New ASCL Seminar Series starting in January 2019

The ASCL has invited four distinguished scholars to present their research at the ASCL in 2019. The invited scholars are: Karim Sadr (University of Witwatersrand) on the newly discovered Tswana city in South Africa; Ayodeji Olukoju (University of Lagos) on UAC - Government relations in British West Africa, 1929-1941; Hussein Solomon (University of the Free State), on the Islamist militancy in the Sahel; and James Ferguson (Stanford University) on the notion of sharing as a principle of distribution of social protection payments. You are very welcome!

Please register on the respective web pages:

31 January: Karim Sadr: Before Johannesburg; a newly discovered Tswana city from around AD 1800. Chair: Jan-Bart Gewald.

14 March: Ayodeji Olukoju: 'Fear of the trader at Whitehall': UAC - Government relations in British West Africa, 1929-1941. Chair: Chibuike Uche.

11 April: Hussein Solomon: Islamist militancy in the Sahel: Critical reflections. Chair: Jan Abbink.

16 May: James Ferguson: Presence and social obligation: An essay on the share. Chair: Rijk van Dijk.