Heritage on the move

Pyramids of MeroeIn concordance with the Leiden Global central theme “Heritage on the move”, the ASCL Library has compiled a web dossier on this topic. Its publication coincides with the Leiden Global Annual Lecture entitled “On the move: a mobilities approach to heritage” held on 29 May by Professor Wayne Modest. The dossier starts with an introduction by ASCL Library Information Specialist Germa Seuren. The dossier consists of selected titles from the ASCL Library Catalogue, published from 2008, extended with online sources available through the UBL Catalogue. Titles link to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, which provides additional details and abstracts, where available. A special section has been added under the header “web resources”, showcasing interesting websites featuring African heritage issues and projects.

Web resources


Heritage on the move:  A review of the literature

In contrast to the notion of unchangeability that the term ‘heritage’ suggests, the literature at hand reflects the wide range of discussions and developments around the subject. Heritage is related to memory, and deciding what should be remembered within a society is closely linked to issues of power and identity, and therefore subject to discussion. For an overview of representative issues, see, for example, the edited volume 'The politics of heritage in Africa: economies, histories, and infrastructures', in the ‘General’ section of this web dossier.

These political discussions especially come to the fore in the literature on colonial heritage. In many African countries, people are objecting to certain manifestations of the colonial past. At the same time, groups are advocating for the inclusion of heritage from this period, which they consider their own. Constructing new forms of memorializing slavery is one expression of this. A related trend is the returning of cultural heritage from colonial states to the states of origin and the accompanying ‘discovery’ of hidden Africa collections in European archives. Related titles can be found in the ‘Decolonization’ section of this dossier.

This illustrates how African (nation) states and ethnic groups are constantly constructing and redefining their cultural heritage, also that of the precolonial period, and the period of independence. In this process, discussions around national and ethnic identity as well as power dynamics emerge. Also, one can find instances of very practical uses of the ‘creation’ of cultural heritage, as seen in literature on ‘heritage tourism’ and the ‘musealization’ of culture. This dossier contains a broad range of country case studies concerning these matters.

Of course, especially in this age of globalization, heritage is also ‘on the move’ in a very physical sense. People move across the globe and take their heritage with them. In this process, people, and what they consider their cultural heritage, change. This ‘mobilities approach to heritage’ is the subject of this year’s Leiden Global Annual Lecture, and can be found in this dossier in articles by Wayne Modest and Rivke Jaffe, Marleen de Witte, and the conference papers in 'Remembering Africa and its diasporas: memory, public history and representations of the past'.

Finally, the theme of ‘heritage on the move’ can be read in new forms of preserving and presenting cultural heritage, by means of digitization and online presentation of archives, as represented in the ‘Digitization’ section below. One can also find many new and interesting examples online, as shown in the large sample of web resources attached to this dossier.

Germa Seuren, African Studies Centre Leiden Library


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Web resources

The ASCL is not responsible for the content of external internet sites

African Digital Heritage
An organisation that seeks to advocate for, and promote the best use of technology in the curation, preservation and dissemination of African history and culture. Find nice showcases under projects.

African Heritage
A blog about African history, and heritage, including links to audio and video files.

African World Heritage Fund - Geomap
A geomap showing all UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa.

The Digital Bleek and Lloyd
Includes scans of the notebooks of pioneer African linguists Lucy Lloyd and Wilhelm Bleek .

The Heritage Portal
A news and information platform for the South African Heritage Sector. It is a volunteer driven initiative that relies on content contributions from members of the heritage community.

Jstor World Heritage Sites: Africa (Restricted access)
A database made up of links to more than 86,000 resources in 30 sub-collections. Resources include visual, contextual, and spatial documentation of African heritage sites.

Google Arts & Culture - Kenya National Archives
The Kenya National Archives collaborated with Google Arts & Culture in presenting their archives online. Google Arts & Culture also holds other African collections.

Sierra Leone Heritage.org
A digital resource capturing diverse Sierra Leonean collections online.

The Slave Route project
An overview of online material relating to the UNESCO-project launched in 1994 in Ouidah, Benin, on a proposal from Haiti, memorializing the causes, forms of operation, stakes and consequences of slavery.

South African History Online (SAHO)
A non-partisan people's history project concerned with the presentation of a critical, open access, and democratic history of South Africa.

The Sudan Archive at Durham University
The Sudan Archive preserves the papers of British who served or lived in the Sudan. Its website holds digitized official and personal papers, photographic images, films, sound recordings, and maps.

Wilson Center Digital Archive
Online archive on diplomatic history, regional security issues, and nuclear history.

The World Digital Library (WDL) - Africa section
A project of the U.S. Library of Congress, with the support UNESO. It makes significant primary materials from all countries and cultures available on the Internet.

Zamani project
An online database recording dimensions, shapes and GIS-positions of monuments, architectural structures and rock shelters in Africa. It includes panorama views, 3D-models and images of the sites.