A Question of Faith: An explorative pilot study on the relationship between West African religion, migration and human trafficking

Knowledge about religion and spirituality is essential in dealing with migrants of West African descent in the Netherlands who may be victims of human trafficking. This is the main conclusion of a study conducted by the Centre against Child and Human Trafficking (CKM), the African Studies Centre Leiden, and the University of Humanistic Studies, and with the support of the Salvation Army Amsterdam. The research report ‘A Question of Faith’ explores the role and meaning of religion and the religious experience in the lives of West African migrants in the Netherlands. A culture-sensitive approach in which knowledge about religion and spirituality is included is a primary condition for communication with this target group. This is expected to contribute to strengthening trust between the target group and the investigating and assistance services.

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Author(s) / editor(s)

Noortje Luning, Rijk van Dijk, Laurens ten Kate, Sabine Leer

About the author(s) / editor(s)

Noortje Luning graduated in Theology and Religious Studies on the study of Derrida and radical atheism. She has since been working on various anthropological research projects.
Rijk van Dijk is Professor of Religion in Contemporary Africa and its Diaspora at the African Studies Centre, Leiden University.
Laurens ten Kate is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies and endowed Professor of Liberal Religion and Humanism, both at the University of Humanistic Studies.
Sabine Leermakers is senior policy officer at the Centre against Child and Human Trafficking (CKM).