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Rwanda exhibition at the African Studies CentreOn the occasion of the Rwanda exhibition, to be opened on 31 March 2022 at the African Studies Centre Leiden, the ASCL Library has compiled this web dossier that presents all publications displayed at the exhibition. The publication titles link to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, which provides additional details and abstracts, where available. The dossier is introduced by Elvire Eijkman and concludes with a selection of links to relevant websites.


Staff of the ASCL Library undertake acquisition trips to African countries every year. These trips are very important for ensuring the diversity of the collection. Currently, about fifty percent of the new acquisitions come from Africa. Last year, the ASCL team was able to travel to Rwanda, a country never visited before. The library collection up till then had only around 180 books and journals which were actually published in Rwanda. This was very limited in comparison to the roughly 1200 publications on Rwanda that the collection has, which are published elsewhere, mostly in Western countries. With this trip, the ASCL library managed to triple the Rwanda-published collection. In fact, the team returned with around 600 items, which comprised of books, journals, a collection of newspapers, and a number of films on DVD.

Usually, an acquisition trip is undertaken to coincide with a book fair. This time, the ASCL team had not anticipated visiting a book fair when they traveled to Kigali, due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, on a visit to the Public Library, they discovered a Children’s Book fair, which had been organised by The Rwandan Children’s Book Organisation (RCBO), held on the top floor of the building. The team was able to purchase a number of beautifully illustrated books meant for children who are learning to read or for reading to them out loud (in Kinyarwanda, English or French). Among the books were several prize-winning titles, for instance, Na Melisa arashoboye (a book dealing with people with disabilities), written, illustrated, and designed by Jean De Dieu Munyurangabo from Kibondo Publishers, which won the prize for Best Inclusive Book. 

Apart from visiting the main bookshops Caritas and Ikirezi, the team also went to the bookshop on the site of the Kigali Genocide Memorial, where they bought about twenty books and DVDs. They also visited several institutions which might produce relevant publications for the ASCL collection, among which were the University of Rwanda, the University of Kigali, Kigali Independent University (ULK), University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (UNILAK), the National Institute of Statistics, and the Catholic NGO Caritas (which also exploits the bookshop). Here they received much appreciated back copies of the Cahiers du Bureau social urbain, which give a wealth of information on societal life in Rwanda from the end of the 1980s until 2002.

At the headquarters of one of the main daily newspapers, The New Times, the team purchased a whole year’s worth of this paper, which is now available as a daily in the library. Print papers are hard to get on the streets of Kigali. It is evident that COVID-19 has impacted the production of journals and newspapers badly. Print issues had been discouraged for health reasons, and while some are envisaging printing again, others will probably remain digital.

The genocide of 1994 is still very present among the titles on display in Rwanda’s bookshops: titles headed under academic studies; local histories; testimonies; autobiographies of survivors; and documentaries, which testify that this traumatic event is still prominent in the minds of the Rwandan people. Other topics are religion (Christianity and Islam), politics, history, society, economics, as well as literature (prose, poetry, drama), and motivational literature.

Another feature that stands out is the language in which publications are written: in 2003, English became an official language, alongside Kinyarwanda (spoken by 99 per cent of the population) and French. In 2010, English replaced French as the only language of instruction in public education, but French is still used in some of the many private schools and institutions of higher education. Consequently, the ASCL team found several books published simultaneously in English and/or French, and Kinyarwanda.

An example is the book written by Édouard Bamporiki, My son, it is a long story : reflections of genocide perpetrators, which was also written in Kinyarwanda: Mitingi  jenosideri : imbundo, imbarutso y’imbunda yarimbuye imbaga. Édouard Bamporiki is an award-winning filmmaker, actor, writer, advocate and politician, and currently Minister of State of the Ministry of Youth and Culture. Bamporiki became known in 2009 for his film Long Coat. Long Coat focuses on the difficulty of leaving one's past behind and tells the story of a man who discovers he is a perpetrator's son and meets a woman who is a genocide survivor. Édouard Bamporiki also starred in the film Kinyarwanda.

Elvire Eijkman

Publication titles listed in the exhibition's categories

Christian literature (including the Maria apparition at Kibeho) | IslamGenocide | Motivational literature | Children's books | History | Literature | Textbooks | Films | Journals & Articles

Christian literature 

Aimée pour l'eternité : oui, quand je repense á ma vie, je me rends compte à nouveau que mon Sauveur Jésus Christ maime malgré mes imperfections / Consolata Rugelinyange. - [Prograph LTD]: [Kigali], 2021.

Itinéraire spirituel d'un ex-prêtre rwandais : pour la joie de vivre / Emmanuel Nyampatsi. - L'Harmattan: Paris, 2021.

Le bonheur caché au coeur de l'homme : actualité du charisme de Saint Benoît / Edouard Sinayobye. - [publisher not identified]: Kigali, 2021.

Le Rwanda vu par le Père Brard 1898-1906 : écrits et rapports du fondateur de la mission catholique de Save : contribution à l'histoire de l'évangélisation du Rwanda / P. Stefaan Minnaert. - [publisher not identified]: Kigali, 2021.

Loved for eternity : Yes, when I look back at my life's history, I realize that my Savior Jesus Christ loves me, even though I am not perfect / Consolata Rugelinyange. - [Prograph LTD]: Kigali, 2021.

Nkunzwe by'Iteka / Consolata Rugelinyange. - [publisher not identified]: [Kigali], 2021.

Gukurikiza Yezu Kristu : Imitation de Jésus Christ en Kinyarwanda / Cyahinduwe na Arkidiyosezi ya Kigali. - [publisher not identified]: [Rwanda], 2020.

Mutagatifu Agusitini w'i Hipone : ibaruwa yandikiwe poroba : uburyo nyabwo bwo gusenga / Gratien Kwihangana. - Pallotti-Presse: Kigali, 2020.

Inzira y'ukuri y'ubugingo buzabana iteka n'Imana / Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda. - [publisher not identified]: Kigali, 2019.

My work, my Ministry : the biblical perspective about the workplace Ministry / Paddy Blessed Musoko ; foreword Keith Michael. - Reach Publishers: Wandsbeck, cover 'My work, my ministry'

Nzi uwo nemeye / Padiri Victor Amerika. - [publisher not identified]: [Rwanda], 2019.

Singizwa nyagasani. - Editions Diocèse de Kibungo: Kigali, Rwanda, 2018.

Umuntu mushya utemera baringa : uburyo bwo kwibohora icuraburindi ry'amadini / Mwenempanzi Godefroid. - Izuba éditions: Miélan, France, 2018.

Urugendo rw'imibereho ihindutse : niba atari njye ni nde? / Ev. David Rutanga ; ijambo ry'Ibanze ryandistwe Rev. Dr. Antoine Rutayisire. - David Rutanga: Kigali;©2018, 2018.

Alone facing myself : the triumph of faith / Ruti S. (Esther) Akiki. - Printex Ltd.: Kigali, 2017.

Ijuru ni iryawe / Christophe Sebanani. - Shining Family Ministries: [Kigali], 2017.

Inzira igororotse : menua impano zawe rose.Jean Luc Mutabazi. - Murabazi: Kamena, 2017.

Le clergé du Rwanda : histoire de l'éducation ecclésiastique au Rwanda (1904-1950) / par Ruterandongozi Justin. - [publisher not identified];Imprimu Ltd: [Kigali, Rwanda?];[Kigali, Rwanda], 2017.

Niyikiza Sara : umukristu w'intangarugero / Muhire Felix. - MUHIRE Felix: Kigali, 2017.

U Rwanda n'abanyarwanda ni ituro ritagatifu rya Kristu / Bizimungu Aloys de Gonzague. - BIZIMUNGU Aloys de Gonzague: Kigali, 2017.

Amateka y'intumwa za Yesu n'urupfu zapfuye / Pastor Nsabihoraho Zacharie. - [publisher not identified]: Kigali, 2016.

Amateka y'ubukrisito mu Rwanda 1900-2015 / Tharcisse Gatwa na Laurent Rutinduka (ed). - CEL :;PIASS: Butare-Huye [Rwanda], 2016.

Au Rwanda, la Vierge est apparue / Émilie Brébant. - Vendémiaire: Paris, 2016.

Padiri Henry Herve Lunden, urugero mu butumwa no mu iterambere : bimwe mu byaranze ubuzima bwa P. Henry Hervé Lunden (Umumisiyoneri w'Afrika) : Kigali kuwa 30 Ukuboza 2016 / Frédéric Mutijima. - [publisher not identified]: [Kigali], 2016.

Inzu ya zahabu / J. Rouw. - "Foundation ""All Nations""": The Netherlands, 2015.

Rozaliya Gicanda : umwamikazi n'umukristukazi w'imena / Myr Kizito Bahujimihigo. - Palloti-Presse: Kigali, 2015.

Uyu niwo muhamagaro wanjye / Jean Paul Seka. - Jean Paul Seka: Kigali, Rwanda, 2015.

Musenyeri Aloyizi Bigirumwami / Bushayija Bugabo Antoni. - Izuba éditions: Toulouse, 2014.

Abatagatifu duhimbaza buri munsi / Diyosezi Butare. - Imprimerie Euthymia: Butare, 2013.

Mgr Aloys Bigirumwami : le premier évêque catholique Rwandais une lumière dans les ténèbres politiques au Rwanda / Bernardin Muzungu, o.p. - [publisher not identified];Imprimerie AZ Media Plus: [Nyarugenge, Rwanda?];[Nyarugenge, Rwanda], 2012.

Partout où Jésus passait, il faisait le bien / Léodegard Niyigena. - [publisher not identified]: Kigali, 2012.

Histoire du vicariat du Rwanda et du Burundi / Bernardin Muzungu. - printed by AZ Media Plus: Kigali [Rwanda] ,;[Place of manufacture not identified], 2011.

Tumwigireho / Amon Rugelinyange. - Imprimerie Prograph: Kigali, 2009.

Nari ndwaye uransura : itangwa ry'isakramentu ry'abarwayi no kubagemurira Ukaristiya. - Editions Wowe nkurikira: [Kigali], 2008.

Bibiliya Ijambo Ry'Imana : n'ibitabo byo ku rwego rwa kabiri with deuterocanonical books / Umuryango wa Bibiliya mu Rwanda Kigali = Bible Society of Rwanda. - La Société Biblique du Rwanda: Kigali, 2004.

La mission de la croix glorieuse au Rwanda. - Pallotti-Presse: [Rwanda], 2004.

Au cœur de la nuit, la lumière : donner sa vie : une merveille fragile / Edouard Sinayobye. - Dennis J. Mock: Atlanta, GA, 1989.

Forgive them : the story of an Africa martyr,by J.E. Church and colleagues of the Ruanda Mission (C.M.S.). - Hodder & Stoughton: London,, 1966.

Nshaka Gukiranuka Kandi Nshaka Gukira / Joseph Niyo. - [publisher not identified]: Rwanda,

Maria apparition at Kibeho

"Apparitions de la ""Mère du Verbe"" à Kibeho : (Rwanda, 28.11.1981 - 28.11.1989) : premières apparitions mariales en Afrique reconnues par l'Église / Père Andrzej Jakacki Sac.". - Apostolicum: Poland, 2018.

The story of Jesus and Mary in Kibeho : a prophecy fulfilled / by Immaculee Ilibagiza ; illustrated by Rupert Bazambanza. - Immaculee: [New York], 2018.

Our lady of Kibeho / by Katori Hall. - Dramatists Play Service Inc.: New York, NY, cover 'Our Lady of Kibeho'

The fascinating story of Kibeho : Mary's prophetic tears in Rwanda / by Casimir Ruzindaza. - Kibeho Sanctuary: Uganda, 2013.

Kibeho : matokeo ya bikira Maria / Raphaël Katanga. - [Kibeho Sanctuary?]: Rwanda, 2013.


By'imyemerere ya al wasitwiyat : ibisobanuro : Kugaragaza imyemerere y'abagendera ku migenzo y'Intumwa y'Imana (Ahlu sunat wal Djama-at) / cyanditswe na Imam Ahmad Ibun Abdul Halim. - Maktabat Al Qalam: Kigali, 2020.

Al Kaba-ir : ibyaha bikuru : igitabo cya Al Hafidh Abi Abdillah Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Oth'man Ibn Qay'maz Adh-Dhahabiy / Cyahinduwe mu kinyarwanda na: Maktabat al-Qalam. - Maktabat Al-Qalam: Kigali, 2019.

Impano y'umukundwa : y'amategeko ajyanye n'umwana wavutse (691-751 H) = Tuh'fat al maw'dud bi ah'kami al mawulud / cyanditse na Muhamad Ibun Abi Bakar Ibun Ayubu Ibun Sa'ad Shamsu Din Ibun Al Qayyim Al Jawziyat ; Cyahinduwe mu kinyarwanda na Maktabat Al-Qalam. - Maktabat Al-Qalam: Kigali, 2019.

Amateka y'abayisilam siyo mateka y'idini ya Islam : mur'iki gitabo tuzasangamo inkomoko z'ingorane abayisilamu rusange bafite kur'iyisi ya nyagasani : Iki gitabo kigamije kwibutsa Abayisilamu ko bareka imyemerere mibi yamadhehebu bagakurikira Ubuyisilamu / Cyanditswe na Sindikubwabo Said. - Salam Company: Kigali, 2017.

Kor'ani nziranenge : tarjuma [ibisobanuro] bya kor'aninziranenge mu rurimi rw'ikinyarwanda : yakuwe mu ririmi rw'umwimerere isemurwa mu Kinyarwanda / na Allamah Shikkal Haruna. - Al-Itrah Foundation: Dar es Salaam, 2016.


A broken life : in search of lost parents and lost happiness / Judence Kayitesi ; translated from the German into English by Thomas Mazimpaka. - Tredition GmbH: Hamburg, 2021.

La France. le Rwanda et le génocide des Tutsi (1990-1994) : rapport remis au président de la République le 26 mars 2021 / Commission de recherche sur les archives françaises relatives au Rwandaet au génocide des Tutsi ; [Vincent Duclert]. - Armand Colin: Paris, 2021.

The path to genocide in Rwanda : security, opportunity, and authority in an ethnocratic state / Omar Shahabudin McDoom, London School of Economics, University of London. - Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, United Kingdom ;;New York, NY, 2021.

Pourquoi ai-je encore peur des chiens? / Marie-Ange Rutayisire, Marc Lemaire. - Les Indépendant du Pas-de-Calais: 2021.

Rwanda, un deuil impossible : effacement et traces / Dady de Maximo Mwicira-Mitali ; édition critique par Florence Prudhomme ; postface d'Antoine Mugesera. - Classiques Garnier: Paris, 2021.

The strong pact with RPF-Inkotanyi / Richard Hategekimana. - Consultancy and Books Publishing Company ltd: Kigali;©2021, 2021.

Cahiers de mémoire Kigali, 2019 / sous la direction de Florence Prudhomme avec Michelle Muller traduction de Bernard Kanyana Kabale et Odette Mukantagara. - Librarie classiques Garnier: Paris, 2020.

Museum for campaign against genocide / Institute of National Museums of Rwanda. - Histoires & Images: Kigali, 2020.

Neither Tutsi, nor Hutu : a Rwandan memoir : my search for healing, meaning, and identity after witnessing genocide and surviving civil war / by Prosper Ishimwe. - Modern memoirs Inc.: Amherst, Massachusetts, 2020.

Unforgotten : cherishing the story of Rwanda's Abasesero people / Callum Henderson. - Comfort International Publishing: Carnoustie, Scotland, cover 'Unforgotten'

Felicité Niyitegeka : une lumière dans la nuit rwandaise : agir face à l'inacceptable / Jean d'Amour Dusengumuremyi. - Le livre en papier: Strépy-Bracquegnies, Belgium, 2019.

From red earth : a Rwandan story of healing and forgiveness / Denise Uwimana. - Plough Publishing House: Walden, New York, 2019.

Ma mère m'a tué : survivre au génocide des Tutsis au Rwanda / Albert Nsengimana, en collaboration avec Hélène Cyr. - Hugo Doc: Paris, 2019.

No greater love : how my family survived the genocide in Rwanda / Tharcisse Seminega ; foreword by John K. Roth. - GM&A Publishing: Davenport, Iowa, 2019.

Numéro spécial : Rescapés du génocide, 25 ans après, bilan des interventions d'appui / Antoine Mugesera. - ASCL- Dialogue: Kigali, 2019.

Stepp'd in blood : Akazu and the architects of the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi / Andrew Wallis. - Zero Books is an imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd: Alresford, Hants, 2019.

Untamed : beyond freedom : a transformational healing journey, after surviving the 1994 Genocide / Celine Uwineza. - Celine Uwineza: [Rwanda], 2019.

Vivant / Valens Kabarari, Élise Delage. - Utopia éditions: France, 2019.

Amateka ya jenoside : yakorewe abatutsi mu Rwanda = L'histoire du génocide contre les tutsi au Rwanda / Bernardin Muzungu, o.p. = The history of the genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda / Bernardin Muzungu, o.p. ; translated by Lt. Col. Gerard Nyirimanzi. - Edit. cahiers Lumières et sociétés: Kigali-Rwanda, 2018.

Bisesero : les héros de la résistance / textes de Daniel Le Scornet ; photos de Christine Ilana Le Scornet. - Daniel Le Scornet: Saint-Pons, 2018.

How I survived the genocide against the Tutsi : my long journey to German darkness and back / Thomas Mazimpaka. - Xlibris: Bloomington, 2018.

L'ouragan a frappé Nyundo : récit de Félicité Lyamukuru, rescapée du génocide des Tutsis / [récit de] Félicité Lyamukuru ; [écrit par] Nathalie Caprioli. - Cerisier: Cuesmes (Mons), 2018.

La battante : renaître après le génocide des Tutsis / François-Xavier Nsanzuwera ; préface Antoine Garapon. - Fauves Éditions: Paris, 2018.

Rwanda : de l'horreur du génocide au pardon et à la réconciliation / Odette Mukantagara. - Pallotti Presse Ltd: Kigali, 2018.

A voice in the darkness : memoir of a Rwandan genocide survivor / Jeanne Celestine Lakin with Paul J. Lakin. - [publisher not identified]: [Place of publication not identified];©2018, 2018.

90 days in hell : the story of two Ugandan men who survived the Rwandan genocide / James Luyinda-Miti. - James Luyinda Miti: Kampala, 2017.

Dans la nuit la plus noire se cache l'humanité : récits des Justes du Rwanda / Jacques Roisin. - Les Impressions nouvelles: [Bruxelles], 2017.

Génocide des Tutsi, l'imposture : Alain Juppé et le Rwanda (1993-1994) / Jean-Pierre Cosse ; préface de Martin Verlet. - L'Harmattan: Paris, 2017.

Le genocide des Tutsi au Rwanda compare au genocide des Juifs et des Armeniens =The genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda compared to the genocide .of the Jews and the Armenians / Jean Ndorimana. - Prograph Ltd: Kigali, 2017.

book cover 'Mitingi jenosideri : imbundo, imbarutso y'imbunda yarimbuye imbaga'

Mitingi jenosideri : imbundo, imbarutso y'imbunda yarimbuye imbaga / Bamporiki Edouard. - [publisher not identified]: Kigali, 2017.

My son, it is a long story : reflections of genocide perpetrators / Bamporiki Edouard ; [translators, Vincent Gakwaya [and two others]]. - Bamporiki Edouard: Kigali, 2017.

Numéro spécial : Implication de la France dans le génocide des Tutsi, état actuel des connaissances / Jacques Morel. - ASCL- Dialogue: Kigali, 2017.

Rwanda : un génocide au nom des mythes et la demande de pardon des Bahutu aux Batuutsi pour le génocide commis / Simon Sebagabo Muvunyi. - [publisher not identified];Imprimerie papeterie nouvelle (I.P.N.): [Rwanda?];Kigali, 2017.

Rwanda, contre l'ethnisme / Rutazibwa Privat. - Editions du CRID: [Kigali], 2017.

"Imbaraga z'urukundo zisumba kure urubori rw'urupfu : Kominote ""Umusamaritani w'impuhwe"" / Umuryango wa Bwana Munyangendo Emmanuel na Madamu Mukankuranga Anne Marie.". - [publisher not identified];Pallotti-Presse Ltd: [Kigali];Kigali, 2016.

Imbibé de leur sang, gravé de leurs noms : témoignage d'un survivant du génocide des Tutsi du Rwanda / Philibert Muzima. - Izuba Éditions: Miélan, France, 2016.

Jenoside / Kigali Genocide Memorial in partnership with Aegis Trust. - Kigali Genocide Memorial: Kigali, 2016.

Pour que tu saches : témoignage d'une survivante du génocide des Tutsi du Rwanda / Niwemugore Spéciose. - Izuba Éditions: Miélan, France, 2016.

Solace : the story of Solace ministries : a living testimony of healing, hope and dignity restored in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda / Jean Gakwandi ; with Karin Heidrich. - Stiftung Bethel-prowerk: Bielefeld, 2016.

Un sachet d'hosties pour cinq : récit d'un rescapé du génocide des Tutsi commis en 1994 au Rwanda : récit / César Murangira. - Éditions Amalthée: Nantes;©2016, 2016.

Confronting genocide in Rwanda : dehumanization, denial, and strategies for prevention / Jean-Damascène Gasanabo, David J. Simon, and Margee M. Ensign, editors. - Apidama Ediciones: Bogotá, Colombia, 2015.

No greater love : testimonies on the life and death of Felicitas Niyitegeka / Fr. Jean d'Amour Dusengumuremyi. - Dignity Press: Lake Oswego, OR, 2015.

Une vie au Rwanda : témoignage d'une vie parmi tant d'autres : par une rescapée du génocide des Tutsi rwandais, victime et témoin de l'histoire tragique du Rwanda / Eugénie Mukamugema. - Izuba éditions: Miélan, France, 2015.

Inzira ya jenoside yakorewe abatutsi mu Rwanda / cyanditswe na Jean Damascène Bizimana. - Imprimerie Muhima: Kigali, 2014.

Le livre d'Élise : Rwanda, 1994-2014 / Élise Rida Musomandera, avec la collaboration d'Anne Delyon. - Les Belles Lettres: Paris, 2014.

The persecution of Rwandan Tutsi before the 1990-1994 genocide / Antoine Mugesera. - Dialogue Editions: Kigali, 2014.

Rwanda : la trahison de Human Rights Watch : essai / Richard Johnson; préface de Linda Melvern; traduit de l'anglais par Jean-Luc Galabert. - Izuba éditions: Toulouse;©2014, 2014.

Faire face au négationnisme du génocide des Tutsi du Rwanda / sous la direction de Josias Semujanga & Jean-Luc Galabert. - Izuba: Saint-Jean, 2013.

Silence turquoise : Rwanda, 1992-1994, responsabilités de l'état français dans le génocide des Tutsi / Laure de Vulpian, Thierry Prungnaud. - Don Quichotte: [Paris], 2012.

I'm not leaving / by Carl Wilkens. - C. Wilkens: [United States], 2011.

Images d'après : cinéma et génocide au Rwanda / François-Xavier Destors. - Bord de l'eau: Lormont, 2010.

Les prémices du génocide rwandais : crise sociétale et baisse de la cohésion sociale / Catherine Ukelo. - Harmattan: Paris, 2010.

My father, maker of the trees : how I survived the Rwandan genocide / Eric Irivuzumugabe ; with Tracey D. Lawrence. - Baker Books: Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2010.

The children's sorrow : testimonies about the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsis in Rwanda. - Dukundane Family: [Kigali], 2009.

Genocide : my stolen Rwanda / by Reverien Rurangwa ; translated by Anna Brown. - Reportage Press: London, 2009.

Beauty from ashes : journeys of recovery from the Rwandan genocide / Dr. Callum Henderson. - Authentic Media: Milton Keynes, [England], 2007.

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Le génocide au centre du Rwanda : quelques témoignages des rescapés de Kabgayi (le 2 juin 1994) / Hildebrand Karangwa. - [publisher not identified]: [Rwanda], 2001.

Motivational literature

Finding your right location : for divine assignment & success in life / Epa Utabajimana. - Living Word Publications: Kampala;©2020, 2020.

Haranira kugera ahantu hakwiriye : ishingiro ryo gukorera mu mugambi w'imana no guhirwa mu buzima / Epa Utabajimana. - Living Word Publications: Kampala;©2020, 2020.

Ijambo ryiza ni mugenzi w'imana / Edouard Sinayobye. - [publisher not identified]: [Kigali], 2020.

Urugo Ruhumura : ikarita iyobora umusore n'umukobwa bitegura kurushinga / Zacharie Nsabihoraho. - [publisher not identified]: [Rwanda], 2019.

Izahabu ihishe mu muryango : gusobanukirwa izahabu nyayo mu muryango / Jackie Mukabaramba. - City Light: Kigali-Rwanda, 2018.

Umurage Mwiza : Urukundo-Inzira y'Ubungingo Ibanga ry'Urugo Rwiza Umuti w'Ibabazo / Jean Paul Munyeshyaka. - Paloma Investment: Kigali, 2017.

"Understanding sonship : ""the master key to unlock your destiny"" / Hubert S. Hategekimana.". - King's Way Media: Ottawa, cover 'Understanding sonship'

The ultimate : break the slums, make street children angels : mind your foot, mind your head, watch your step & see your bright destiny / Aaron Kagabo Hero. - Psycho Accountability: [Place of publication not identified], 2015.

Can marriage be successful? / John and Jeannette Gatera. - John and Jeannette Gatera: [Kigali], 2013.

Gukunda umukobwa : ndushaho kuba inshuti ya Yezu Kristu / Myr Kizito Bahujimihigo. - [publisher not identified]: Kigali, 2013.

The secret of contentment / John N.N. Ng'ang'a. - Lynka Communication: [Rwanda], 2011.

Igicaniro cy'impanuro / cyanditswe na Gicaniro. - Multicom Ltd.: Kigali, Rwanda, 2009.

Ubuzima ni Uguhitamo no Guharanira Kubaho Neza: Ibibazo n'ibisubizo / Gisanura NK. Frédéric. - Multicom Ltd.: Kigali, 2009.

Children's books

Gasirabo : la princesse de Maranyundo / Augustin Gasake. - [publisher not identified]: [Rwanda], 2021.

Koronavirusi / Tuyirinde Tuzayitsinda. - Kibondo Editions: [Rwanda], 2021.

After the bus left / Sandrine Bwiza. - Imagine We Publishers: [Kigali], 2020.

Amatungo yo mu rugo / Inkuru yanditswe na Uwera Jane, Yashushanyijwe na Niyonzima Isabelle. - Cactus Publishers: Kigali;©2020, 2020.

Count Cough-ula / Author: Michael Ross; Illustrator: Odile Uwera. - NABU: New York, 2020.

Counting ways to stay safe / Author: Michael Ross; Illustrator: Emmanuel Bagirishya. - NABU: New York, 2020.

I love you / Author: Michael Ross; Illustrator: Bruno Iradukunda. - NABU: New York, 2020.

Isabukuru ya Cyusa / Isabelle Niyonzima. - Cactus Publishers: Kigali, 2020.

Isaha ya Mpeta / Umwanditsi Deníse Nyinawumuntu, Uwashushanyije: Tony Bakatubia. - School Books Distributors: [Kigali], 2020.

My back to school bubble / Author: Hilary Rogers; Illustrators: Kevin Ntwali, Odile Uwera, Emmanuel Bagirishya & Bruno Iradukunda. - NABU: New York, 2020.

Nziza na Vumera / Inkuru yanditswe na Uwera Jane ; Yashushanyijwe na Seminega Felix. - Cactus Publishers: Kigali, 2020.

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Journals & Articles

Cahiers Lumière et société. - Kigali : B. Muzungu, 1997
(Les écrivains de l'histoire du Rwanda; Mgr Aloys Bigirumwami : le premier évêque catholique Rwandais une lumière dans les ténèbres politiques au Rwanda; Histoire du vicariat du Rwanda et du Burundi; ; Église catholique pendant le génocide / éditeur-propriétaire: Bernardin Muzungu, le correcteur de ce numéro: Jérôme Mureramanzi; Les poètes de Buhoro au Nyaruguru; Gisanura : un saint canonisable; Nyaruguru : un exemple des anciennes armées sociales; Le patriotisme jusqu' au sang; Ubucura-Bwenge : le laboratoire du savoir)

The New Times : Rwanda's leading daily. - Rwanda : The New Times, [1995]-

La nuit rwandaise : l'implication française dans le dernier génocide du XXéme siècle. - Paris : [Place of publication not identified] : Esprit frappeur ; 2007-
(numéro 2, numéro 6, numéro 7, numéro 10, numéro 11 vol. 1, numéro 11 vol. 2)

Le prix de la paix = Ikiguzi cy'amahoro. - Butare, Rép. du Rwanda : publisher not identified, 199?

Rapport annuel de la Caritas Kigali ... / Caritas-Kigali. - Kigali : Caritas Kigali, [2017]-

ULK scientific journal. - Kigali : Editions of the Kigali Independent University, 201?

United Nations security council reform : myth or reality? : contextualisation of the African position / by Uwimana Ndiyaye Innocent.
In: ULK Scientific Journal, volume 40 (2019), pages 77-117. (2019).

Rwanda in Africa continental free trade area : a challenges-opportunities analysis / Dr. Twagirimana Emmanuel.
In: ULK Scientific Journal, volume 40 (2019), pages 41-76. (2019).

IFMIS as accountability tool in public finance management : case of Rwanda / Dr. Twagirimana Emmanuel.
In: ULK Scientific Journal, volume 40 (2019), pages 6-39. (2019).

Euthanasia and human right perspectives : does the right to life encompass the right to die? / by Dr. Murangira Thierry.
In: ULK Scientific Journal, volume 39 (2019), pages 119-164. (2019).

Empirical study of the relationship between external debt and public investment in Rwanda : an econometric approach / by Ngabo Yisonga Matabaro Roch.
In: ULK Scientific Journal, volume 39 (2019), pages 6-34. (2019).

Effects of electronic banking on service quality of commercial banks in Rwanda : a case of access bank - Rwanda Ltd / Dr. Mbera R. Zenon and Nirere Ornella.
In: ULK Scientific Journal, volume 39 (2019), pages 35-75. (2019).

Effect of price fluctuation on agriculture production in Rwanda (2008-2013) / by Dr. Twagirimana Emmanuel.
In: ULK Scientific Journal, volume 39 (2019), pages 77-117. (2019).

UoK scientific journal. - Kigali : University of Kigali, 2015-


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Rwanda, de la guerre au génocide
This website assembles the rich collection of annexes that are referenced in André Guichaoua’s book, Rwanda, de la guerre au génocide (“Rwanda, from War to Genocide”). The 134 annexes gather together official texts, personal documents from leading protagonists of the events (agendas, correspondence, notes…), or sworn trial testimony and depositions given in various legal proceedings.

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