Muslim scholars in Africa

1. Introduction

Cheikh Tidiane Gaye, lors de son dernier sermon de Korité, en 2010, à Louga. (Mansour Gaye, Wikimedia Commons) The Library, Documentation and Information Department at the African Studies Centre in Leiden has compiled a web dossier on Muslim Scholarship in Africa to coincide with a workshop on the same topic co-organized by LUCIS and the African Studies Centre on 23 April 2015. This dossier provides titles on Muslim intellectuals and religious experts that are available in the ASC Library. The entries are listed with the most recent publications first. Each title links directly to the corresponding record in the library’s online catalogue, which provides further bibliographic details and abstracts, loan information and links to the full text (if available).

In recent years there has been considerable attention to the social and political aspects of Islam in Africa. Among the general public there is also heightened awareness about Islam and Muslim religious leaders in public life, not least with preoccupations with issues such as radicalism. However, most commentators usually ignore the rich intellectual production by African Muslims, which spans many centuries. In fact, many scholars of Islam and Muslim societies in Africa have little access to what is published in Arabic and African languages. In turn, most scholars who use Arabic sources usually focus on the presumed heartlands of Islam, the Middle East, almost entirely ignoring most of Africa. In contrast, over the past few decades various scholars who are growing in number have been studying Muslim scholars in Africa and their intellectual production. They rely upon sources, in Arabic as well as in some of the other major languages of communication for Muslims in Africa such as Hausa and Swahili. As much of this scholarship, which relies upon such sources, shows, the social and political aspects of Islam in contemporary Africa cannot be fully understood without an understanding of the role of Muslim intellectuals, both past and present. As elsewhere, such intellectuals both reflect and influence the social dynamics of their times. Their literary production, including books, sermons, poems, and public performances are of enormous importance to African Muslims in the ways they understand and practice Islam, how they organize their lives and their relations with others, and how they engage in political and social action.

Given the breadth of existing publications touching on this theme, we have decided to draw particular attention to some post 2005 work in this field. In addition to the core section containing works on Muslim scholarship in all its breadth, two smaller sections on topics touching on female authority and Qur’an tafsir are added. Finally a few relevant bibliographies, (primary) sources, some of which are available in translation, and links to some selected webresources are included.

  1. Introduction
  2. Scholars
  3. Qur'an
  4. Women
  5. Selected (web) resources

2. Scholars

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3. Qur'an

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4. Women

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5. Selected (web) resources

Arabic Manuscripts from West Africa: A Catalog of the Herskovits Library Collection
The Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies at Northwestern University houses an important collection of Arabic script materials from West Africa. It contains over 5,000 items collected from Africa and donated to the library by several Northwestern professors. Original, hand-written manuscripts make up more than 60 percent of the content, which also includes “market” editions (photocopies of handwritten works that are often sold in African marketplaces), printed editions, and photocopies. Most are in Arabic, though some are in ajami—African languages such as Hausa, Fulfulde, and Wolof written in the Arabic script.

Old Kanembu Manuscripts, SOAS digital library
The digital collection of Old Kanembu manuscripts provides an online access to one of the earliest written sub-Saharan languages in manuscript form. Old Kanembu written in Arabic script was a language of Qur’anic interpretation in the ancient Borno Sultanate. It has survived in marginal and interlinear annotations in the early Qur’an manuscripts dating from the 17th to 19th centuries and in various other religious texts dating from the 19th century to 1980’s

Bibliography on Islam in contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa, Paul Schrijver
This bibliography on Islam in contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa lists over 4,000 references to secondary literature in European languages about Islam in contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa. It supplements and updates two existing bibliographies, Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Partially Annotated Guide by Samir Zoghby and Islam in Africa South of the Sahara: A Select Bibliographic Guide by Patrick Ofori, both of which were compiled in the 1970s.

Wikipedia list of Quran translations
Contains a bibliography of Qur’an translations including some African languages such as Afrikaans, Mande and Swahili

Pluralism and Adaption in the Islamic Practice of Senegal and Ghana
Pluralism and Adaptation in the Islamic Practice of Senegal and Ghana is a digital library of multi-media resources that demonstrate how innovative Africans have been in the history of Islam and Islamic practice and how they continue to live and experience Islam. Four digital galleries – two from Senegal and two from Ghana – emphasize pluralism - the coexistence and indeed the mutual respect among people of different religious persuasions - and adaptation – situations where Islam takes root in a particular society and culture that changes over time.

Islamic manuscripts from Mali
Islamic Manuscripts from Mali features 32 manuscripts from the Mamma Haidara Commemorative Library and the Library of Cheick Zayni Baye of Boujbeha, both in Timbuktu, Mali. The manuscripts presented online are displayed in their entirety and are an exemplary grouping that showcase the wide variety of subjects covered by the written traditions of Timbuktu, Mali, and West Africa.Timbuktu manuscript (Wikimedia Commons)

Ajami webresources
This is a research guide of the Boston University Library on Ajami webresources. Ajami is a modified Arabic script that has been used for centuries to write many African languages including Hausa, Mandinka, Pular, Swahili, and Wolof. (Wolof-language Ajami is known as Wolofal).

The Manuscripts of the Riydha Mosque in Lamu (Kenya)
The manuscript collection of the Riyadha mosque is unique from several perspectives. Firstly, it provides an important overview of the historical orientation of Islamic education in East Africa. The collection also contains works that can be found nowhere else. Several of the manuscripts have inscriptions that name owners over decades, indicating the economy of books and reading. Finally, the presence in many of the manuscripts of inter-linear Swahili translations in the Arabic script opens for research on the use of the Arabic script before colonial education.

The Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa
The Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa (ISITA) is the first research center in the United States devoted entirely to the study of Islam and Africa. ISITA was founded in 2000 by John O. Hunwick of Northwestern University and R. Séan O’Fahey of the University of Bergen.

Tombouctou manuscripts project
 This project has been very much concerned with the diverse content of the manuscripts, the circulation of scholars and ideas, the economy of the manuscript book, and other aspects of the “work of scholarship” in Timbuktu. However, the scope of the project is broadening, to encompass writing cultures from other parts of the African continent.

Islamic Africa: A Select, Annotated Webography by Peter Limb

Arabic Literature of Africa (ALA)
The six volumes of Arabic Literature of Africa provide a survey of Muslim authors writing in Arabic in Saharan and sub-Saharan Africa and a bibliography of their works. Falling within the tradition of the great works of Brockelmann and Sezgin, it forms a basic reference tool for the study of Arabic writing in areas of the African Islamic world that fall outside the parameters of these works.

West African Arabic Manuscript Project
A bi-lingual database that was developed to describe a collection of Arabic manuscripts in southern Mauritania (Boutilimit). It subsequently has been used to catalogue seven other West African collections including the manuscript libraries at the Institut Mauritanien de Recherche Scientifique, Northwestern University, and the Centre Ahmad Baba in Timbuctu. The database has a search engine designed to identify manuscripts and authors when only fragmentary information is available, in Arabic or Roman script, for records now in excess of 23,000. Experimental linkage of digital images of manuscript texts to the records is currently underway.

Swahili web: the Swahili resource website
SwahiliWeb is a resource destined both for the research community and for the general public and intended to facilitate access to unpublished or difficult to locate documents dealing with or originating in the Swahili world. This will include journal articles, manuscripts, maps, sound files, photographs and film. It will serve as a digital archive for materials that are difficult to consult elsewhere, or are damaged or threatened in their present state; and it will ensure that basic tools for research and for locating sources on the Swahili hosted elsewhere are more easily accessible.

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