Inge Butter, Navigations of a Globalizing Chad: Nomadic Walad Djifir Grounded in Connectivity

Picture by Inge Butter This PhD research focuses on a group of semi-sedentary Arab nomads from Central Chad and analyses the social and economic networks of which they are a part. Within this context the role of change and continuity vis-a-vis connectors (such as communication technologies) will be examined. The research takes place in Chad and the Central African Republic.

The MaGW-funded project is being supervised by Prof. Mirjam de Bruijn (ASC) and Prof. Maarten Mous (University of Leiden). The fieldwork has been made possible with the help of the Centre de Recherches en Anthropologie et Sciences Humaines (CRASH) located in N’Djamena. The project is closely connected to the research carried out by the Connecting in Times of Duress team.

On Thursday 2 July at 13:45 hrs., Inge Butter defended her dissertation 'Navigations of a Globalizing Chad: Nomadic Walad Djifir Grounded in Connectivity' at Leiden University.


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Maarten Mous (Leiden University)
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