African feminism

Re publica 19 - Day 2 (32852693297)On the occasion of the 2021 Stephen Ellis Annual Research Lecture on 9 December, the ASCL Library has created this web dossier on African feminism. This year’s lecture, entitled African Feminism as Method, will be given by Dr Nanjala Nyabola, independent writer and researcher based in Nairobi, Kenya.

The web dossier starts with an introduction by ASCL PhD candidate Loes Oudenhuijsen. It consists of titles from the ASCL Library Catalogue, complemented by sources available through the broader Leiden University Library collection. Titles link to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, providing  abstracts and full text links, where available. The web dossier concludes with a selection of links to relevant websites.

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African feminisms

The Miss Senegal affair, involving a woman elected Miss Senegal in 2020, who  spoke up about being raped during a trip run by the competition’s organising committee, after which she got pregnant, has led to upheaval and apologies in Senegal and discussions about rape culture. The case continues to be debated in the media as, globally, 16 days of campaigning to raise awareness about violence against women takes off. This is the 30th edition of the campaign, which is being held between 25 November (International day against violence against women) and 10 December (International human rights day). This year’s focus is on femicide, or the murder of women because they are women. The campaign finds resonance everywhere in Africa, as elsewhere in the world, as rape and femicide remain prevalent. The visibility of such activism, and the responses the Miss Senegal has received, attest to the renewed attention for feminism in Africa. The past couple of years have seen various (new) forms of feminist organising emerge on the African continent. South African students have demonstrated on campuses to protest gender-based violence, and to denounce structures of economic oppression (#Feesmustfall) and the coloniality of their institutions (#Rhodesmustfall). Sudanese women have been central to protests demanding a more equitable society. In Senegal, social media has exploded with hashtags calling out sexism and gender-based violence, such as #nopiwuma (Wolof: I am not silent) and #Dafadoy (Wolof: it’s enough). The development of African feminisms over the past decades has been well described by Rama Salla Dieng in her Africa is a Country blog series, as well as in her recent book Féminismes africains. In both publications, which I draw extensively on here, she engages in conversation with numerous feminists from the continent.

African feminist thought can be traced back to the women’s movements that emerged in the context of transnational emancipatory discourses of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Following the independence of nation states in Africa in the second half of the twentieth century, women who had joined anti-colonial movements – and had protested colonial rule, such as the women in the Aba women’s riots in 1929, or Kikuyu women in the Thuku revolt – realised they had to further pursue freedom struggles in the newly independent but still firmly patriarchal nation states. It is in this context that women formed independent feminist movements.

A crucial moment in the development of feminisms from the South was a conference organised at Wellesley College in the United States in 1975. At this event, feminists from Africa, Asia, and Latin America expressed their discontent with some of the intellectual positions and social attitudes held by some feminists from the Global North. Their critique focused on the premise of the universality of women’s suffering. It was at this conference that African feminists like Molara Ogundipe-Leslie, Bolanle Awe, Marie-Angelique Savané, and Nawal El Sadaawi, among others, decided to create the Association of African Women for Research and Development (AAWORD).

The fact that we speak today about feminisms in the plural, attests to the ideological divides that exist among feminists. Feminism may broadly be defined as “a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” This definition is open-ended, and thus multiple (contesting, competing) feminisms can emerge. African feminisms, like other feminisms, are about challenging patriarchy. However, it draws attention to the specificities of patriarchy as it unfolds on the African continent. The African Women’s Development Fund says the following about African feminisms: “Our current struggles as African feminists are inextricably linked to our past as a continent, diverse pre-colonial contexts, slavery, colonization, liberation struggles, neo-colonialism, globalization, etc.” A good example of such a struggle against the political violence of current regimes, is the radical activism of Stella Nyanzi, a Ugandan medical anthropologist, feminist activist, and poet, who was imprisoned in 2017 after insulting Uganda’s President Museveni.

Despite the multiple feminisms that exist on the continent, African feminists have nevertheless attempted to converge and consolidate feminist principles, while acknowledging the diversity in their concerns and challenges. The first African Feminist Forum in Accra in 2006 saw the development of a Charter of African Feminist Principles, signed by over a hundred of the forum’s participants. The document outlines the cornerstones of African feminisms and some shared visions. A crucial theme is sexual and reproductive rights, a focus that is well-reflected in the current wave of feminist activism on the continent that, drawing heavily on the potential of social media, brings gender-based violence, such as rape and femicide, to our attention.

Since 2000, three principal new strands of African feminism can be distinguished: liberal feminism – that has successfully mainstreamed feminist discussions about gender roles, gender gaps in politics and the economy, as well as sexual rights. It has, however, not been able to sufficiently critique the consequences of neoliberalism. Secondly, millennial or fourth-wave African feminism has reinvigorated African feminism through the organisation of marches and demonstrations, coupled with high activity on social media. It has been criticised for not being grounded enough in African feminist theory, but it has been very influential in calling out sexual violence against women, as the current ‘16 days’ campaign shows. Thirdly, afropolitan or afro-futurist feminism connects women on the African continent to African women in the diaspora in a transnational and future-oriented approach to feminist liberation.

In addition to these forms of feminist organising, recent decades have also seen the proliferation of feminist scholarship from the continent, by scholars including Amina Mama, Ayesha Imam, and Fatou Sow, who have written on gender studies and social sciences in Africa; Sylvia Tamale with a volume on African sexualities; and Sokari Ekine and Hakima Habbas who have written a queer African reader.

The theme of this year’s ASCL Stephen Ellis lecture is African feminism as method. It asks us to look beyond mainstream academic publishing, and to seek out what has been published in other cultural productions such as literature. African, Asian, and Latin-American women’s voices have been marginalised, but if we look at what has been produced ‘beyond the canon’ in recent decades, we can come to an understanding of where and how feminisms in Africa have always been alive. Authors like Calixthe Beyala, Ken Bugul, Aminata Sow Fall, Véronique Tadjo, Chimamanda Adichie, Buchi Emecheta, and Mariama Bâ have done very important feminist work through their novels.

The resources in this web dossier include examples of such literature, in addition to anthropological and historical work on gender, contemporary work on sexualities, feminist organising, and some links to exciting feminist platforms that African feminists have established in the digital sphere.

Loes Oudenhuijsen


Books by Nanjala Nyabola

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Feminism and gender studies

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Web resources

Africa is a Country - African Feminisms series edited by Rama Salla Dieng
“Talking back: African feminisms in dialogue” is a series of blog posts dedicated to guest editor Rama Salla Dieng‘s late sister, Ndèye Anta Dieng (1985-2019).

African feminism
African Feminism (AF) is a pan-African feminist digital platform and collaborative writing project between African authors/writers,  in support of open discussion and dialogue on feminist issues throughout the continent. The website holds blog posts and interviews.

African Feminist Charter
The African Feminist Charter was developed by the African Feminist Forum Working Group in 2006 and adopted in by over 100 African feminists at the first African Feminist Forum (AFF) hosted by AWDF in Accra. It is available in English, French, Portuguese, Wolof, Arabic and Kiswahili.

African Feminist Forum
The African Feminist Forum (AFF), and its national subdivisions, organizes gatherings bringing together African feminist activists to discuss strategy, refine approaches and develop stronger networks to advance women’s rights in Africa. Its website contains the Feminist Charter, a Feminist Organisational Development Tool, online resources, and an overview of African feminists, past and present.

Agenda is a South African journal publishing articles and debate around gender and feminism, exploring critical understanding, feminist equity and policy. Contributions are partly open access.

AWA la revue de femme noire
AWA: la revue de la femme noire was an independent magazine produced in Dakar, Senegal, by a network of African women between 1964 and 1973. It features poems, short stories, political reportage, and essays, alongside recipes, fashion, home-furnishings, and readers’ letters pages. It presents women’s lives as citizens, mothers, sisters, workers, and consumers against the global backdrop of Cold War politics, new formulations of Afro-modernity, and demands for women’s rights. The magazine was digitised by the Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noire-Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar as part of a Global Challenges project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK).

Feminist Africa
Feminist Africa is a continental gender studies journal produced by the community of feminist scholars. Formerly hosted by the African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, it has now re-emerged after a three-year gap, hosted by the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana, Accra.

The African Women's Development and Communications Network is a Pan-African Feminist and membership-based network based in Nairobi with over 800 members across 49 African countries, striving for gender equality and the advancement of women’s rights. Its website contains an extensive e-resources section.

Hub of Loving Action in Africa (HOLAA!) is an African knowledge hub on sex and sexuality where women and gender non-conforming people of all sexualities can come together. Activities include workshops, dialogues, archiving, digital conversations knowledge production, partnerships and awareness building.

MS Afropolitan
MS Afropolitan is a blog on feminism and contemporary culture from an Africa-centered perspective, written by the Nigerian-Finnish and Swedish feminist author Minna Salami.

Women Living under Muslim Laws
Women Living Under Muslim Laws is an international solidarity network that provides information, support and a collective space for women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by laws and customs said to derive from Islam. The website holds an extensive publications section.