of African art, Okwui Enwezor, became the organizer of Documenta 11 in 2002, and the Venice Biennale in 2015. (Enwezor 2002).

Dr Harrie Leyten

2. African art - authoritative works

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Illicit trade in cultural property

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Selected web resources

African art on the Internet
Comprehensive guide to Internet resources on African art, prepared by Karen Fung (curator of the African Collection at Stanford Libraries).

IAM - Intense Art Magazine
IAM is bilingual (English/French) cross-media platform,  dedicated to women in visual arts, fashion and design from Africa and its Diaspora, encompassing both an editorial website, a high quality print magazine published twice a year and a program of events. IAM explores local artistic African scenes; portrays artists, designers, curators and art professionals from Africa and its Diaspora.

Lecture by Prof. Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz
New trends in artistic practices in Africa and its diaspora:

Modern African Art: a basic reading list
Compiled by Janet L. Stanley, National Museum of African Art Library, Smithsonian Institution Libraries. Last update: February 2016

Trafficking Culture
Trafficking Culture is an international research consortium that produces evidence-based research into the contemporary global trade in looted cultural objects. The website contains an Encyclopedia which presents introductory materials on the research topic including numerous cases studies of famously looted artefacts, critical analysis of a relevant law,  selection of methodological orientations for conducting research on the topic, and a brief introduction to criminological or social theory. The Publications section includes over 100 academic articles about the illicit trade in cultural objects.

Web dossier African Art
The dossier is based  on the ASC library's collection and contains titles of books and articles published between 1994-2004.