No-go areas update 18 May 2015

thematic map no go areasIn January 2015 the African Studies Centre published a Thematic Map of 'no-go' areas in Africa and the world, based on data (of November 2014) of the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry gives travel advice to people who plan a trip to areas that are potentially dangerous due to epidemics (like ebola), disasters, violence or political turmoil. Have a look at the Ministry's website (in Dutch).

The Ministry uses four colours: red for 'don't go', orange for 'only go if really necessary', yellow for 'watch out', and green for 'no warning'. 

Compared to the situation in November 2014 the following changes can be noted, based on the situation of 18 May 2015. 


Burkina Faso: all areas except the northern parts: from orange to yellow (the north remains red).
Egypt: the southern part of the Sinai: from red to yellow.
Liberia: most of the country: from red to orange (the borders are still red; and the other ebola countries Sierra Leone and Guinea are still red).
Some cities near the border with Rwanda (Goma, Sake) are no longer red but orange. 


Burundi: from yellow to red due to the current political problems.
Egypt: the border with Libya: from orange to red.
Kenya: the northeast: from orange to red.
Niger: the southeastern border with Nigeria: from orange to red.
DRC: border with Uganda is now red (was orange). 

We regularly update these travel advice messages. The previous update dates from 13 February 2015.

Ton Dietz, director African Studies Centre Leiden