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February 2010 marks 20 years since the apartheid regime of South Africa unbanned the African National Congress and other liberation movements, and released Nelson Mandela from prison. The first South African president to be elected in a representative democratic election, Mandela held office from 1994 to 1999. Before his presidency, Mandela was active in the struggle against apartheid and the leader of the ANC’s armed wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe. Together with other ANC leaders, he was convicted during the Rivonia Trial (1963-1964) on charges of sabotage, as well as other crimes committed while he led the movement against apartheid. In accordance with his conviction, Mandela served 27 years in prison, spending many of these on Robben Island. Following his release from prison on 11 February 1990, Mandela supported reconciliation and negotiation, and helped lead the transition towards multiracial democracy in South Africa.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Mandela’s release, the Dutch Africa Magazine ZAM organized a commemorative meeting in Amsterdam on 11 February 2010. At the same time, a selection of documents from the personal archive of prisoner 466/64 was presented in a small exhibition entitled ‘Free Nelson Mandela’. The documents include pages from Mandela’s personal diary, the official sentence form, lists of visitors during his imprisonment, and various letters.

The Library, Documentation and Information Department of the African Studies centre has compiled this dossier to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Mandela’s release. It contains titles on and by Nelson Mandela from the library's online catalogue, including monographs, articles, and films. Each title links directly to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, which provides a more detailed description of all titles as well as abstracts of many articles and edited works. The dossier concludes with a selection of links to relevant web sites.

Publications about Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela in een notendop: (bijna) alles wat je altijd wilde weten / Ineke van Kessel. - Amsterdam : Bert Bakker, 2010book cover Nelson Mandela in een notendop

Accused # 1 : Nelson Mandela / Pascale Lamche. - [S.l. : s.n.], 2009. - 1 dvd-video (ca. 65 min.). : kleur, zw/w en gel. - (VPRO's Import)

Bring me my machine gun : the battle for the soul of South Africa from Mandela to Zuma/ Alec Russell. - New York : PublicAffairs, 2009

Mandela, de levende legende / Dominic Allan. - [London : BBC], 2009. - 1 dvd-video (104 min.). : kleur, zw/w., gel.

Sophiatown, blues voor Mandela / Pascale Lamche. - [S.l.] : VPRO, 2009. - 1 dvd-video (57 min.). : kleur, gel. - (De donderdag documentaire)

From His Master's Voice and back again? : presidential inaugurations and South African television - the post-apartheid experience / Kristin S. Orgeret
In: African Affairs: (2008), vol. 107, no. 429, p. 611-629.

Hunger for freedom : the story of food in the life of Nelson Mandela/ Anna Trapido & Richard Goode. - Auckland Park : Jacana Media, 2008

Man of the people : a photographic tribute to Nelson Mandela/ Peter Magubane, Melanie Lawrence & others. - Northlands [etc.] : Pan Macmillan South Africa [etc.], 2008

Mandela : the man and his country / Morton Dean. - [S.l.] : MPI Home Video, 2008. - 1 dvd-video (50 min.). : kleur, gel.

Mandela and De Klerk / Joseph Sargent. - [S.l.] : RCV, 2008. - 1 dvd-video (110 min.). : kleur, gel.

Nelson Mandela : a biography/ Peter Limb. - Westport, CT : Greenwood Press, 2008. - (Greenwood biographies, ISSN 1540-4900)

Nelson Mandela : symbool voor vrijheid en verbroedering/ Jos Damen. - Lelystad : IVIO-Uitgeverij, 2008. - (AO ; 2910)

Nelson Mandela : the authorised comic book/ Umlando Wezithombe / Nelson Mandela Foundation. - Johannesburg [etc.] : Jonathan Ball, 2008

The long walk of Nelson Mandela / David Fanning & Indra de Lanerolle. - [S.l.] : UnaPix Entertainment, 2008. - 1 dvd-video (120 min.). : kleur, gel. 

Voor Nelson Mandela : verhalen en voetnoten uit Nederland bij zijn negentigste verjaardag / Bart Luirink (ed.). - Amsterdam : Mets & Schilt, 2008

Biografie in die pryslied: die bydrae van Antjie Krog naas twee Xhosa-pryssangers / Jacomien Van Niekerk
In: Tydskrif vir Letterkunde: (2007), jg. 44, nr. 2, p. 29-45.

book cover Mandela a critical lifeThe State vs. Nelson Mandela : the trial that changed South Africa/ Joel Joffe. - Oxford : Oneworld, 2007

Mandela : a critical life/ Tom Lodge. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2006

Mandela : the authorised portrait / Kate Parkin (ed.). - London : Bloomsbury Publ. in assoc. with PQ Blackwell, 2006

Soldiering on: the post-presidential years of Nelson Mandela 1999-2005/ John Daniel
In: Legacies of power : leadership change and former presidents in African politics / Roger Southall and Henning Melber.- Uppsala [etc.] : Nordiska Afrikainstitutet [etc.]: (2006), p.26-50 : tab.

The meaning of Mandela : a literary and intellectual celebration / Xolela Mangcu (ed.). - Cape Town : HSRC Press, 2006

The presidencies of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki compared : implications for the consolidation of democracy in South Africa / W. J. Breytenbach
In: Africa Insight: (2006), vol. 36, no. 3/4, p. 173-185.

"I speak to you and I listen to the voice coming back" : recording solitary confinement in the apartheid prison / Daniel Roux
In: The English Academy Review: (2005), vol. 22, p. 22-31.

A prisoner in the garden : opening Nelson Mandela's prison archive/ Carolyn Hamilton & others. - Johannesburg [etc.] : Penguin Books (South Africa), 2005

We shall not fail : values in the national leadership of Seretse Khama, Nelson Mandela and Julius Nyerere/ Dickson A. Mungazi. - Trenton, NJ [etc.] : Africa World [etc.], 2005

Mandela's world : the international dimension of South Africa's political revolution 1990-99/ James P. Barber. - Oxford : James Currey, 2004

book cover Mandela's worldMandela, Mobutu, and me : a newswoman's African journey / Lynne Duke. - New York [etc.] : Doubleday, 2003

Management after magic : a discussion and comparison between the leadership styles of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki / Cornelia Stols
In: Africa Insight: (2002), vol. 32, no. 2, p. 32-38 : ill. , foto's.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela / Gertjan Doeleman, Anton Dekker, & Kier Schuringa (ed.). - Amsterdam : Nederlands Instituut voor Zuidelijk Afrika, 2002. - (BIDOC-dossier, ISSN 1574-860X ; 3)

Politics in South Africa : from Mandela to Mbeki/ Tom Lodge. - Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 2002

Pulpit morality or penny-pinching diplomacy?: the discursive debate on Mandela's foreign policy / Brendan Vickers
In: Politeia: (2002), vol. 21, no. 2, p. 80-100.

The saint of the struggle: deconstructing the Mandela myth / Noel Solani
In: Kronos: (2000), no. 26, p. 42-55.

Mandela : a life in cartoons / Harry Dugmore, Stephen Francis, & Rico Schacherl (ed.). - Claremont [etc.] : David Philip [etc.], 1999

Nelson Mandela : a biography/ Martin Meredith. - New York : St.Martin's Press, 1998

What a gentleman/ Dianne Case & Jo Harvey. - Cape Town : Kwagga, 1997

Nelson Mandela : le dernier titan/ Alfred Bosch. - Paris [etc.] : L'Harmattan, 1996. - (Études africaines)

Opposition in South Africa : the leadership of Z.K. Matthews, Nelson Mandela, and Stephen Biko/ Tim J. Juckes. - Westport, Conn : Praeger, 1995

Speeches and pictures : the State visit to Lesotho by President Nelson R. Mandela of the Republic of South Africa July 12-13, 1995 / Mike Mokomeng (ed.) / Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (Lesotho). - Maseru : Department of Information, 1995

Chained together : Mandela, de Klerk, and the struggle to remake South Africa/ David Ottaway. - New York [etc.] : Times Books, 1993

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Nelson Mandela and the rise of the ANC / Jürgen Schadeberg (ed.). - Parklands : Jonathan Ball [etc.], 1990

Wij denken niet in kleur : het Zuid-Afrika van Nelson Mandela/ Daniel Koning. - Amsterdam : Rap, 1990

Nelson Mandelamandla / Amelia Blossom House & Cosmo Pieterse (ed.). - Washington, DC : Three Continents Press, 1989

The world that was ours : the story of the Rivonia Trial/ Hilda Bernstein. - London : SAWriters, 1989

Higher than hope, Mandela : the biography of Nelson Mandela/ Fatima Meer. - Durban : Institute for Black Research [etc.], 1988

Nelson Mandela/ Mary Benson. - Harmondsworth : Penguin, 1986

A healthy grave/ James Kantor. - London : 1967

On trial for their lives : the accused at Rivonia/ M. Benson. - London : Africa Bureau, 1964

Rivonia : operation Mayibuye : a review of the Rivonia trial/ H. H. W. De Villiers. - Johannesburg : Afrikaanse Pers Boekhandel, 1964

Publications on Robben Island

Back home : roots of a new South Africa : a documentary film / Marc Köbler. - Köln : Crew 4 You TV, 2008. - 1 dvd-video (115 min.). : kleur, gel.

Memories of a political prisoner on Robben Island, 1987-1991 / Cecyl Esau
In: Kronos: (2008), no. 34, p. 41-65 : foto's.

Voices from Robben Island / Jürgen Schadeberg, Claudia Schadeberg, & Adam Low. - [S.l.] : Schadeberg Movie Company and BBC television, 2008. - 1 dvd-video (90 min.). : kleur, gel.

A second life : museums, mimesis, and the narratives of the tour guides of Robben Island/ Harry Garuba
In: Desire lines : space, memory and identity in the post-apartheid city / Noëleen Murray, Nick Shepherd and Martin Hall.- London [etc.] : Routledge: (2007), p.129-144 : foto.

A free mind : Ahmed Kathrada's notebook from Robben Island / Sahm Venter (ed.). - Johannesburg : Jacana, 2005

Africanizing 'Antigone': postcolonial discourse and strategies of indigenizing a Western classic / Wumi Raji
book cover Robben Island and prisoner resistance to apapeidIn: Research in African Literatures: (2005), vol. 36, no. 4, p. 135-154.

Robben Island and prisoner resistance to apartheid/ Fran Lisa Buntman. - New York, NY [etc.] : Cambridge University Press, 2003

Reflections in prison : voices from the South African liberation struggle / Mac Maharaj (ed.). - Amherst, MA [etc.] : University of Massachusetts Press, 2002

Allegories of space: the question of Robben Island/ Helen Kapstein
In: Spaces and crossings : essays on literature and culture in Africa and beyond / Rita Wilson, Carlotta von Maltzan, eds.- Frankfurt am Main [etc.] : Peter Lang: (2001), p.319-333.

Categorical and strategic resistance and the making of political prisoner identity in apartheid's Robben Island prison/ Fran Lisa Buntman
In: Social identities in the new South Africa / ed.Abebe Zegeye.- Cape Town [etc.] : Kwela Books [etc.]: (cop.2001), p.153-179.

Behind telling: post-apartheid representations of Robben Island's past / Veronique Riouful
In: Kronos: (2000), no. 26, p. 22-41.

Time stretching fear : the detention and solitary confinement of 14 anti-apartheid trialists 1987-1991/ Else Schreiner. - Waterfront : Robben Island Museum, 2000

Letters from Robben Island : a selection of Ahmed Kathrada's prison correspondence, 1964-1989 / Robert D. Vassen (ed.). - Bellville : Mayibuye Centre, 1999. - (Mayibuye history and literature series ; 92)

Dennis Brutus : a voice from Robben Island / Rose Folli
In: Journal of Oriental and African Studies: (1996), vol. 8, p. 161-172.

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In: Journal of Southern African Studies: (1993), vol. 19, no. 3, p. 489-523.

Narrating the Island : Robben Island in South African literature / J. U. Jacobs
In: Current Writing: (1992), vol. 4, no. 1, p. 73-84.

Robben Island/ Neville Alexander & others
In: All, here, and now : black politics in South Africa in the 1980s / Tom Lodge ...[et al.].- London : Hurst & Company: (1992), p.287-311 : foto.

Learning from Robben Island : the prison writings of Govan Mbeki/ Govan Mbeki. - London : Currey, 1991. - (UWC Mayibuye history series ; no. 1)

My fight against apartheid/ Michael Dingake. - London : Kliptown Books, 1987

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Publications by Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela in his own words : from freedom to the future : tributes and speeches / Kader Asmal, David Chidester, & Wilmot Godfrey James (ed.). - London : Abacus, 2004

South Africa's evolving foreign policy : speeches in the South African parliament : treaties and agreements/ Nelson Mandela & Alfred Nzo. - Bellville : Centre for Southern African Studies, University of the Western Cape, 1995. - (Backgrounder ; 14)

book cover Long walk to freedomLong walk to freedom : the autobiography of Nelson Mandela/ Nelson Mandela. - Boston [etc.] : Little, Brown and Company, 1994

Statement of the president of the African National Congress Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela at his inauguration as president of the Democratic Republic of South Africa Union Buildings, Pretoria 10 May 1994/ Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. - Pretoria : South African Communication Service, 1994

Nelson Mandela speaks : forging a democratic, nonracial South Africa / Steve Clark (ed.). - New York [etc.] : Pathfinder, 1993

'Intensify the struggle to abolish apartheid' : speeches 1990/ Nelson Mandela / Greg MacCartan (ed.). - New York, N.Y. : Pathfinder, 1990

Nelson Mandela : symbol of resistance and hope for a free South Africa : selected speeches since his release / E. S. Reddy (ed.). - New Delhi : Sterling Publishers [etc.], 1990

Speech delivered by ANC Deputy Chairman, Dr. Nelson Mandela, on his release, Cape Town, 11 February 1990 / N. Mandela
In: Southern Africa Record: (1990), no. 58, p. 82-85.

The struggle is my life : his speeches and writings brought together with historical documents and accounts of Mandela in prison by fellow-prisoners/ Nelson Mandela. - London : IDAF Publications, 1990

Zuid-Afrika behoort aan allen die er wonen/ Nelson Mandela / Rudi Boon (ed.). - Amsterdam : Mets, 1988

I have done my duty to my People and to South Africa : statement from the dock, 7 November 1962/ Nelson Mandela. - New York : United Nations Centre against Apartheid, 1982

Freedom, justice and dignity for all in South Africa : statements and articles by Mr. Nelson Mandela, President of the African National Congress of South Africa/ Nelson Mandela. - [New York : United Nations, Centre against Apartheid, Department of Political and Security Council Affairs], 1978

The struggle is my life : his speeches and writings brought together to mark his 60th birthday : also included are historical documents and a recent account of conditions on Robben Island/ Nelson Mandela. - London : International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, 1978

Hérauts de la liberté : sous le règne de l'apartheid/ N. Mandela, A. Fischer & Toivo Hermann Ja Toivo. - Genève : Mouvement Anti-Apartheid de Suisse, 1972

Nelson Mandela speaks : speeches, statements, and articles/ Nelson Mandela. - London : Publicity and Information Bureau, African National Congress, 1970. - (South African studies ; 4)

No easy walk to freedom : articles, speeches and trial addresses of Nelson Mandela/ Nelson Mandela / Ruth First (ed.). - London [etc.] : Heinemann, 1965

We accuse : the trial of Nelson Mandela/ Nelson Mandela. - London : National Congress, 1963

Selected web resources

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Mandela Day 200946664 is Nelson Mandela’s global HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaign. The site has information on Mandela Day (July 18) celebrations in various cities, photos, videos and news. It also includes videos about Mandela.

DISA (Digital Innovation South Africa)
A freely accessible online scholarly resource focusing on the socio-political history of South Africa, particularly the struggle for freedom during the period from 1950 to the first democratic elections in 1994.

Nelson Mandela
Biography of Mandela, including many references to online resources

Nelson Mandela Digital Archive
The Nelson Mandela Digital Archive Project, funded by Google, aims to locate, document, digitise, and provide access to all archival materials related to Nelson Mandela. Almost 2,000 entries have been made available. The contents are stored in the Nelson Mandela Foundation Centre of memory In Johannesburg.

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory
The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory contributes to a just society by providing an integrated public information resource on his life and times, by convening dialogue around critical social issues and by keeping alive the legacy of Mandela.

Nelson Mandela and the Netherlands
This web dossier, which focuses on links between Nelson Mandela and the Netherlands, was originally published in Dutch by the Amsterdam-based Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa (NiZA, now Niza/ActionAid) in 2006. The dossier was revised and updated and a number of sections in English were added in 2011 after the transfer of the NiZA historical collection to the International Institute of Social History in 2008.