Workshop: Women empowerment through performing arts, a group of East-African activists showing you reality

Five powerful young women, and a man have traveled all the way from Kenya and Uganda to the Netherlands, to present to you the challenges that they face when trying to promote women empowerment in the slums of East Africa. They have all set up inspiring projects using different means, such as performing arts, to support children and youngsters. Their projects, are not only unique, but also very successful in giving youngsters more confidence and a safe space where they can speak up. This workshop will be an interactive entertaining workshop with lots of dance and singing, showing you a very positive outlook on improving the complicated situations of daily life in slums. These complicated situations vary greatly; going from not being able to buy pads when a girl is on her period, to not being able to go for a run in the morning due to the risk of being harassed.

Organized by Yaden East Africa

The visit of the performers was partially sponsored by LeidenASA



Date, time and location

14 November 2016
Pieter de la Courtgebouw / Faculty of Social Sciences, Wassenaarseweg 52, 2333 AK Leiden
Room 3A06