Photo impression of ECAS 2015

The European Conference on African Studies ECAS 2015 took place 8-10 July at the Sorbonne in Paris. The principal theme of ECAS 6 was Collective Mobilisations in Africa: Contestation, Resistance, Revolt. Many ASC researchers organized a panel, participated in round table discussions or presented a new book. Take a look at the photo impression below! (Click on a photo for enlargement).

  • Opening speech by Mamoudou Gazibo, (University of Montreal) discussing the conference's theme Collective Mobilisations in Africa.
  • Paul Nugent, former president of AEGIS, at the opening speeches of ECAS 2015.
  • Jos Damen, ASC Library, discussing new ways to valorize research.
  • Han van Dijk (left) and Mathijs van Leeuwen on land governance in conflict affected settings.
  • The ASC's bookstand at the publishers' exhibition in the Panthéon-Sorbonne.
  • Wouter van Beek discussing sports and politics in Africa.
  • Mirjam de Bruijn (left) and Jonna Both (right) about information access and mobilization choices in conflict zones in Africa.
  • Ton Dietz (left) announcing the winner of the Gerti Hesseling Prize: Manase Chiweshe from Zimbabwe.
  • Didier Lalaye (alias Croquemort), slam artist from Chad and currently visiting fellow at Leiden University, performing live at ECAS.
  • Mayke Kaag presenting her new book État, Sociétés et Islam au Sénégal: Un air de nouveau temps? (ASC/Karthala).
  • Fred van der Kraaij at the launch of his (ASC published) book Liberia: From ‘The Love of Liberty’ to Paradise Lost.
  • Akinyinka Akinyoade comparing the key factors driving economic development in Nigeria and Indonesia (1960-1999).
  • Iva Pesa presenting a paper on frugal innovation in Africa.
  • Gitty Petit discussing her research on healing and sexuality in Dodoma, Tanzania, at a panel organized by Rijk van Dijk.
  • Panel discussion on development in post-genocide Rwanda, hosted by Laura Mann and Marie Berry.
  • Benjamin Soares (left) and Samson Bezabeh (third from left) at the panel discussion on muslims and media landscapes in Africa.
  • Klaas van Walraven speaking at Pantheon Paris on biographical methodologies and his research in Niger.