Karin van Bemmel, Mental health and the conceptualization of illness in a post-conflict area

Karin van Bemmel is since October 2011 working on her PhD entitled ‘Mental Health and the Conceptualization of Illness in a Post-Conflict Area’. The study combines the fields of anthropology, psychology and conflict-studies, focusing on local discourses, support groups and the conceptualization of illness in northern Uganda. The BOF-funded project is being supervised by Prof. Koenraad Stroeken (Ghent University) and Dr. Rijk van Dijk (ASC).

Karin van Bemmel succesfully defended her dissertation 'Nodding syndrome in Northern Uganda. Conceptualizations of an Illness-in-the-Making' at Ghent University on 7 September 2017. See also:

Watch the film Karin van Bemmel and Evert Aalten made about nodding syndrome: Nodding Syndrome: an illness in the making


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Koen Stroeken (Ghent University)
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