Alliance Mango Kubota, War Memories and Family Socialisation of young people in Conflict-Affected Societies: the Case of Goma in the Eastern Region of DRC

This doctoral research explores family memories and experiences of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, seeking to understand how these memories are being developed and crystalised along family socialisation processes.
The study examines how histories and events associated with the armed conflicts that have been going on in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo for the past twenty years not only shape family socialisation but also implicate the recurrence of these conflicts. It focuses empirically on the city of Goma in the eastern region of the country and explores parent-children socialisations about the the wars. It pays critical attention to the contents of family memories about the ongoing wars, processess by which these memories develop and shape interactions within the city, and implications thereof for the city of Goma in particular and DRC in general.

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Dr Leila Demarest (Leiden University)
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