Zeven factoren bepalen de politieke vooruitzichten in Afrika

The legacy of the independence wave in 1960 has had an impact on Africa for a long time, but the current political instability and mismanagement are no longer due to the break with the colonial past. In his contribution for the Clingendael Spectator series 'Afrika: 60 jaar onafhankelijkheid' ('Africa: 60 years of independence'), Jon Abbink distinguishes seven factors that determine the political prospects in Africa and the opportunities for good governance.

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This is the second article in the Clingendael Spectator series on 60 years of independence, that coincides with the Africa 2020 year. Read the first article, written by Kiza Magendane, knowledge broker of The Broker. 
More articles by ASCL researchers are to be expected in this series.

Photo: 50th anniversary of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 25 May 2013. © Wikicommons

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Jon Abbink

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Jon Abbink is a senior researcher at the ASCL and Professor of Politics and Governance in Africa at Leiden University.