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List of current subscriptions (August 2023): 430 journals.


ACBF newsletter.
  ISSN 1684-6079, Harare : the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF).
ADEA newsletter.
  Paris : ADEA.
  ISSN 1430-1938, Hamburg : Hamburg University Press.
Africa / International African Institute.
  ISSN 0001-9720, Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press.
Africa bibliography.
  ISSN 1757-1642, Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press.
Africa confidential.
  ISSN 1467-6338, Oxford : Blackwell Publishing.
Africa development.
  Dakar : CODESRIA.
Africa education review.
  ISSN 1753-5921, Pretoria : University of South Africa.
Africa environment outlook.
  Nairobi : UNEP.
Africa media review.
  ISSN 0258-4913, Nairobi : African Council for Communication Education.
Africa notes.
  Ithaca, NY : IAD, Cornell University.
Africa region working paper series.
  Washington, DC : World Bank.
Africa renewal.
  New York : United Nations [host].
Africa report.
  New York : African-American Institute.
Africa research bulletin : economic, financial and technical series.
  ISSN 1467-6346, Oxford : Blackwell Publishing.
Africa research bulletin : political, social and cultural series.
  ISSN 1467-825X, Oxford : Blackwell Publishing.
Africa review / African Studies Association of India.
  ISSN 0974-4061, New Delhi : African Studies Association of India (ASA).
Africa review of books.
  ISSN 0851-7592, Dakar : Codesria [Host].
Africa Rice Center annual report .
  Cotonou : Africa Rice Center.
Africa special report.
  Washington, DC : The African-American Institute.
Africa spectrum.
  Hamburg : GIGA Institute of African Affairs.
Africa spectrum.
  Hamburg : GIGA Institute of African Affairs.
Africa today.
  ISSN 1527-1978, [Bloomington, IN] : Indiana University Press.
Africa Update.
  Connecticut : Central Connecticut State University African Studies Program.
Africa yearbook.
  ISSN 1872-9037, Leiden [etc.] : Brill.
African affairs.
  ISSN 1468-2621, Oxford [etc.] : Oxford University Press.
African agenda.
  Accra : Third World Network (TWN).
African and Asian studies.
  ISSN 1569-2108, Leiden [etc.] : Brill.
African anthropologist.
  ISSN 1024-0969, Grahamstown : AJOL.
African archaeological review.
  ISSN 1572-9842, Dordrecht [etc.] : Kluwer Academic Publishers.
African arts.
  ISSN 0001-9933, Los Angeles : UCLA African Arts.
African Association for the Study of Religions [bulletin].
  Utrecht [etc.] : Katholieke Theologische Universiteit [etc.].
African book publishing record.
  ISSN 0306-0322, Berlin [etc.] : De Gruyter.
African business.
  ISSN 0141-3929, London : IC Publications.
African cities reader.
  Cape Town : Chimurenga [etc.].
African communication research.
  Durban : Centre for Communication, Media & Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal [Host].
African communist.
  Johannesburg : South African Communist Party (SACP).
African conflict & peacebuilding review.
  ISSN 2156-7263, New York [etc.] : JSTOR [Host].
African development indicators.
  ISSN 1020-2927, Washington, D.C. : World Bank.
African development report.
  Tunis-Belvedère : African Development Bank (afDB) Group.
African development review.
  ISSN 1467-8268, Oxford : Blackwell.
African diaspora.
  ISSN 1872-5465, Leiden [etc.] : Brill.
African economic history.
  Madison, Wisc. : University of Wisconsin.
African geographical review.
  ISSN 1937-6812, London [etc.] : Informaworld [Host].
African historical review.
  ISSN 1753-2531, Pretoria : University of South Africa.
African human rights law journal.
  ISSN 1609-073X, Lansdowne : Juta Law.
African Human Rights Newsletter.
  ISSN 0796-0751, Serrekunda : African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies (ACDHR).
African identities.
  ISSN 1472-5851, Basingstoke : Routledge.
African issues.
  ISSN 1548-4505, New Brunswick, N.J. : African Studies Association Press.
African journal of AIDS research.
  ISSN 1727-9445, London [etc.] : Informaworld [Host}.
African journal of democracy and election research.
  ISSN 2752-6011, London : Adonis & Abbey Publishers.
African journal of disability.
  ISSN 2226-7220, Durbanville : AOSIS OpenJournals.
African journal of environmental assessment and management (AJEAM).
  ISSN 1436-7890, [S.l.] : AJEAM/RAGEE.
African journal of information & communication technology.
  ISSN 1449-2679, Sydney : UTSePress.
African journal of information and communication (AJIC).
  ISSN 2077-7213, Parktown : Learning Information Networking and Knowledge (LINK) Centre, Graduate School of Public and Development Management, University of the Witwatersrand.
African journal of international affairs.
  ISSN 0850-7902, Dakar : CODESRIA.
African journal of international and comparative law.
  ISSN 0954-8890, Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press.
African journal of legal studies.
  ISSN 1708-7384, Ottawa : The African Law Institute (ALawI).
African journal of library, archives and information science.
  Ibadan, Nigeria : Archlib and information services.
African journal of political economy.
  ISSN 1017-4974, Harare : AAPS.
African journal of reproductive health.
  [S.l.] : Bioline International.
African journal of sociological and psychological studies.
  ISSN 2752-6585, London : Adonis & Abbey Publishers.
African journal on conflict resolution.
  ISSN 1562-6997, Umhlanga Rocks : ACCORD.
African journalism studies.
  ISSN 2374-3689, London [etc.] : Informaworld [Host].
African leaders state of Africa report ..
  Boston : African Presidential Archives and Research Center, Boston University.
African Leadership Centre Monographs.
  ISSN 2312-9107, Nairobi : African Leadership Centre.
African multidisciplinary tax journal.
  ISSN 2710-0685, Cape Town :Juta.
African Nebula.
  ISSN 1837-7963, Penrith South, N.S.W. : S. Habib.
African news.
  [London] : Centre of African Studies, University of London.
African newsletter on occupational health and safety.
  ISSN 1239-4386, Helsinki : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.
African publishing review.
  Harare : African Publishers Network (APNET).
African renaissance.
  London : Adonis & Abbey Publishers.
African review of economics & finance.
  ISSN 2042-1478, Stirling : Graphic and Print Services, University of Stirling.
African security.
  ISSN 1939-2214 (verbeterd), Philadelphia, PA : Routledge.
African security review.
  ISSN 1024-6029, Pretoria : Institute for Security Studies.
African sociological review.
  ISSN 1027-4332, Dakar : CODESRIA.
African statistical newsletter.
  Addis Ababa : ASC, UNECA.
African studies.
  ISSN 1469-2872, Johannesburg : Witwatersrand University Press.
African studies bulletin.
  ISSN 0024-0249, Leeds : Leeds University Centre for African Studies.
African studies in Russia.
  Moscow : Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences.
African studies quarterly.
  ISSN 1093-2658, Gainesville, FL : Center for African Studies, University of Florida.
African studies review.
  ISSN 1555-2462, New Brunswick, NJ : African Studies Association.
African study monographs.
  ISSN 0286-9667, Kyoto : Research Committee for African Area Studies, Kyoto University.
African study monographs.
  ISSN 0285-1601, Kyoto : Research Committee for African Area Studies, Kyoto University.
African symposium.
  [Kwaluseni] [etc.] : University of Swaziland [etc.].
Africana libraries newsletter.
  ISSN 0148-7868, Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University.
  ISSN 0304-615x, Pretoria : Department of Development Administration.
  ISSN 1813-0356, Nairobi : AFRICOM.
  ISSN 1276-2458, Paris : L'Harmattan.
Afrika focus.
  Gent : Gents Afrika Platform, Afrika Brug.
Afrika Zamani.
  ISSN 0850-3079, Dakar : Codesria.
Afrikanistik online.
  ISSN 1860-7462, Cologne : University of Cologne, Germany.
Afrique Asie.
  Paris : AFRIAM.
Afrique contemporaine.
  ISSN 1782-138X, Liège [etc.] : Cairn.
  ISSN 2108-6796, Marseille : Le Centre pour l'âedition âelectronique ouverte (Clâeo) [Host].
  [Den Haag : Afro Euro Foundation].
Agenda / Feminist Media.
  ISSN 1013-0950, Durban : Agenda Feminist Media.
AIDS analysis Africa.
  [S.l.] : Red Ribbon.
AIDS review.
  Pretoria : CSA, University of Pretoria.
Allgemeine Zeitung.
  Windhoek : Allgemeine Zeitung Verlag.
  ISSN 2163-3150, Amsterdam [etc.] : North Holland.
ANC today.
  [Johannesburg] : African National Congress.
Annales d'Éthiopie.
  Addis-Ababa [etc.] : Centre Français des Études Éthiopiennes.
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.
  ISSN 0002-7162, Thousand Oaks [etc.] : Sage Publications.
Année du Maghreb.
  ISSN 1952-8108, Paris : CNRS.
Annual report .
  Pretoria : AISA.
Annual report .
  Khartoum : BADEA.
Annual report ... / Central Bank of Egypt.
  ISSN 0522-2370, Cairo : Central Bank of Egypt.
Annual report ... / Partnership Africa Canada (PAC).
  ISSN 1493-0986, Ontario [etc.] : Partnership Africa Canada (PAC).
Annual report ... / World Bank.
  ISSN 0252-2942, Washington, D.C. : World Bank.
Annual report ... from the Nordic Africa institute.
  Uppsala : Nordic Africa Institute.
Annual report / African Studies Centre.
  Leiden : African Studies Centre.
Annual report / South African Institute of Race Relations.
  Johannesburg : South African Institute of Race Relations.
Annual review of Islam in Africa.
  Rondebosch, Western Cape, South Africa : Centre for Contemporary Islam, University of Cape Town.
Anthropology Southern Africa.
  ISSN 2332-3264, London [etc.] : Informaworld [Host].
  Mainz : Johannes Gutenberg-UniversitÑt. Institut fÓr Ethnologie und Afrikastudien.
Archives of popular Swahili.
  ISSN 1570-0178, Amsterdam : University of Amsterdam, Language and Popular Culture in Africa.
ASA news.
  ISSN 0278-2219, Los Angeles, CA : African Studies Association.
Asian Journal of African Studies.
  ISSN 2466-1821, Seoul : Institute of African Study.
  Bata : Centro Cultural de España en Bata.
ATDF newsletter.
  ISSN 1817-2008, Lusaka [etc.] : ATDF.
Australasian review of African studies.
  ISSN 1447-8420, Adelaide : AFSAAP.
  ISSN 2109-9561, Paris [etc.] : Cairn-Info [Host].
  ISSN 1945-5534, London [etc.] : Informaworld [Host].
BAB working paper.
  ISSN 1422-8769, Basel : BAB.
  ISSN 0966-9035, Nairobi : ALIN.
Bench bulletin.
  Nairobi, Kenya : National Council for Law Reporting.
BIDPA briefing.
  Gaborone : BIDPA.
BIDPA newsletter.
  Gaborone : BIDPA.
  ISSN 1528-6258, St. Paul, MN : Digital Commons @ Macalester [Host].
  London : Book Aid International.
Botswana journal of economics.
  ISSN 1810-0163, Gaborone : Botswana Economics Association.
  East Lansing, MI : The Association.
Bulletin / APAD.
  Montpellier : APAD.
Bulletin des séances.
  ISSN 0001-4176, Bruxelles : Académie Royale des Sciences d'Outre-mer.
Bulletin du CODESRIA.
  ISSN 0850-8712, Dakar : Conseil pour le Développement de la Recherche Economique et Sociale en Afrique [Host].
Bulletin of Tanzanian affairs.
  ISSN 0952-2948, London#c/o The Editor, David R. Brewin, 14B Westbourne Grove Terrace, W2 5SD# : The Society.
  Kaapstad : Die Burger.
Cadernos de estudos Africanos.
  ISSN 1645-3794, Lisboa : Centro de Estudos Africanos.
Cahiers de littérature orale.
  ISSN 0396-891X, Paris : INALCO (Publications Langues'O).
Cahiers d'études africaines.
  ISSN 1777-5353, Paris : École des hautes études en sciences sociales.
Cahiers d'Outre-Mer.
  ISSN 0373-5834, Bordeaux : Institut de la France d'Outre-Mer de Bordeaux.
Canadian journal of African studies.
  ISSN 0008-3968, Montreal : Loyola College.
  ISSN 1566-7596, Maastricht : ECDPM.
CBNRM support programme occasional paper.
  Gaborone : IUCN Botswana [etc.].
CDD democracy watch.
  ISSN 0855-417X, Zurich : International Relations and Security Network (ISN), ETH Zurich [Host].
CDD-Ghana briefing papers.
  ISSN 0855-4005, Zurich : International Relations and Security Network (ISN), ETH Zurich [Host].
Clio en Afrique.
  [S.l.] : Institut des études africaines (IEA).
CODESRIA bulletin.
  ISSN 0850-8712, Dakar : CODESRIA.
CODICE current contents.
  Dakar : CODESRIA Documentation and Information Centre = Centre de Documentation et d'Information du CODESRIA.
Commonwealth & comparative politics.
  ISSN 1743-9094, London [etc.] : Informaworld [Host].
  ISSN 1753-5379, Pretoria : Unisa Press.
Community development journal.
  ISSN 1468-2656, Oxford [etc.] : Oxford University Press [etc.].
Comparative and international law journal of Southern Africa.
  ISSN 0010-4051, Cape Town [etc.] : Sabinet [Host].
Comparative studies in society and history.
  ISSN 1471-633X, Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.
Comparative studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
  ISSN 1548-226X, Durham, NC : Duke University Press.
  ISSN 2013-0864, Barcelona : Departament d'Antropologia Cultural i Història d'Amèrica i Àfrica, Universitat de Barcelona.
Conflict trends.
  ISSN 1561-9818, Umhlanga Rocks : Accord.
Coraf echo.
Country report.
  New York, NY : Economist Intelligence Unit.
Country report.
  New York : Economist Intelligence Unit.
Country report.
  ISSN 0269-4204, New York : Economist Intelligence Unit.
Country report.
  ISSN 0269-526X, New York : Economist Intelligence Unit.
Country report.
  ISSN 0269-6738, New York : Economist Intelligence Unit.
Critical African studies.
  ISSN 2040-7211, Edinburgh : University of Edinburgh Online Journals.
Critical arts.
  ISSN 1992-6049, Durban : Graduate Programme in Cultural & Media Studies, University of Natal.
Critical interventions.
  Oxnard, CA : Aachron Editions.
Current writing.
  ISSN 2159-9130, London [etc.] : Informaworld [Host].
Development and change.
  ISSN 1467-7660, Oxford : Blackwell Publishers.
Development in practice.
  ISSN 1364-9213, London : Carfax.
Development policy review.
  ISSN 1467-7679, Oxford [etc.] : Blackwell.
Development Southern Africa.
  London : Carfax.
Dispatches from the Political Café .
  Nairobi : Friedrich Ebert Stiftung [etc.].
DPMF occasional papers.
  Addis Ababa : DPMF.
Drylands issues paper.
  London : IIED.
East African journal of human rights & democracy.
  Nairobi : East African Human Rights Institute.
East African journal of public health.
  ISSN 0856-8960, Dar es Salaam : East African Public Health Association.
Eastern Africa social science research review.
  ISSN 1684-4173, East Lansing,MI : Michigan State University Press.
Eastern African literary and cultural studies.
  ISSN 2327-7416, London : Routledge.
Economic history of developing regions.
  ISSN 2078-0397, London [etc.] : Informaworld [Host].
Economic report on Africa .
  Addis Ababa [etc.] : Economic Commission for Africa.
Economic review / Central Bank of Egypt.
  ISSN 0008-9249, Cairo : Central Bank of Egypt.
Economic review / Central Bank of Lesotho.
  Lesotho : Central Bank of Lesotho.
Économie de la Réunion.
  Sainte Clotilde : Observatoire Économique de la Réunion, INSEE.
Économie de la Réunion.
  Saint Denis : INSEE.
  Bafoussam : CIPCRE.
E-data & research.
  ISSN 1872-0374, Amsterdam : Edita-KNAW.
  Le Caire [etc.] : CEDEJ.
Electronic journal of Africana bibliography.
  Iowa City, IA : University of Iowa Libraries.
English Academy review.
  ISSN 1753-5360, London [etc.] : Routledge [etc.].
Environmental forum publications series.
  Addis Ababa : OSSREA.
ESRF discussion papers.
  ISSN 0856-9754, Dar es Salaam : ESRF.
Ethiopian journal of economics.
  Addis Ababa : Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA).
Ethiopian journal of health development.
  Addis Ababa : Department of Community Health. Addis Ababa University.
  ISSN 0850-2005, Dakar : [s.n.].
  ISSN 1572-543X, Leiden : Interuniversitair Instituut voor Missiologie en Oecumenica, Afdeling Missiologie.
Exchange on HIV.
  Amsterdam : Royal Tropical Institute.
  ISSN 0014-7117, Silverton, South Africa : Genealogical Society of South Africa.
FAO statistical yearbook.
  Rome : FAO.
Feeding the future.
  Tokyo : SAA.
Feminist Africa.
  ISSN 1726-460X, Rondebosch : African Gender Institute.
FIDAction in Western and Central Africa.
  Rome : IFAD.
Financial stability review.
  ISSN 1811-2226, Pretoria : South African Reserve Bank (SARB).
  Parklands : Helen Suzman Foundation.
  London : Saferworld.
Food policy.
  ISSN 1873-5657, [S.l.] : Elsevier Science.
Food supply situation and crop prospects in sub-Saharan Africa.
  Rome : FAO.
Food, nutrition and agriculture.
  Rome : FAO.
Friday bulletin.
  [Nairobi : The Jamia Mosque Committee].
Gaidi Mtaani.
  Nairobi : al-Shabaab.
Gayday magazine.
  [Tunisia : s.n.].
  Ann Arbor : Scholarly Publishing Office, University of Michigan.
Gender issues research report series.
  Addis Ababa : OSSREA.
Gender, poverty and environmental indicators on African countries.
  ISSN 1563-437X, Tunis-Belvedère : African Development Bank.
Geographical distribution of financial flows to developing countries.
  ISSN 2074-3149, Paris : OECD.
Ghana journal of development studies.
  ISSN 0855-6768, Navrongo : Faculty of Integrated Development Studies, University for Development Studies.
Ghanaian journal of economics.
  ISSN 2309-8945, Johannesburg : Central Printing Unit, University of the Witwatersrand.
GIGA Focus Afrika.
  ISSN 1862-3581, Hamburg : GIGA.
Global economic prospects.
  Washington, DC : World bank.
Greener journal of educational research.
  ISSN 2276-7789, Lagos : Greener journals.
  ISSN 0964-6973, London : International Institute for Environment and Development.
  ISSN 2449-8645, Warsaw : Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, Polish Academy of Sciences.
  ISSN 2309-8392, Pretoria : Historiese Genootskap van Suid-Afrika.
History in Africa.
  ISSN 1558-2744, Waltham, Mass. : African Studies Association.
Horn of Africa.
  ISSN 0161-4703, Newark, NJ : Horn of Africa Journal, Rutgers University.
Horn of Africa bulletin.
  Nairobi : Life and Peace Institute.
Human development report .
  ISSN 0969-4501, New York, NY [etc.] : Oxford University Press.
Human Rights Watch world report .
  ISSN 1054-948X, New York [etc.] : Human Rights Watch.
ICARDA annual report .
  ISSN 0254-8313, Aleppo : ICARDA.
Identity, culture and politics.
  ISSN 0851-2914, Dakar : Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa [Host].
  ISSN 1525-447X, Binghamton : African Resource Center.
IK notes.
  Washington, DC : Africa Region's Knowledge and Learning Center, World Bank.
  Athens, OH : Sports in Africa (SinA), Ohio University.
INASP newsletter.
  ISSN 1028-0790, London : INASP.
  Capetown : Sabinet [Host].
Informatie professional.
  Amsterdam : Cramwinckel.
  ISSN 1025-8892, Scottsville : University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  ISSN 1111-2050, Oran : Centre de recherche en anthropologie sociale et culturelle (CRASC).
International African bibliography.
  ISSN 1865-9640, Berlin [etc.] : Walter de Gruyter.
International journal of African historical studies.
  Boston, MA : African Studies Center.
International journal of African renaissance studies.
  ISSN 1753-7274, Pretoria : Unisa Press.
International Research Journal of Library, Information and Archival Studies.
  Sapele : International Research Journals Publishing House.
Internationale spectator.
  ISSN 0020-9317, Assen : Koninklijke Van Gorcum.
  ISSN 1540-7497, [S.l. : s.n.].
Islamic Africa.
  ISSN 2154-0993, Chicago, Ill. : Northwestern University Press.
ISS monograph series.
  Pretoria : ISS.
  ISSN 2041-2827, Cambridge [etc.] : Cambridge University Press [Host].
Jaarverslag .
  Tervuren : KMMA.
JALA online.
  ISSN 0146-4965, Philadelphia : African Literature Association (ALA).
  ISSN 1996-1421, Potchefstroom : African Centre for Disaster Studies, North-West University.
Johannesburg Review of Books (JRB).
  Johannesburg : The Johannesburg Review of Books.
Journal de la Société des Africanistes.
  ISSN 1957-7850, Paris : Société des Africanistes.
Journal des africanistes.
  ISSN 1957-7850, Paris : Société des Africanistes.
Journal for Islamic studies.
  ISSN 0257-7062, Cape Town : Sabinet [Host].
Journal for studies in humanities and social sciences.
  ISSN 2026-7215, Windhoek : Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Namibia.
Journal of African cinemas.
  ISSN 1754-923X, Bristol : Intellect.
Journal of African cultural studies.
  ISSN 1469-9346, London : Taylor & Francis.
Journal of African economies.
  ISSN 1464-3723, Oxford : Oxford University Press.
Journal of African history.
  ISSN 1469-5138, Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.
Journal of African languages & linguistics.
  ISSN 1613-3811, Berlin : de Gruyter.
Journal of African law.
  ISSN 1464-3731, Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.
Journal of African media studies.
  ISSN 1751-7974, Bristol : Intellect.
Journal of African transformation.
  ISSN 2411-5002, Dakar : CODESRIA.
Journal of Asian and African studies.
  ISSN 1745-2538, Thousand Oaks, CA [etc.] : Sage.
Journal of business and administrative studies.
  ISSN 2077-3420, Grahamstown : AJOL [Host].
Journal of contemporary African studies.
  ISSN 1469-9397, Abingdon [etc.] : Routledge.
Journal of Dagaare studies.
  ISSN 1608-0661, Hong Kong : Department of Linguistics, The University of Hong Kong.
Journal of developing areas.
  ISSN 1548-2278, Macomb, IL : Western Illinois University Press.
Journal of development studies.
  ISSN 1743-9140, London [etc.] : Frank Cass.
Journal of higher education in Africa.
  ISSN 0851-7762, Chestnut Hill, MA [etc.] : Center for International Higher Education, Boston College [etc.].
Journal of language and popular culture in Africa.
  ISSN 1570-016X, Amsterdam : University of Amsterdam, Language and Popular Culture in Africa.
Journal of legal pluralism and unofficial law.
  ISSN 0732-9113, Littleton, CO : Fred B. Rothman.
Journal of modern African studies.
  ISSN 1469-7777, Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.
Journal of Muslim minority affairs.
  ISSN 1469-9591, Abingdon : Carfax Publishing Company.
Journal of Natal and Zulu history.
  ISSN 0259-0123, Durban : University of KwaZulu-Natal. History Department.
Journal of North African studies.
  ISSN 1743-9345, London : Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group [Host].
Journal of peasant studies.
  ISSN 1743-9361, London [etc.] : Informaworld [Host].
Journal of performing arts.
  ISSN 0855-2606, Accra : School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana.
Journal of religion in Africa.
  ISSN 1570-0666, Leiden : Brill Academic Publishers.
Journal of social development in Africa.
  ISSN 1726-3700, Harare : School of Social Work.
Journal of Southern African studies.
  ISSN 1465-3893, London [etc.] : Carfax Publishing.
Journal of sustainable development in Africa.
  ISSN 1520-5509, Pennsylvania : Clarion University of Pennsylvania.
Journal of the African Literature Association (JALA).
  ISSN 21674744, Philadelphia : African Literature Association (ALA).
Journal of the social aspects of HIV.
  ISSN 1729-0376, Cape Town : South African Medical Association.
Journal of tropical pediatrics.
  ISSN 1465-3664, Oxford : Oxford University Press.
Journal of West African history.
  ISSN 2327-1876, New York [etc.] : JSTOR [Host].
Journal officiel de la République du Sénégal.
  Dakar : La République du Sénégal. Secretariat générale du Gouvernement.
Jumu'ah News.
  [Kampala : My Deen Publications].
  Johannesburg : Khanya College.
  ISSN 0856-048X, Dar es Salaam : University of Dar es Salaam, Institute of Swahili Research = Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam, Taasi ya Uchunguzi wa Kiswahili.
Labour, capital & society.
  ISSN 0706-1706, Montreal, QC : Centre for Developing Area Studies, McGill University.
Language matters.
  ISSN 1753-5395, Pretoria : University of South Africa.
Least developed countries ... report.
  ISSN 0257-7550, New York, [N.Y., etc.] : United Nations.
Legon journal of the humanities.
  ISSN 0855-1502, Tema : Ghana Publishing Corporation.
Lettre de l'EPA.
  Porto-Novo : EPA.
Lettre du maire.
  Bamako : BAMA Impression.
Libyan Studies.
  ISSN 2052-6148, [Cambridge] : Cambridge University Press.
  ISSN 1768-3084, Paris : Karthala.
Maghreb Machrek.
  ISSN 1762-3162, Paris : Institut Choiseul pour la Politique Internationale et la Géoéconomie.
  ISSN 1816-7659, Gaborone : Department of English, University of Botswana.
Maroc en chiffres .
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