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The Library, Documentation and Information Department of the African Studies centre has compiled this dossier to coincide with the general elections in South Africa on April 22, 2009. It contains a selection of titles on elections in South Africa from the library's online catalogue, including monographs, articles, and chapters from edited works, published since 1993. Each title links directly to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, which provides a more detailed description of all titles as well as abstracts of many articles and edited works. The dossier starts with an introduction to South African elections since the end of apartheid and concludes with a selection of links to relevant web sites.
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South Africa has held general elections to elect a new National Assembly as well as the provincial legislatures on April 22, 2009. The National Assembly consists of 400 members, 200 of whom are elected from national party lists, the other 200 from provincial party lists in each of the nine provinces. The President of South Africa is chosen by the National Assembly after the elections.

The 2009 elections are the fourth general elections held since the end of apartheid. After four years of protracted negotiations, the first democratic elections were held on April 26-29, 1994. The ANC won the election with 62.6% of the vote, securing 252 of the 400 seats in the National Assembly. It won seven out of the nine provincial elections but had to concede executive majorities to the National Party in the Western Cape and to the Inkatha Freedom Party in Kwazulu-Natal. Altogether, more than 19.5 million people voted through a liberal dispensation which accorded the ballot to all permanent residents and citizens. On May 9, 1994, the National Assembly unanimously elected Nelson Mandela President of South Africa.

In May 1996, the Constitutional Assembly – joint sittings of the National Assembly and the Senate – adopted a definitive constitution. Except for the replacement of the Senate with the National Council of Provinces, the 1996 Constitution retained the government institutions established by the 1993 interim constitution. The NP withdrew from the Government of National Unity in June 1996, an abdication prompted by NP leaders’ perception that they had failed to influence government policy.

The second general elections were held in June 1999. This time the franchise was confined to citizens and restricted to those in possession of current identity documents. As a consequence, participation was considerably lower than in 1994: nearly 16 million voters representing 68% of the voting age population. The ANC won a landslide victory of 66.3% of the vote. Nelson Mandela retired as President of South Africa and was succeeded by Thabo Mbeki.

President Mbeki led the ANC to a third landslide victory in the general elections of April 14, 2004, increasing its support to 69.6%. The Democratic Alliance, a merger of the Democratic Party and the New National Party, improved upon the results obtained by the DP in 1999 and consolidated its position as the official opposition to the ANC. At the provincial level the ANC for the first time governed in all nine provinces.

Given the political hegemony of the ANC, the political system in South Africa has evolved into a dominant party system. However, recently the context of party politics and electoral contestation ahead of the 2009 elections has changed. A sign of the change in the country’s political landscape is the emergence of the Congress of the People (COPE), which split from the ANC in the aftermath of the Jacob Zuma–Thabo Mbeki contest, internal party politics in the wake of the ANC annual conference in December 2008, and the ousting of Mbeki.

In the 2009 elections, 28 parties contested seats for the National Assembly. Eleven of them also contested for all nine Provincial Legislatures. Fourteen parties contested the elections for the National Assembly and one or more of the Provincial Legislatures, while three parties contested the elections for the National Assembly only.

For the election results see:

2004 Elections

Doing politics in Bushbuckridge: work, welfare and the South African elections of 2004 / Isak A. Niehaus
In: Africa / International African Institute: (2006), vol. 76, no. 4, p. 526-548 : tab

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The turnover of power in KwaZulu-Natal : a growing commitment to and engagement with the democratic process / Shauna Mottiar
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Under strain : the racial/ethnic interpretation of South Africa's 2004 election / Thabisi Hoeane
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Women's representation : the South African electoral system and the 2004 election / Amanda Gouws
In: Journal of African Elections: (2004), vol. 3, no. 2, p. 59-76 : tab


1999 Elections

The electoral temptation of race in South Africa : implications for the 2004 election / Gavin Davis
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1994 Elections

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Electoral system, electoral law

Delimitation of local government ward boundaries in the Tshwane municipal area : the challenge of achieving fair political representation / C. J. Napier
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Elections, politics and governance

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Selected web resources

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Online Articles

A model for election night forecasting applied to the 2004 South African elections / J. M Greben, C Elphinstone & J Holloway
In: Orion: Journal of the Operations Research Society of South Africa, vol. 22, no. 1 (2006)

A democratising South Africa?: an analysis of the 2004 national election / Leah Shianne Prudhomme
Masters Thesis, Rhodes University, 2005

Prediction of the 2004 national elections in South Africa / J.M.Greben (et al.)
In: South African Journal of Science, vol. 101, 4 March, 2005, p. 157-161;jsessionid=6AE220B8E561B36A7A788C77B65B3C7F?sequence=3

Web Sites

The Electoral Institute of Southern Africa (EISA)
Not for profit organization established in 1996 and based in Johannesburg. Its programme areas include balloting & electoral services; conflict management, democracy & electoral education; governance and elections & political processes. Has a country profile South Africa with information on the 2009 elections, an election archive, and legal and general information.
For the election results see:

Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
The Electoral Commission of South Africa is a permanent body created by the Constitution to promote and safeguard democracy in South Africa. Its immediate task is the impartial management of free and fair elections at all levels of government. Site contains laws and regulations, registration and voting information, election results since 1994, political parties, IEC processes, and publications.

IEC logoElections 2009
Election 2009 pages of the South African site News 24.

Parties participating in the 2009 election (March 2009)
List of all parties participating in the national and/or (some) provincial elections

The 11 parties participating in the NA elections and all provincial elections:

African National Congress (ANC)

Democratic Alliance (DA)

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)

United Democratic Movement (UDM)

Independent Democrats (ID)

African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP)

Vryheidsfront Plus

United Christian Democratic Party (UCDP)

Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC)

African People’s Convention

Congress of the People (COPE)