Mobile Africa revisited, communication, marginality and society in West, Central and Southern Africa

This project aims to study the extent to which the recent introduction of new ICTs in these areas is shaping and is shaped by the mobile margins, both socially and economically. Alternative alleys of contact are perhaps being opened up but it is also possible that earlier routes and forms of interaction are being closed off or redefined. New ICTs may be leading to unforeseen opportunities but could also generate new patterns of exclusion and poverty and lead to new social hierarchies.

Blog on Mobile Africa:

Research project
2008 to 2013

Senior researchers

External affiliates

Francis Nyamnjoh (UCT)
Imke Gooskens (UCT)
Leonie Meester
Mayke Lolkema


mobility ; marginality ; information and communication technology ; identity ; inequality

Funding and cooperation


NWO Wotro SANPAD (coordinated in UCT)