Nilza César, Participatory Assessment of Development of the Eduardo Mondlane University (1976-2013)

This study aims to assess the development of the Eduardo Mondlane University (EMU) in the period 1976-2011, using the participatory development assessment approach called PADev (Dietz, 2011). Empirical evidences showed that the PADev methodology provides a holistic and balanced insight in development, pointing out factors and actors that have influenced change and lead to development in a given setting in a larger period of time. The PADev approach suits the study aim to build up knowledge and a deep understanding of past developments and future scenarios from the insider’s perspective. So, it is relevant for the assessment of the development of UEM to investigate what has changed over the three decades and how the university community and its external stakeholders perceive it, subjectively. It is also important to examine what factors and agents influenced the changes and how their roles and influence are perceived.

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Prof. Dr. Jos Walenkamp
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