Lecture Marcel Rutten for National Land Commission Kenya, Directorate of Research

ASCL senior researcher Marcel Rutten will give a key note lecture on 19 February for the National Land Commission of Kenya, Directorate of Research, in the 2016 Speakers Series on land Tenure Rights. His lecture is entitled 'Individualization of group ranch land: A 30 years longitudinal overview of effected changes in Kajiado County'. In Kenya Rutten conducts research notably among Turkana, Orma and Maasai pastoralists. Ongoing research projects address the effects of land tenure changes; water innovations and drought coping strategies; and conflicts and co-operation over natural resources (Cocoon Initiative Kenya) in collaboration with SEKU-Kitui.

Date, time and location

19 February 2016
10.00 - 11.30
ACK Annex Gardens, 7th floor Board Room, Nairobi, Kenya