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Image pour illustrer la biennale de la photographie au Mali, Rencontres africaines de la photographie by KAG1LP2MDIAKITE, CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons On the occasion of the upcoming 13th edition of Bamako Encounters, which will take place in Bamako, Mali, in the coming months, the ASCL Library has created this web dossier on African Photography. This web dossier showcases the library’s rich collection of photobooks, and literature on photography. It also highlights the ASCL photo collection on Wikimedia Commons, and other web resources.

The web dossier focuses on photography by photographers from Africa, and its diaspora. Some general titles on the history of photography in Africa are also included. The web dossier starts with an introduction by Andrea Stultiens, visual artist and artistic researcher, affiliated with the Royal Academy of Art and Minerva Art Academy.


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In this introduction to the ‘African Photography’ web dossier, I invite you to dive into what Nigerian-American artist and scholar Olu Oguibe calls ‘the substance of the image’.[1] Should you accept this invitation, it may be useful to know that I write this as an artistic researcher who studies the use of photographs in Uganda in particular and photographic imaginations of ‘Africa’ in general.[2]

The Merriam-Webster dictionary provides an ambivalent list of what the word ‘substance’ signifies, ranging from “essence” to “physical material” and “something deemed harmful and usually subject to legal restriction”.  All these potential significations of the word substance are relevant in relation to ‘African Photography’, which is both a wonderfully inclusive notion and a highly problematic generalisation that extends from the word ‘African’ to the word ‘photography’.

When is photography ‘African’? Does such ‘photography’ have to be produced on the continent to qualify?[3] Should it be produced by Africans who might have a better understanding of what they capture than momentary visitors? Should such ‘photography’ be kept on the continent, or at least be available to Africans so that it can be used to inform African pasts and present?

Boys returning from their initiation in the Poro, Panguma 1936. Sjoerd Hofstra Collection, African Studies Centre, Leiden.

In the rich list of resources below, ‘African Photography’ includes publications presenting and discussing photographs produced on the African continent by both Africans and non-Africans. When photographs were produced by non-Africans this frequently took place in problematic conditions with cultural violence and abuse of power at play.[4] It also includes works on photographs made outside of Africa by makers in the diaspora or of African heritage. While this makes the spectrum as wide as possible, it also risks  adding insult to the injuries of imperial ambitions resulting in coloniality and its neocolonial echoes.[5]

Olu Oguibe starts to discursively make room for ‘African Photography’ by linking it to a particular date in terms of “its arrival” on 16 November 1839. The event he refers to took place in the entourage of the Mehmet, Khedive and vice regent of Egypt, and the authorship of the pictures produced is made ambivalent by the same gesture.[6] This is an on-point example of the way in which photography is positioned as an event, and the photograph as an encounter that is the (potential) outcome of this event.[7] Often, the word ‘photography’ refers to pictures made on a light-sensitive surface with the use of a camera, rather than the act of making photographs as well as “the means of production, reproduction and distribution” resulting from that act.[8] I would argue that in all those cases Photography should be replaced by Photographs, because the implication of particular pictures resulting from particular encounters also speaks to the lived conditions in which the pictures were produced. This positioning of photography and photograph is important to keep in mind whenever ‘photography’ is mentioned in general, and particularly urgent in the contested colonial and postcolonial conditions of ‘Africa’.

Lantern slide of the Hofstra photograph.

An earlier version of Oguibe’s essay was published in the 1996 catalogue accompanying a group exhibition in the Guggenheim Museum of photographs by African makers.[9] Uganda – one of 54 African countries – is mentioned only in relation to Zarina Bhimji, who is one of the 30 photographers included in the show. While it would have been difficult to effect an equal distribution of these 30 photographers over the continent, any possibility of such seems to have been actively negated by the very title of the show, “In/sight: African Photographers, 1940 to present”, making a claim to the continent as a whole. Okwui Enwezor and Octavia Zaya do acknowledge the challenges of ‘African Photography’ in their essay titled “Colonial Imaginary, Tropes of Disruption, Culture, and Representation of African Photographers”. For example, they explicitly ask where Bhimji, “a Ugandan artist of Asian origin who lives in London” should be located on the map.[10]

The catalogue features one of the beautiful portraits made by Seydou Keita (1921-2001), who operated a photo studio in Bamako between 1948 and 1963. His studio portraits and the photographs produced by fellow Malian photographer Malick Sidibé (1936-2016) formed the dominant visualisation of modern ‘African Photography’ during the 1990s bleeding into the 21st century.[11] The emergence of digital photography and the options this generated for the reproduction and distribution of photographs in Africa has led to a more varied and constantly expanding visual library in terms of past and present-day ‘African Photography’.

Print of the Hofstra photograph, mounted on cardboard

It can be argued, however, that the more or less democratic distribution of ‘African Photography’ afforded by digital imaging technologies, including phone cameras, also leads to a loss of substance. ‘Substance’ is used here in terms of the photograph as an object that carries its own social, cultural, and environmental biography in its materiality. Publications on ‘African Photography’ in academic contexts often ignore this aspect of the material studied. Reproductions are often made at an angle, possibly in an attempt to avoid the reflection of the surface of a print obscuring the picture. Edges of prints or negatives are often cropped, emphasising the photograph’s function as a window into the world and obscuring its material existence.[12]

The collection of the African Studies Centre does not only offer literature to study ‘African Photography’. It also includes, for instance, prints and negatives of photographs that were produced by anthropologist Sjoerd Hofstra while on fieldwork in Sierra Leone during the 1930s. The individual images and the ‘Breathing Photograph’ animation with this introduction are (based on) four different versions of a picture resulting from an encounter Hofstra had in Panguma. The photograph of one of two available 9x12 negatives allows us to get as close as possible to the event, in which a group of Poro initiates have come to the guest house where Hofstra resided while in Panguma. Those who clicked the Poro link may have seen that this image is not only highly unusual, in terms of photographic evidence of the widely described and discussed Poro Society, but it also illustrates the text.[13] I know, from engaging with the collection at large, that Hofstra produced the negative standing on the stairs leading to the entrance of the guest house.

Screenshot of the Hofstra photograph and caption from Among the Mende in Sierra Leone. The letters from Sjoerd Hofstra (1934-36) / Marijke Gijswijt-Hofstra (ed.), Leiden, African Studies Centre, , 2014, p. 224

The other three pictures derive from this better-exposed version of these two negatives. The first is a lantern slide that crops the negative to a square to make optimal use of the surface of the slide. The second is a print mounted on cardboard and features a caption that generates confusion as to the gender of the children in the photograph. The print used to be part of the collection of the Ethnographic Museum in Rotterdam, where Hofstra was director from 1937 and 1949. Currently, the print is in the care of the Nederlands Fotomuseum, also in Rotterdam, where I encountered it first in the museum’s online database and subsequently gained access to the actual print and three other images produced by Hofstra. The third picture is a screenshot taken from the PDF of a 2014 book that publishes the letters that Hofstra wrote to his adoptive mother in the Netherlands while in Sierra Leone.[14] The animation is what I call a breathing photograph, a simple animation, containing both negatives, plus the other three iterations of one of them, in which photographs ‘breath’ into one another at the speed of the breathing of a human body at ease. I use this mediation as a research method for photographs that I consider to be heritage that should be questioned without obscuring or negating it. The animation, the Breathing Photograph, is an attempt to do this in one go.[15]


I hope that the addition of these pictures to the words demonstrate the relevance of the agency of photographs that the notion of photography may just obscure.

Andrea Stultiens

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Photos in the introduction, from top to bottom: (1) Boys returning from their initiation in the Poro, Panguma 1936. By Sjoerd Hofstra. Sjoerd Hofstra Collection, African Studies Centre, Leiden. (2) Lantern slide of the Hofstra photograph. (3) Print of the Hofstra photograph, mounted on cardboard, with written caption: "Girls after the initiation into the women's secret society (Bundu) where they receive their education into adulthood. (4) Screenshot of the Hofstra photograph and caption from Among the Mende in Sierra Leone. The letters from Sjoerd Hofstra (1934-36) / Marijke Gijswijt-Hofstra (ed.), Leiden, African Studies Centre, , 2014, p. 224.

Andrea Stultiens

Ebifananyi 1-8: Eight volume series on photography in Uganda, Andrea Stultiens with various authors. The title of individual books varies, depending on the main vernacular relevant to the regional emphasis of the book,,

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South Sudan
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Photobooks - West Africa

Flash Afrique! : photography from West Africa / [editor: Gerald Matt, Thomas Miessgang; translations: Tom Appleton and Nick Somers] Cover Flash Afrique!
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Life & afterlife in Benin / by Okwui Enwezor, et al.
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Burkina Faso
Sai͏̈dou Dicko, le voleur d'ombres / Françoise de Moor [coord. éditoriale] and Ousseynou Wade [textes]
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Côte d'Ivoire/ Burkina Faso
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Photobooks - Central Africa

Autoportrait / Samuel Fosso
Göttingen, Germany : Steidl New York, NY : The Walther Collection 2020.

Beautiful : portraits of black beauty / Mario Epanya. Cover Force et fierté
United Kingdom : Shoko Press, 2017.

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[Amsterdam] : [Essamba Art], 2016.

Invisible : African women in action = femmes africaines en action / Angèle Etoundi Essamba.
[Amsterdam] : Essamba-Art, 2015.

Supermarket / [projet de Jean-Luc Cramatte and photographies de Jacob Nzudie]
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Democratic Republic of Congo
Mémoire, Kolwezi / Sammy Baloji.
Bruxelles : Africalia asbi-vzw Stichting Kunstboek, 2016.

Transit -- RDC / Kiripi Katembo.
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Congo democratic / Guy Tillim.
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Leopold and Mobutu / photogr.: Guy Tillim and text: Adam Hochschild.
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Photobooks - Southern Africa

Traces and tracks : a thirty-year journey with the San / Paul Weinberg. Cover Santu Mofokeng
Auckland Park, South Africa : Jacana, 2017.

Appropriated landscapes / ed. by Corinne Diserens.
Göttingen : Steidl, 2011.

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Round the bend : travels around Southern Africa / Obie Oberholzer.
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Found not taken / Edson Chagas
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Savimbi's Angola / Cloete Breytenbach.
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Bush of ghosts : life and war in Namibia, 1986-90 / John Liebenberg, Patricia Hayes.
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Stagings made in Namibia : postkoloniale fotografie / ed. Evelyn Annuß
Berlin : b-books Verlag, 2009.

Sebastião Langa : retratos de uma vida / Sebastião Langa.
[Maputo] : Arquivo Histórico de Moçambique, 2001.

South Africa
Ke Lefa Laka = Her-story / Lebohang Kganye
[London] : Nazraeli Press 2021.

A drain on our dignity : an insider's perspective / Masixole Feni.
Auckland Park, South Africa : Jacana, 2017.

Hanging on a wire / photographs by Sophia Klaase and edited by Rick Rohde and Siona O'Connell.
Johannesburg : Fourthwall Books, 2016.

Santu Mofokeng : a silent solitude : photographs 1982-2011 / edited by / a cura di Simon Njami translations / traduzioni: Felicity Lutz and Jacopo Pes.
Milano, Italy ; New York, NY, USA : Skira ; distributed in USA, Canada, Central & South America by Rizzoli International Publications Inc. , 2016.

A city refracted / Graeme Williams.
Johannesburg : Jacana Media, 2015.

Kin / Pieter Hugo and short story by Ben Okri.
New York : Aperture, 2015.

Memory against forgetting : the work of Ranjith Kally : photographic journey through South Africa's history 1946-2010 / essays by Kalim Rajab and words as told to Kalim Rajab by Ranjith Kally.
Cape Town : Quivertree, 2014.

Cape Town memories of the '60s / Günther Komnick and text by M. Cassiem D'arcy.
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Pretoria : Unisa Press, 2013.

People apart : 1950s Cape Town revisited / photographs by Bryan Heseltine, et al.
London : Black Dog Publishing, 2013.

Rise and fall of apartheid : photography and the bureaucracy of everyday life / ed. by Okwui Enwezor and Rory Bester and [with contrib. by Michael Godby ... [et al.]
Munich [etc.] : Prestel [etc.], 2013.

The black photo album/look at me: 1890-1950 / Santu Mofokeng and text by James T. Campbell.
Göttingen : Steidl, 2012.

Impressions of my hometown : Rhafu : a photographic journey through the town of Graaff-Reinet / Mzuvukile Maqetuka.
[Johannesburg] : Xlibris Corporation, 2012.

Life under democracy / Dale Yudelman.
Johannesburg : Jacana Media, 2012.

Figures & fictions : contemporary South African photography / Tamar Garb.
Göttingen : Steidl, 2011.

Zanele Muholi / [com] Ricardo Martínez Vázquez ... [et al.]
Madrid : Casa África La Fábrica, 2011.

Country girls / Sabelo Mlangeni.
Cape Town : Michael Stevenson, 2010.

Faces and phases / Zanele Muholi. Cover Faces and Phases
Munich [etc.] : Prestel, 2010.

TJ : Johannesburg photographs, 1948-2010 / David Golblatt and Double negative : a novel / Ivan Vladislavić.
Rome : Contrasto, 2010.

Zwelethu Mthethwa / interview by Isolde Brielmier and essay by Okwui Enwezor.
New York : Aperture, 2010.

Darkroom : photography and new media in South Africa, 1950 / Tosha Grantham, et al.
Richmond : Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 2009.

Men only / Sabelo Mlangeni.
Cape Town : Michael Stevenson, 2009.

Through my lens : a photographic memoir / Alf Kumalo and text by Tanya Farber.
Cape Town : Tafelberg, 2009.

Beaufort West / by Mikhael Subotzky and essay by Jonny Steinberg.
London : Chris Boot, 2008.

Enter exit / Pierre Crocquet de Rosemond, et al.
Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz, 2008.

Then & now : eight South African photographers / coll. by Paul Weinberg and with an introd. essay by Michael Godby.
Johannesburg : Highveld Press, 2007.

Between dogs and wolves : growing up with South Africa / Jodi Bieber.
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Moving spirit : spirituality in Southern Africa / Paul Weinberg.
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Photographs / David Goldblatt and [curator Martin Parr]
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Cape Town : Michael Stevenson, 2006.

Aufblicke : Fotografien von John Liebenberg / Gregor Dobler und Ulf Vierke.
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Jo'burg / Guy Tillim.
Trézélan [etc.] : Filigranes Éditions, 2005.

Departure / Guy Tillim.
Claremont [etc.] : Michael Stevenson Contemporary [etc.], 2003.

The spirit of District Six / photogr. by Cloete Breytenbach and text by Brian Barrow.
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Barcelona : Museu d'art contemporani de Barcelona, 2002.

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African renaissance / Peter Magubane and text by Sandra Klopper.
London [etc.] : Struik Publishing, 2000.

100XC : photography in South Africa / the Cape Town Month of Photography catalogue.Cover 100 XC
Rondebosch : South African Centre for Photography at the University of Cape Town, 1999.

Demokratins bilder : fotografi och bildkonst efter apartheid = Democracy's images : photography and visual art after apartheid / [Katalog Redaktion: Jan-Erik Lundström and Katarina Pierre]
Umeå : BildMuseet, Umeå universitet, 1998.

The invisible line : the life and photography of Ken Oosterbroek 1962-1994 / text by Mike Nicol.
Cape Town : Kwela, 1998.

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Images of change / George Hallett.
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The cold choice : pictures of a South African reality / Struan Robertson.
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[Cape Town] : [South African National Gallery], 1984?

Black child : zwarte kinderen in Zuid-Afrika / gefotografeerd door Peter Magubane and [vert. uit het Engels door Walter van Opzeeland]
Utrecht [etc.] : Veen [etc.], 1983.

House of bondage / by Ernest Cole, et al.
New York : Random House, 1967.



Difficult love / Peter Goldsmid and Zanele Muholi.
[Johannesburg] : [Southern Exposure CC], 2011.

Photo souvenir / regie Paul Cohen en Martijn van Haalen.
Hilversum : VPRO, 2007.

Ferro em brasa = Branding iron / um filme de Licínio Azevedo.
Maputo [etc.] : Ébano Multimédia [etc.], 2006.

Malick Sidibé : portrait of the artist as a portraitist / a film by Susan Vogel.
Brooklyn, NY : First Run Icarus, 2006.

Mo & me : the story of Africa's greatest photo-journalist / Roger Mills and Murad Rayani.
Nairobi : Camerapix [etc.], 2006.

De donkere kamer van Eli Weinberg / reg.: Rudi Boon and Hans Fels.
[S.l. : s.n.], 2004.

Rencontres d'Africains photographes / un film de Kal Touré.
[S.l.] : VM Group [etc.], 2003.

Docteur Clic Clac / un film de Gilbert Kelner.
Paris : La Médiathèque des trois mondes, 2001.

Ernest Cole : 1940-1990 photo journalist / by Jürgen and Claudia Schadeberg.
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[S.l. : s.n.], 1976.

Some Afrikaners / by Burton K. Fox and photographs by David Goldblatt.
[S.l. : s.n.], 1976.

Soweto / gemaakt door: Burton K. Fox and David Goldblatt.
[S.l. : s.n.], 1976.


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