Angaliya Baharini, Mai Yaliyoko Pwani: the presence of the ocean in Mahmoud Ahmed Abdulakadir's poetry

This article presents a first study of the Islamic ideas and social committment expressed through the poetry of Mahmoud Mau, an imam poet and social philantrophist from Kenya. This contribution aids in illuminating intellectual history and poetic productions from the Eastern African coast. 

This is a chapter in the book 'Essays in honour and memory of Elena Bertoncini Zúbková', published by Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale.

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Annachiara Raia

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Annachiara Raia has been University Lecturer in the LUCAS department of the Faculty of Humanities and at the African Studies Centre Leiden since March 2019. The main focus of her research is Swahili literature and, in particular, the Swahili adaptation of one of the most widely travelled stories of mankind, the Islamic Story of Joseph, Qiṣat Yūsuf).