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A local red bus coming out of the Circle Bus station at Accra (Wikimedia Commons, Joris Darlington Quarshie, CC-BY-4.0)On the occasion of the ASCL seminar Subaltern Metropolitan Adventure and Colonial Mediation in Nigeria, the ASCL Library has compiled a web dossier on African-authored travel writing. The dossier consists of selected titles from the ASCL Library Catalogue, extended with sources available through the broader Leiden University Library collection. Title links to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, where available, provide additional details and abstracts. The dossier is introduced by Aedín Ní Loingsigh and concludes with a selection of links to relevant websites


When, in 1928, the French literary historian Roland Lebel claimed that examples of African travel writing in French were ‘quite understandably’ (p.159) negligible, he based his argument on three facts: First, exploration of what Lebel implied was the unknown interior of the African continent was, in his view, not the affair of the people who lived there, not least because — and this was his second argument — their travel practices differed from those of Europeans. Thirdly, in terms of the textualization of travel, Lebel suggested that his explanation for the absence of relevant examples by African authors was supported by researching the different non-fictional text types he identifies as travel writing, such as travelogues, reports, and memoirs.

Lebel’s arrogant view that African-authored textualizations of travel have no real past, present or future continues to be discredited by a wealth of primary evidence. At the same time, the ongoing critical interrogation of the Western colonial legacy on conceptual tropes of travel and travel practices is helping to shift thinking in ways that take account of other cultural spaces and understandings. For example, if we reach back prior to the historical era of Western colonisation used by Lebel to deny the existence of any meaningful African-authored travel writing, we can include a twelfth-century figure like Ibn Jubayr. Born in current-day Valencia, Spain, and understanding himself as being from the West, or ‘Maghrib’, his Arabic account of the Haj merits inclusion in a history of African travel writing ‘because the world he travelled in was so different in cultural-conceptual geography from what we know today’ (Khair et al., 2005: 54). Even in the case of more familiar geographic conceptions, of Europe, for example, efforts to trace the long history of a Black presence on the continent have proved central to recognising the ‘flipped’ observations of colonial travel narratives about Africa (see Otele 2020). Challenging a Western technological understanding of navigation and exploration is also necessary for recognising indigenous sub-Saharan achievement in these particular practices. As W Jeffrey Bolster reminds us, prior to the colonial encounter with the West, sub-Saharan peoples had developed an extensive knowledge of waterways and their navigation, which is ‘recoverable through a kaleidoscope of African maritime memories, New World maritime slavery, and African spiritual associations with water’ (1997: 47).

African travellers
Discovering the breadth and diversity of first-hand African accounts of travel experiences therefore requires us to accommodate a broader spectrum of travelling figures from migrants and refugees to tourists, from sailors to slaves, from nomads to diplomats, as well as members of the African diaspora. It means not just focusing on the examples of relatively well-known African travellers, many of them enslaved individuals such as Olaudah Equiano, but continuing the work of seeking out first-hand accounts that have been overlooked by the narrow critical methods of reading travel writing that are the legacy of the colonial era. This search must continue to build an expansive view that includes fictional and non-fictional forms, oral forms, digital forms (blogs, social media), textualized accounts of court proceedings, letters, journals, diplomatic correspondence, and journalism. Crucially, it must find ways to promote accounts produced in languages other than the still powerful and resource-rich global languages of the former European colonisers. Without acknowledging the vital importance of travel accounts in indigenous African languages, differences in the codification of travel practices will not be given the critical attention they deserve — see Jones (2015) on travel in Yoruba-language novels and Ochonu on travelogues and lectures in Hausa (forthcoming 2022).

Co-produced travel accounts
Another area where we need to recognise African experiences of travel concerns co-produced accounts. In contemporary accounts, this means recognising the different ways in which collaboration, coproduction, and allyship can underpin the production, circulation, and reception of accounts of journeys by migrants and refugees (see Ní Loingsigh 2020). Linking collaboration and coproduction to a longer view, it goes without saying that African navigational skills helped the ‘lone’, fearless, nineteenth-century figure of the European explorer find his way and establish Lebel’s understanding of a distinctive heroic and adventurous European travel practice. Yet, as Johannes Fabian so firmly establishes, such ‘solitary explorers never travelled alone’ but journeyed ‘in networks that were highly structured and intricate’ (2000: 29). European explorers depended heavily on local knowledge of travelling in the ‘interior’ (geographical, linguistic, cultural) that underwrites at the same time as it is written out of the travelogues, reports, and memoirs that they authored. Such coproduction by Africans in the travel accounts of Europeans can be erased even a progressive and radical descriptions of travel like Roger Casement’s 1904 Congo Report. Here, the skilled work of translation, more often than not conducted by well-travelled, multilingual ‘native’ interpreters such as Frank Teva Clark and Lena Clark, goes unacknowledged (see Burroughs 2019 for more on coproduction in this context). Cultural and linguistic exchange flows in one direction and the message conveyed is that Africa is always already translated or translatable by the European traveller. And because the African perspective on ‘home’ is already deemed uninteresting, the implication is that when Africans do travel further afield, especially to (former) metropolitan centres, their observations are similarly thought irrelevant.

Travellers and travellees
Ultimately, failure to acknowledge adequately the flipped view of African-authored travel accounts is to present African identities as geographically bounded, sessile, and travelled-over. It means maintaining the tropes of exclusion that underpinned colonial understandings of travel accounts and who got to tell them. Conversely, engaging in the ongoing task to recover and make accessible the ‘lost’ stories of African travel accounts is to broaden our understanding of what travel writing has been, the wealth of shapes and forms it is currently taking and what it can be in the future. It is not to deny how travel writing may still be complicit in developing relations of subordination between different cultures but it can also foreground how travel writing, as a form, can be transformative in how we see and understand each other. Acknowledging the flipped view of African travellers means highlighting the importance of reciprocity in travel writing — if we are to be travellers who observe and describe, we must also agree to be travellees who are observed and described. In this way, the perspectives of African-authored travel writing can be seen as key to the critical project of redefining the form as well as developing a capacity for critical self-reflection.


Aedín Ní Loingsigh, University of Stirling

Selected publications

Publications about travel writing | Travel narratives

Publications about travel writing

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