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A selection of links to various sources of information on Africa, by other institutions and organizations.

Please take note, this list is provided as an extra service. The ASCL does not take responsibilty for (the content of) sources that are not part of the ASCL library (digital) collection. Sources that fall outside the scope of the collection profile of the ASCL library, which focuses mainly on the social sciences in Africa, are not listed. For tips on finding specific material types, see our Find it guide

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Free online sources

African Studies Library
The African Studies Library project aims to build a state-of-the-art library catalogue and to provide research services for African Studies in Germany and beyond. This project is funded by the German Reseach Foundation (DFG) and hosted at the Goethe University Library in Frankfurt.

A Guide to Africa on the Internet: Selected Information Sources and Databases (compiled by Håkan Gidlöf. The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden). Contents: Search Engines and Directories; Country-specific information sources; Subject-related information sources; Libraries and databases; Journals and magazines; News agencies and news services; Broadcasting; Research institutes and universities; Organizations; Internet connectivity in Africa; Other collections of information sources on Africa.

Africa Portal
Africa Portal is an online library collection, holding over 10,000 books, journals, and digital documents related to African policy issues. All free for download. As of June 2022 no new documents are added, the collection will remain available as an archive.

LITAF, littérature africaine francophone
The LITAF database offers complete information on French-language literature from Subsaharan Africa.

Africa South of the Sahara, selected Internet resources (Prepared by Karen Fung for the Information and Communication Technology Group (ICTG), African Studies Association, USA). Selected Internet resources by country/region and topics. Offers, amongst others, links to a lot of primary sources (full text).

African Studies Internet Resources (Dr. Joseph Caruso, Columbia University, USA). Sections: African Studies programmes, research centres, universities; Electronic journals and newspapers; International directory of African Studies scholars; Libraries, bibliographies, book dealers, publishers; African Studies resources by region and country; African Studies resources by organization; African Studies resources by topic; Other Africa-related resource collections (websites).

The Africaserver brings together information from and about Africa and lists activities in the Netherlands related to Africa.

BASE (general)
BASE is one of the world's most voluminous search engines especially for academic web resources. You can access the majority of full texts of the indexed documents for free (Open Access). BASE is operated by Bielefeld University Library.

WorldCat (general)
A global catalog of library collections, find what you want in a library near you. 

Restricted access (campus access only)

Africa-wide Information (restricted access / campus access only)
A combination of databases licensed by the South African National Library, Pretoria; the National English Literary Museum, Grahamstown; the Nasionale Afrikaanse Letterkundige Museum en Navorsingsentrum; the University of Potchefstroom Library; Witwatersrand University Faculty of Management; the Unisa Law Library; the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA); the National Research Foundation, Pretoria; the Africa Institute, Pretoria; the Namibian National Library; the Killie Campbell Collection, Durban; the South African Institute of International Affairs, Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg; the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; the University of California at Los Angeles; IBISCUS; the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI), Uppsala; the Durban Metropolitan Library; the African Studies Centre Leiden, and others. These databases can also be searched separately.

Africa Bibliography (restricted access)
The Africa Bibliography is an authoritative guide to works in African Studies and has been published annually under the auspices of the International African Institute since 1984. The consolidated online version brings together every record collected since the bibliography was founded and is a rich and interactive resource for all scholars interested in the study of Africa. Other acces points: (2011-present) (fully searchable, online database 2000-present)

African Studies Companion (restricted access / campus access only)
Researched and compiled by Hans Zell Publishing Consultants. Editor: Hans M. Zell. Lists general online resources on Africa and African Studies; the main general reference tools (print, online, CD-ROM, microform); current bibliographies, indexing and abstracting services, and review media; major biographical resources (print, microfiche and online); guides to African-language resources (print and online); guides to statistical sources, economic and financial data (print, microfiche and online); cartographic sources, map sales and map sellers (print, CD-ROM and online); guides to film and video resources (print and online); journals and magazines (print and online); news sources for Africa; guides to African newspapers (print and online); major African Studies library collections in Europe, North America and elsewhere outside Africa; major academic libraries and national archives in Africa; and much more.

Electronic Journals Leiden University (general) (restricted access / campus access only)
Here you can search the contents of electronic journals accessible at the Leiden University campus. You can browse the alfabetical list or search for an e-journal by title, ISSN or subject.

Factiva – International newspapers (general) (restricted access / campus access only;  limited amount of concurrent users)
Access to several national (regional) and international newspapers and more than 140 African newspapers and magazines.

PiCarta (general) (restricted access / campus access only)
This OCLC-PICA service provides integrated access and search facilities to the Dutch Union Catalogue (NCC) and Online Contents (index to the contents of periodicals).

Institutions and libraries

The Africa Museum
The Africa Museum in Berg en Dal includes an indoor museum with an extensive collection and an outdoor museum with a strong educational and recreational character. It also has a special collection of modern African art. There is an online catalogue (in Dutch and German) of the museum’s collection.

ISS (Institute for Social Studies)
The ISS is an international institute of higher education on social and economic change with a focus on development processes. It was founded to assist in the training of professionals, especially from developing countries. The library catalogue is searchable online The full text of many recent ISS Working Papers is available online

LUCIS (Leiden University Centre for the study of Islam and Society)
The Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society (LUCIS) is a platform for cooperation between researchers from different faculties of Leiden University who engage in the study of Islam and Muslim communities. LUCIS focuses geographically on North Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia and on Muslim communities in the Netherlands and the Western world in general.

South Africa House
The South Africa House houses the Netherlands-South African Society (NZAV), the South African Institute (SAI) and the Study Fund Foundation for South African Students. The SAI manages a library with a unique collection of South African literature. The online catalogue can be searched for documents, photos and information on authors.

NVAS (Netherlands African Studies Association)
The Netherlands African Studies Association provides a scientific forum for Africanists working in the Netherlands. It promotes and coordinates the study of the social sciences on Africa by maintaining close links with universities and research institutes.

Center for Afrikastudier, Copenhagen
The CAS library holds more than 10,000 volumes on a wide range of topics related to Africa: politics, economics, history, anthropology, geography, development problems, religion, art and literature, particularly well represented are development, conflicts and conflict resolution, human rights, HIV/AIDS.

Les Afriques dans le monde, Bordeaux
The LAM Library specializes on political science, law, sociology, economy, contemporary history and international relations in Subsaharan Africa, with an emphasis on French-speaking and Southern Africa.

Institut für Afrika-Kunde, Hamburg
The GIGA is home to the largest non-university information centre for area studies and comparative area studies in Germany. The four regional libraries collect literature on economic, political and social developments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Uppsala
The library at the Nordic Africa Institute is aimed at users throughout the Nordic region. It specializes in contemporary Africa and its holdings cover the entire continent.

Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren
The RMCA’s collection is exceptionally unique and as the only one in Belgium the library often has specific journals at its disposal which were obtained through exchange or presented as a gift. It deals with diverse general subjects about Africa and in particular Central Africa, but is above all a reflection of the scientific disciplines which are studied in the RMCA.

School of Oriental and African Studies, Centre of African Studies, London
SOAS Library is one of the world's most important academic libraries for the study of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The library houses over 1.2 million volumes, together with significant archival holdings, special collections and a growing network of electronic resources.

Zentrum für Afrikastudien, Basel
Their portal unites important resources for African studies in Basel, Switzerland and other countries. On the various sub-pages you will find direct links to the respective collections and archives on Africa.

AEGIS is a research network of European studies centres which aims to create synergies between experts and institutions. With primary emphasis on Social Sciences and Humanities, AEGIS' main goal is to improve understanding about contemporary African societies.

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
This site provides general information about the Netherlands, Dutch foreign policy and development cooperation, and Dutch and European cooperation. Also Dutch embassies abroad (in Dutch) and foreign embassies in the Netherlands (in Dutch) can be found here.

Nuffic (Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education)
Nuffic is a non-profit, professional organization that aims to make education more accessible all over the world, especially in countries where the educational infrastructure is below average. Services include diploma evaluation in the Netherlands.