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Binyavanga Wainaina

Binyavanga Wainaina at the 2009 Brooklyn Book Festival (Wikimedia Commons, Nightscream, CC-BY-3.0)On 21 May 2019, Kenyan author and gay rights activist Kenneth Binyavanga Wainaina passed away, aged 48. Wainaina made a revolutionary impact on literature from and about the African continent. He is perhaps best known for his satirical essay How to Write About Africa (Granta 2005) in which he brilliantly exposed African clichés and stereotypes often relied upon by Western writers.: “Never have a picture of a well-adjusted African on the cover of your book, or in it, unless that African has won the Nobel prize. An AK-47, prominent ribs, naked breasts: use these …”

In 2002, Wainaina won the Caine prize for African writing, worth £10,000. He used his prize money to found the Kenya-based literary magazine, Kwani? (meaning “so what?”), which would become one of the most influential platforms for writing across the African continent.

In January 2014, in response to a wave of anti-gay laws passed in Africa, Wainaina publicly announced that he was a homosexual; first writing an essay that he described as a "lost chapter" of his 2011 memoir entitled "I am a Homosexual, Mum", and then tweeting: "I am, for anybody confused or in doubt, a homosexual. Gay, and quite happy."

Loving all things culinary, Wainaina collected over 13,000 recipes from around Africa. He was an expert on traditional and modern African cuisine.

In April 2014, he was mentioned in Time magazine’s annual list of the world’s 100 most influential people. His citation was written by Ngozie Adichie.

Wainaina, born 18 January 1971 in Nakuru, Kenya, died from a fatal stroke on the evening of 21 May 2019, at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi.

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