Performing arts in West Africa

Cover Photo Borrowers and Lenders by Javier López Piñón

The NVAS (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Afrikastudies) Africa Day 2019, entitled 'Le corps ne ment pas' , took place on 16 March in Utrecht. Its theme: “Performing arts in West Africa”. The programme was compiled by Javier López Piñón and Marieke van Winden, who has been committed to the NVAS Secretariat for over 20 years. The Africa Day programme consisted of presentations and short performances in the fields of African dance, theatre and music. The evening programme featured the dance performance ‘Du désir d’horizons’ by Burkinese choreographer Salia Sanou, in the ‘Stadsschouwburg’.

To mark this occasion, the ASCL Library compiled a web dossier, which starts with an introduction to the subject by Javier López Piñón. The web dossier contains titles from the ASCL Library catalogue published from 2010, focusing on the performing arts in West Africa, in particular theatre, dance and hiphop. Some relevant titles from other African contexts are also included. It also contains a list of written plays from West Africa published from 2010, which are part of the ASCL Library’s extensive literature collection. Each title links to the corresponding record in the ASCL Library’s online catalogue, which provides abstracts and full text links (if available). The dossier concludes with links to a number of relevant web resources.

Plays and playwrights - case studies
Drama (form) - written plays
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In recent decades, a significant shift in theatre studies towards performance studies has provided the study of performance and performing arts in Africa with a range of instruments to map, analyse and evaluate the field. Especially the Anglophone academic world has been very active in this context, whereas the Francophone world appears slow to accept that theatre and drama are not the same phenomenon, drama being the exclusive contribution from Europe to a global practice that can be assembled under the heading theatre. This is reflected in the number of titles that have appeared since 2010 for each genre: in terms of theatre, less than one third of titles concern the Francophone region, while for drama (form), there is an almost equal number of French and English plays. This might be indicative of academic attention: Francophones prefer to concentrate on authors, whereas Anglophones focus on the diversity of performance practices. If we expand the period to include literature from the first decade of this century as well, this difference becomes even more marked. 

The performing arts in Africa cover not only a wide array of disciplines like dance, theatre and music, but these disciplines can also be studied on a wide continuum between what is ascribed, at one end, to the so-called traditional and, at the other end, to the contemporary. Both these sectors have their own corpus of literature.  The study of masquerades, initiation rites, ceremonies of a religious or profane nature is mostly undertaken by Africanist ethnologists/anthropologists, often through active participation; contemporary theatre (and dance) practices are studied by theatre academics; music has its own range of specialists: the (ethno-) musicologists. A separate webdossier (African Art II) can be perused for an in-depth survey of the literature covering local performing arts ("traditional") practices. The current webdossier is dedicated to drama, contemporary theatre and dance and also includes a list of literature on the strong presence of hip-hop on the entire continent. Even though this list excludes the literature on local performance, the separate practices do occasionally overlap and influence each other. Traces of this phenomenon can be found in this list and especially Nigerian scholars are actively engaged in mapping the continual dynamic process in this rapidly changing field; the influence of the digital media age on these processes is just beginning to be described and understood.

As is to be expected, the postcolonial and decolonising discourses are prominent in this field. The thorny issue of cultural appropriation appears throughout, albeit in very different guises if one compares the field of music to the field of cinema, or theatre to dance. The positions taken differ widely, depending on the context in which the artist or scholar is practicing or studying the performing arts. If one compares the performing to the contemporary visual arts, the landscape becomes even more complex.

The literature in this webdossier touches only occasionally upon one significant discipline that is strongly related to the performing arts, but warrants a different methodological approach for academic study: film, and especially the home-grown variety begun in Nigeria in the last century – the (in)famous Nollywood productions – and which has become an almost continent-wide practice, covering an array of films, often in one of the national languages. A separate webdossier (African Cinema) has been compiled for this corpus of literature, although there are also overlaps for this discipline, in particular in the field of so-called Popular Theatre/Théâtre Populaire.

Performing arts on the continent form an extremely rich field of study, showing dynamic, continuously evolving creative processes inviting a multi-disciplinary approach; performance is strongly interwoven into every day practice, as anyone familiar with daily life in one of the metropoles in West or Southern Africa can testify.

Javier López Piñón
stage director


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African Theatre Association
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