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Somali literature booksTo mark Africa Knows! the ASCL Library has compiled this web dossier on Africa’s role in knowledge and innovation. The dossier includes titles from the ASCL Library collection, extended with sources available through the broader Leiden University Library collection. Titles link to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, and include subject headings, abstracts, and links to full text, where available. The dossier is introduced by Ton Dietz and David Ehrhardt. It concludes with a selection of links to relevant websites.

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The conference ‘Africa Knows!’ has two main messages: be aware that there are rapid changes in Africa’s knowledge environment, and that Africa will become more prominent as a producer of knowledge and innovations, and: it is time to decolonise minds. For both messages there is a host of existing evidence, and this web dossier presents a selection.

Knowledge production in Africa

In 2017, Brill publishers in Leiden published two volumes about ‘Knowledge and Change in African Universities’. Editors were Michael Cross, a South African higher education scholar, who first worked at Wits and currently leads the Ali Mazrui Centre for Higher Education Studies at the University of Johannesburg; and Amasa Ndofirepi, one of the many Zimbabwean scholars in South Africa, and both an education specialist and a philosopher. The history of their careers shows the importance of both main messages of the conference. They both focused on issues like ICT development in education, teacher recruitment and accountability, but later developed a more critical attitude, questioning neo-liberal knowledge practices, demanding critical scholarship, and what was called knowledge pluriversality. And of course, scholars like them have been deeply touched by the public outcry for getting rid of remains of the ‘colonial heritage’ (and in South Africa, the heritage of Apartheid).

All over Africa, the numbers of higher education and research institutions have increased quite substantially in recent decades, and after 1990 private knowledge institutions blossomed. The numbers of students increased rapidly as well, often overcrowding tertiary institutions and putting major demands on overstressed university staff. Ever more African students study abroad. Public and private think tanks increased – some of them satellites of foreign institutions, but many also a result of African initiatives. And, partly as a result of foreign, and ever more also domestic tourism, the numbers of African museums increased rapidly as well, often with a critical attitude to ‘heritage’ and ‘art’. Numbers of teachers-cum-researchers and post-grads in universities, as well as researchers in public service, private businesses, and non-profit agencies, have increased considerably. And along with them, the numbers of published books and journal articles, consultancy reports, and policy documents. Many African universities have also started to publish PhD and Master’s theses online, and the development of Google Scholar and other search engines and databases has created immediate access to a lot of new and publicly available research results.

The overview presented in this compilation of materials in, or accessible through the library of the African Studies Centre Leiden does not intend to give a complete picture of the massive availability of scholarly material about ‘knowledge production in Africa’. It only presents a small selection from international journals and publishers focused on these themes, such as the Journal of the Knowledge Economy, Higher Education Policy, Comparative Education, or Curriculum Inquiry. The focus of this compilation is much more on ‘Africanist’ journals, and on journals and book publishers established in Africa itself. Some of these publication outlets are old and established (like the South African Historical Journal, *1969), but mostly they have started quite recently, and with the intention to give a better opportunity to African scholars to publish beyond the established channels. An example is the International Journal of African Renaissance Studies (a joint venture of Routledge and UNISA in South Africa *2006), with its emphasis on multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinarity. Many universities in Africa (re-)started their own publication series, and there is a quest for autonomy, and self-determination in organisations like CODESRIA in Dakar, OSSREA in Addis Ababa, Langaa in Bamenda or the Pan African University Press, which states on its website: “The idea of the press is to circulate publications in a global network that will privilege under-represented academic voices”.

Decolonising knowledge and education

In recent years, many publications deal with the ‘repositioning of Africa in global knowledge production’, or challenging the colonial heritage, and ‘dismantling the big lies in education’, or revisiting colonial legacies in the scholarly attention for certain topics. These challenges do not only come from African scholars. The ‘decolonisation of the mind’ is a matter for both African and non-African scholars. Moreover, as this compilation shows, these issues are not new. Earlier scholars also dealt with these questions, like the book published by Mellen Press in 2003: “Decolonisation, independence, and the politics of higher education in West Africa”, by Katya Leney, or the book published by Berghahn in 2013 about “Empire, global coloniality and African subjectivity”, by one of the keynote speakers of the Africa Knows! conference: Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni. And already in 2008, the African Studies Centre Leiden published a working paper with the title “Decolonising the social sciences in the global South: Claude Ake and the praxis of knowledge production in Africa” (by Jeremiah O. Arowosegbe; ASC Working Paper 79).

At the same time, recent publications show more urgency, and an approach that has rediscovered the ‘political economy of knowledge production’. Henning Melber, in 2018, is convinced that the decolonisation of knowledge production is not only an African, but a global challenge. And Francis Nyamnjoh, in 2020, asks for more ‘convivial scholarship’. The many publications mentioned in this overview challenge the power structures of funding research, of determining what the ‘major topics’, and ‘convincing approaches’ are, of the publication outlets, and the practices of selection what is ‘excellent’ science. They ask for a much more transformative curriculum in universities and other knowledge institutions, and for a much more serious attempt to understand the politics and sociology of knowledge production: who studies what when and how, and for what purposes? What are the power relations within research teams, and in research and publication institutions? And how could those be better?

Indigenous knowledge and education

Many scholars (Africans and non-Africans, together or separate) have written about the importance of indigenous knowledge in Africa, and there are many publications in this overview showing the wide array of topics and approaches in this domain. There are also publications asking for specific ‘African’ forms of innovation and ‘African’ epistemologies of knowledge development. This touches on deeply philosophical questions about the universality of knowledge, and it questions the definition of what is true and what is false, what can be known and what cannot, or not yet. The questions about whose knowledge counts, and what should be taught and by whom, are relevant as well. There are scholars who claim that there are specific African ways of knowing, and scholars who deeply mistrust these ’essentialist’ ways of claiming that people with particular identities can know more or better, or should be privileged to study ‘African people and things’, at the exclusion of non-Africans.

For African Studies Centres in Europe (or beyond Africa in general) these are existential issues, questioning European claims to ‘know about Africa’ in ways that can produce trustworthy knowledge and be useful for others, including African scholars. But at the same time, African Studies Centres beyond Africa need to come to grips with the one-sided ways in which the ‘external gaze’ has often portrayed Africans and ‘African problems’, and has produced subordination, and dependence in research and teaching relationships, with or without explicit claims of authority or even superiority. African Studies Centres in Europe and the US (and now also ever more in Asia and Latin America) need to accustom themselves with a much more prominent position for African scholars, and their institutions (including their ‘own’ journals and publishing outlets), and also with the growing importance of scholarly networks between Africans themselves, and between Africa and Asia, the Caribbean, and South and Central America.


The final section of this web dossier concerns one of the most promising – yet contested – questions at the heart of the Africa Knows! conference: is Africa a source of innovation that can be exported to the rest of the world? And is it using technological advances to leapfrog into a future of even more innovation and invention? Taken together, the sources highlighted in the dossier provide a fascinating insight into the mixed and complex situation of African innovation on the ground. The African Innovation Outlook presents a useful bird's eye perspective in describing the variation in current levels of innovation across sectors and countries. It also points to the serious measurement difficulties in this field, as well as some avenues for improvements. Many other sources then zoom in on specific cases, analyzing the extent and impact of innovations within them, as well as the various explanations for innovativeness and its impacts on the economy and wider society.

Overall, the picture remains too mixed and uncertain for a definitive answer to the question of African ‘leapfrogging’. But the literature does highlight that the determinants of this process are highly complex and systemic; there is no single ‘silver bullet’ for innovation on the continent. For example, Heilbron and others suggest, looking at innovative start-ups in Kenya and Nigeria, that the key to successful innovation lies in a complex and systemic mix of factors, including entrepreneur education, the registration and formalisation of the company, access to capital, an entrepreneurial spirit and attitude among the founders of the firms, effective and innovative use of available new technologies, in particular ICT, as well as a conducive environment with an emerging middle class of consumers as well as contact with other innovative entrepreneurs and investors. In similar vein, Oluwatobi and others suggest the importance of government institutions and regulatory capacity as a precondition for innovation. And Bartels and others identify a range of complex barriers to innovation in Ghana, including limited ICT capability, unsophisticated markets, deficient fiscal policy, and various organisational risks .

Some of the sources in this compilation present optimistic suggestions for promoting innovation in Africa. Most ambitiously, perhaps, Grobbelaar and Schwaag Serger outline distinct paths towards promoting growth and innovation, including further regional integration, diversification and entrepreneurship, universities as engines for development, and the developmental state. The systematic nature of innovation provides caution against overly ambitious policy interventions to enhance innovativeness in countries or even specific sectors. But the sources in this compilation do discuss several cases where innovation has grown considerably over the last decades, or where there is great potential. Adesida and others, for example, provide wonderful studies of what they call ‘emerging hubs of excellence’ – including mobile technology in Kenya, Nigeria’s Nollywood film industry, and Algeria’s steel sector. And Ezeanya and Kennedy, as a final example, highlight the potential for innovation in clean energy use by integrating it into poverty reduction strategies, in particular in the context of Rwanda .


There is a great need for meta-knowledge about Africa’s knowledge development and for a political-economy perspective on this knowledge production. Knowledge production in Africa, and anywhere else, is not happening in a vacuum. The mix of external, and local (including ‘indigenous’) forms of knowledge and innovation depends on the functioning of networks, of travelling ideas and practices, and often on collaboration across boundaries of nationality, gender, disciplines, and institutions. And it needs individual minds, who think outside the box, and who challenge ‘normal’ ways of thinking and acting. All these are embedded in structures of power and influence, that are fluid, often not so visible, and part of ‘longue durée’ trends. Those trends show shifting patterns of dominance and subordination, as well as accommodation and confrontation. What we observe is that we are in an era of a double shift: on the one hand from a dominance of the West (Europe and North America) to at least a multi-polar power structure, but maybe to a strong further shift to Asian dominance; and on the other hand a growing importance of Africa in this multi-polar world, including a growing importance of its knowledge producers and innovators. This web dossier shows many examples of where there are high prospects, and interesting insights. It underlines that it matters to ask the questions about ‘whose knowledge counts’, and the importance of ‘leave no knowledge behind’ – a theme that happens to be the motto of one of the NUFFIC panels of Africa Knows!

Ton Dietz and David Ehrhardt


Selected titles

Knowledge production | Decolonising knowledge and education | Indigenous knowledge and education | Innovation

Knowledge production

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Erika Kraemer-Mbula: Modalities of Innovation hubs and innovative entrepreneurs in Africa, Open African Innovation Research (AIR), 2019.
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Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni: The Struggles of Epistemic Freedom and Decolonization of Knowledge in Africa, EADI Webinar #12, 2019.

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