Migration, youth and land in West Africa: Challenges for inclusive development

Current (policy) assumptions about West-African migration are too simplistic for generating sustainable solutions. A better understanding of migration patterns, their connections to land dynamics and livelihoods, and how youth are affected is needed to establish opportunities for, and impediments to, inclusive development in West-Africa. Promote access to land by young people for economic development and employment, address attribution rules and link youth to professional agricultural organisations. Develop relationships with the diaspora for guidance on land governance and land investments, information exchange on business partnerships and for investments in rural development.

LANDac Policy Brief 7. Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Author(s) / editor(s)

Gerard Baltissen, Mayke Kaag, Anouk Lodder and Griet Steel

About the author(s) / editor(s)

Gerard Baltissen works for the Royal Tropical Institute.
Mayke Kaag is a senior researcher at the African Studies Centre Leiden.
Anouk Lodder works for VNG International.
Griet Steel works for the Department of Human Geography & Planning, Utrecht University.

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