The role of Islam in forging linkages between Africa and Asia from the 1970s: the case of Islamic relief and development support

As a contribution to the discussion of different aspects of Africa-Asia relations over time in this volume, this chapter by Mayke Kaag aims to highlight the role of Islam in forging linkages between Africa and Asia. Taking as a point of departure that Islam's bridging role has taken on different forms at different times and is constantly evolving, the chapter analyses a particular form of Islamic 'bridging' that emerged in the 1970s, namely Islamic humanitarianism, relief and development support. The specific ways in which Islamic relief has nourished African-Asian relations will be discussed as well as its consequences and prospects.

Book chapter in Routledge handbook of Africa-Asia relations, Routledge, London. Editors: P.A. Raposo, D. Arase, and S Cornelissen. Pp: 249-258.

Author(s) / editor(s)

Mayke Kaag

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Mayke Kaag

Mayke Kaag is a senior researcher at the ASCL. Her current research focuses primarily on African transnational relations, including land issues, transnational Islamic charities and engagements with the diaspora.

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