Call for Papers: Nile governance past, present... and future?

This Special Issue of the open-access International Journal of Water Governance ( follows up from the Nile 2020 workshop held at the African Studies Centre Leiden in February 2020, organised in the framework of Africa 2020. It explores bottlenecks and avenues to sustainable development and environmental justice within the complexities of transboundary governance. You are most welcome to submit a 150-word Nile-related abstract by 10 July 2020. Contributions from both social sciences, natural sciences and/or interdisciplinary domains are welcome. The SI is to appear in 2021.


Deadline for submitting an abstract: 10 July 2020.

Read the Call for Papers (Adobe PDF).

The Special Issue editors:
Lama El Hatow (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Bert Enserink (TU Delft)
Abby Onencan (TU Delft)
Abeer Rabei (Leiden University)
Jeroen Warner (Wageningen University) (Acting Editor in Chief)

Date, time and location

10 July 2020