Infosheet: Nigeria at 60

On the occasion of the Africa 2020 year, the ASCL has created Infosheets about the countries that became independent in 1960. Of the seventeen colonies gaining independence in that year, Nigeria was the sixteenth one: on October 1. British influence existed since the early 19th century, particularly after the abolition of the slave trade by Great Britain in 1807. Read about Nigeria's political, demographic, socio-economic and agricultural developments in the past sixty years.

Read this extra long infosheet (pdf).

This is ASC Infosheet 49. See the other Infosheets, and read about Nigeria's leaders of independence in the ASCL web dossier!

Author(s) / editor(s)

T. Dietz, D. Ehrhardt, A. Akinyoade, F. Veldkamp