These are the ASCL Seminar Series speakers for 2021

The African Studies Centre Leiden is delighted to announce the ASCL Seminar Series speakers for 2021. The ASCL Seminars are invited (online) lectures given by some of the most prominent researchers in the field of African Studies. The seminars are held monthly (except in July and August) on a Thursday. More specific information will follow soon.

28 January

Dr Jennifer Chansa, University of the Free State 

'Regulating Copper Mining: a history of environmental management in Zambia'.


25 February

Prof. Eva Spies, University of Bayreuth

'Religious Engineering. a practice approach to (religious) projects of social transformation'.


11 March

Prof. Richard Cincotta, Stimson Center

'Opening Sub-Saharan Africa's Demographic Window: age structure and the timing of African development'.


22 April

Prof. Jennifer Cole, University of Chicago

Migration in a Soap Operatic Key: the work of Malagasy world expansion


27 May

Dr Miles Tendi, University of Oxford

The Army of Politics in Zimbabwe: Mujura the Liberation Fighter and Kingmaker




Prof. Koen Bostoen, Ghent University


Retrieving lost paths in the rainforest after population collapse in the rainforest from 400 CE


16 September

Prof. Karin Barber, University of Birmingham

'Doing Fieldwork in the Archive: print culture, publics and popular genres in colonial Lagos'.


28 October

Prof. Catherine Boone, London School of Economics



11 November

Prof. Emma Hunter, University of Edinburgh

'Imagining the World: Swahili-language print media in early twentieth-century Tanzania'.


9 December

Prof. Wayne Modest, Research Center for Material Culture