Marleen Dekker awarded Westerdijk Talent Scheme subsidy

The African Studies Centre Leiden congratulates its researcher Marleen Dekker with the subsidy she has been awarded by NWO within the Westerdijk Talent Scheme. Marleen Dekker is Professor of Inclusive Development in Africa at Leiden University. 

The year 2017 marked a century since the first Dutch woman, Johanna Westerdijk, became a professor. To commemorate this 'Westerdijk year', the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science made additional resources (5 million euros) available to appoint 100 female professors. This is because the percentage of female professors in the Netherlands (18 percent, 2015 figures) is one of the lowest in Europe. The subsidy amounts to € 50,000 for each appointment.

Marleen Dekker will use the subsidy to expand her research into the role of social networks in accessing markets and local socio-economic development.