Mobility, networks and institutions in the management of natural resources in contemporary Africa (phase 2)

In this comparative research programme, the management of natural resources (land and water) is being evaluated in the rapidly changing economic, political and social environment of Africa. Tendencies of land grabbing, the appearance of ‘new’ capitalists/entrepreneurs in agriculture and land reforms in Southern Africa are changing the social and economic landscape, i.e. labour relations, land ownership, production. The aim is to better understand the mobility dynamics between the urban and the rural, and between the transnational, national and local in the case-study regions in Cameroon, Namibia and Tanzania.

Research project
2009 to 2014

Senior researchers

External affiliates

Christopher Tankou (CML)
Sara de Wit
Emmanuel Ngang


mobility ; resources ; South ; African elites

Funding and cooperation


Volkswagen Stiftung