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New acquisitions - week 25 2019

Archivebook cover " Patrimoine et sources de l'histoire du Nord-Cameroun"

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Beyond Cartesian philosophy of essentialism, and the quest for intercultural discourse : some examples / Belete Molla.
In: Ethiopian journal of the social sciences and humanities, vol. XII, no. 2, pages 25-56 (2016).
ASC·Subject·Headings: Ethiopia ; philosophy ; world view ; culture contact

The Gadaa system and some of its institutions among the Booranaa : a historical perspective / Tesema Ta'a.
In: Ethiopian journal of the social sciences and humanities, vol. XII, no. 2, pages 81-97 (2016).
ASC·Subject·Headings: Ethiopia ; Oromo ; political systems ; customary law

Implementation of technical and vocational training strategy in agricultural sector in Ethiopia : practices, challenges and the way forward / Messay Mulugeta and Teferi Mekonen.
In: Ethiopian journal of the social sciences and humanities, vol. XII, no. 2, pages 57-80 (2016).
ASC·Subject·Headings: Ethiopia ; agricultural education ; agricultural development ; experts

Social protection and vulnerability to climate shocks : a panel data evidence from rural Ethiopia / Zerihun Berhane Weldegebriel.
In: Ethiopian journal of the social sciences and humanities, vol. XII, no. 2, pages 98-132 (2016).
ASC·Subject·Headings: Ethiopia ; social security ; rural households ; household income ; climate change

Vulnerability of smallholder farmers' to climate change and variability in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia / Arragaw Alemayehu and Woldeamlak Bewket.
In: Ethiopian journal of the social sciences and humanities, vol. XII, no. 2, pages 2-24 (2016).
ASC·Subject·Headings: Ethiopia ; climate change ; farmers ; livelihoods

The dynamics of (agro) pastoral conflicts in Eastern Ethiopia / Bamlaku Tadesse, Fekadu Beyene, Workneh Kassa & Richard Wentzell.
In: Ethiopian journal of the social sciences and humanities, vol. XI, no. 2, pages 29-60 (2015).
ASC·Subject·Headings: Ethiopia ; pastoralists ; land rights ; land scarcity ; ethnic conflicts ; conflict

Overcrowding of residential houses in Ethiopia : a study of selected demographic and socio-economic correlates / Terefe Degefa and Yanyi K. Djamba.
In: Ethiopian journal of the social sciences and humanities, vol. XI, no. 2, pages 127-152 (2015).
ASC·Subject·Headings: Ethiopia ; housing ; living conditions

Peacebuilding or "development"? : the dynamics of conflict and NGOs' role in Borana, Oromia Region, Ethiopia / Solomon Mebre.
In: Ethiopian journal of the social sciences and humanities, vol. XI, no. 2, pages 103-126 (2015).
ASC·Subject·Headings: Ethiopia ; Ngo ; development ; peacebuilding

The transforming power of urbanization : changes and uncertainties among the farming community in Laga Xafo-Laga Dadhi Town, Ethiopian Teshome Emana.
In: Ethiopian journal of the social sciences and humanities, vol. XI, no. 2, pages 153-167 (2015).
ASC·Subject·Headings: Ethiopia ; urbanization ; landownership ; farmers ; expropriation ; social change

Acculturation experiences of the Ethiopian diaspora in USA : the case of Las Vegas, Nevada / Belay Tefera and Seble Woldeamanuel.
In: Ethiopian journal of the social sciences and humanities, vol. XI, no. 2, pages 61-102 (2015).
ASC·Subject·Headings: United States ; Ethiopians ; diasporas ; acculturation

Subsaharan Africa
The endurance and decline of single party dominance in African states: a case study of Botswana and Senegal / Amsalu Tebeje Tesfahun.
In: Ethiopian journal of the social sciences and humanities, vol. XI, no. 2, pages 1-28 (2015).
ASC·Subject·Headings: Botswana ; Senegal ; one-party systems ; political conditions

Electronic documents

Desenvolvimento e a coerência das políticas / sob a direcção de Fernando Jorge Cardoso, Patrícia Magalhães Ferreira e Rogério Roque Amaro. - Lisboa: Centro de Estudos Africanos, 2017.
ASC Subject·Headings: Africa ; Brazil ; Mozambique ; development ; sustainable development ; South-South relations

Moçambique e os BRICS / sob a direcção de João Feijó. - Lisboa: Centro de Estudos Africanos, 2018.
ASC Subject·Headings: Mozambique ; independence ; self-determination ; political conditions ; social conditions ; agricultural extension ; primary education

Subsaharan Africa
Yesterday warlord, today presidential candidate : ex-military leaders running for office in post-civil war societies / Fofana Abraham, Henrik Persson & Anders Themnér. - Uppsala: The Nordic Africa Institute, 2019.
ASC Subject·Headings: Subsaharan Africa ; politicians ; leadership ; conflict ; militias ; democratization

Subsaharan Africa
Da Resistência Colonial aos Desafios da Contemporaneidade : 40 anos de independência das colónias portuguesas / sob a direcção de Aurora Almada e Santos e Vasco Martins. - Lisboa: Centro de Estudos Africanos, 2018.
ASC Subject·Headings: Portuguese-speaking Africa ; independence ; self-determination ; political conditions ; social conditions ; agricultural extension ; primary education

Subsaharan Africa
Les arts de la rue dans les sociétés du Sud / Éditeurs scientifiques : Michel Agier et Alain Ricard. - Paris: IRD Éditions [etc.], 1997.
ASC Subject·Headings: Subsaharan Africa ; Kenya ; Malawi ; South Africa ; Zanzibar ; dance ; visual arts ; mural art


Força Angola : témoignages pour l'Histoire / Daniel Ribant. - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2018.
ASC Subject·Headings: Angola ; revolutions ; civil wars ; political conditions ; 1900-1999 ; personal narratives (form)

La formation des cadres sous le régime colonial au Dahomey, 1932-1972 : Bembéréké, Gbɛngbɛrɛkɛ et ses lettrés / Djibril M. Debourou. - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2018.
ASC Subject·Headings: Benin ; education ; primary education ; student movements ; educational history

Khama : through the lens / by Monirul Bhuiyan. - Gaborone: Mass Media Services, 2018.
ASC Subject·Headings: Botswana ; heads of State ; photography ; pictorial works (form)

Top class cultural studies Std 2 / B. Tsholofelo, G. Saurombe, M. Seitshiro. - Gaborone: Longman Botswana, 2014.
ASC Subject·Headings: Botswana ; secondary education ; textbooks (form)

The principles of fathers & sons : what the pentecostal church does not understand / Moemedi Senwelo. - Mochudi, Botswana: Wordinaction publications, 2012.
ASC Subject·Headings: Botswana ; Pentecostalism ; motivational literature

A call to repentance / Kabo Nthebolang. - [Gaborone]: [Kabo Nthebolang], 2009.
ASC Subject·Headings: Botswana ; clergy ; Pentecostalism ; motivational literature

Botswana traditional recipes : a selection of favourite recipes for anyone who loves Botswana cuisine / [edited by Lex von Rudloff]. - Gaborone: Botswanacraft Marketing, 2007.
ASC Subject·Headings: Botswana ; cookery books (form)

Patrimoine et sources de l'histoire du Nord-Cameroun / sous la direction de Hamadou Adama. - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2016.
ASC Subject·Headings: Cameroon ; cultural heritage ; customs ; oral history ; historical sources ; history

Central African Republic
Plaidoyer pour la paix en Centrafrique / Fugain Dreyfus Enjegandeyo Yepoussa. - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2016.
ASC Subject·Headings: Central African Republic ; peacebuilding ; rule of law ; governance

Congo Brazzaville
L'émergence de la conscience nationale congolaise dans les années 50 : la symbolique des congo-ya-sika / Jean Samba. - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2018.
ASC Subject·Headings: Congo (Brazzaville) ; national identity ; nationalism ; symbols

Democratic Republic of Congo
Pauvreté et résilience des enfants dans les mines de diamants (Kasaï-Oriental) / Hubert Mukendi Mpinga ; préface Clément Mwabila Malela. - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2016.
ASC Subject·Headings: Democratic Republic of Congo ; child labour ; diamond mining ; family ; attitudes

Democratic Republic of Congo
Moïse Katumbi par-delà les apparences : regard sur l'itinéraire d'un homme d'état / Kalēnge Yamukēna Yantūmbi. - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2013.
ASC Subject·Headings: Democratic Republic of Congo ; Katanga ; entrepreneurs ; politicians ; regional government

Paléolithique au Gabon : les technologies lithiques dans la région de la Nyanga (sud-ouest) / Martial Matoumba. - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2013.
ASC Subject·Headings: Gabon ; archaeological artefacts ; tools ; carving ; stone industry ; Stone Age

Symbolisme van de zetels / Afrikacentrum. - Afrikacentrum: Cadier en Keer, unknown.
ASC Subject·Headings: Ghana ; Akan polities ; stools

Paroles de citoyens lambda : discours sur la rébellion / Fara Pascal Tonguino. - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2019.
ASC Subject·Headings: Guinea ; rebellions ; prose (form) ; oral literature (form)

The history of Bidyini and Kaabu : two chronicles in Arabic from Guinea-Bissau / edited and translated by Zoltán Szombathy ; with an introductory study by Éva Sebestyén and Zoltán Szombathy. - Piliscsaba: Avicenna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies, 2007.
ASC Subject·Headings: Guinea-Bissau ; Kaabu polity ; Manding ; Islamic culture ; Islamic history ; manuscripts

Ivory Coast
Sidiki Bakaba et ses oeuvres en 26 lettres / André Banhouman Kamaté ; préface de Diandué Bi Kacou Parfait. - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2018.
ASC Subject·Headings: Côte d'Ivoire ; actors ; filmmakers ; theatre ; biographies (form)

Ivory Coast
L'économie d'auto-subsistance Wan face au développement cotonnier / Philip L. Ravenhill. - [Abidjan]: Université d'Abidjan, Institut d'ethno-sociologie : Ministère d'agriculture, C.I.D.T., 1978.
ASC Subject·Headings: Côte d'Ivoire ; Wan ; cotton

Baseline information on environmental issues associated with mining, quarrying and sand harvesting in coast region. - Nairobi: National Environment Management Authority, 2016.
ASC Subject·Headings: Kenya ; mining ; sand mining ; precious stones ; environmental management

Compendium on submissions on universal periodic review (UPR) : UPR 2016. - Nairobi, Kenya: Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, 2016.
ASC Subject·Headings: Kenya ; human rights ; evaluation

Kenya : second national communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. - Nairobi, Kenya: National Environment Management Authority (NEMA-Kenya), 2015.
ASC Subject·Headings: Kenya ; climate change ; government policy

The pastor's wife of my dream / Nice and Osondu Ukpai. - Calabar, Cross River State: Presby Press Limited, 2015.
ASC Subject·Headings: Nigeria ; clergy ; spouses ; women's employment

The power of thanksgiving (inspirational) / Inah, Effiom Opla. - Calabar South, CRS, Nigeria: Ifeomi Prints & Publishing, [2015[2015.
ASC Subject·Headings: Nigeria ; Christianity ; motivational literature

Nations and states industrialisation for employment generation, poverty reduction, wealth creation and national development : a package for industrial revolution and development & a "must" for world industrialists, federal, state and local governments of Nigeria and other developing nations / A.O. Oshorun. - Ibadan: Ethical Financial & Investment Consultants Ltd., 2013.
ASC Subject·Headings: Nigeria ; industrial development ; economic development

Islamic way of healing : a mini guide to good health / Ustadh Qazeem Muhammad-Awwal. - Lagos Island: Nadwat-ul-Ahli Society of Nigeria, 2010.
ASC Subject·Headings: Nigeria ; folk medicine ; Islam ; vegetable oils ; olives

Contemporary issues in historical foundations of adult education / Abidoye Sarumi. - Dugbe: GAB Educational Printers, 2006.
ASC Subject·Headings: Nigeria ; adult education

National Rolling Plan (1993-95) : volume II / Federal Republic of Nigeria. - [Nigeria]: The Planning Office, National Planning Commission,
ASC Subject·Headings: Nigeria ; national planning ; national plans ; agricultural projects ; industrial projects ; educational planning ; transport ; social development ; economic development ; water management ; 1993 ; 1994 ; 1995

North Africa
La bourgeoisie municipale d'Afrique romaine / Kouamé René Allou. - Paris: Harmattan, 2013.
ASC Subject·Headings: Northern Africa ; elite ; citizenship ; towns ; Antiquity

Northeast Africa
Histoire et archives de Djibouti et de sa région : perspectives et enjeux / ouvrage collectif sous la direction du Docteur Adawa Hassan Ali. - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2016.
ASC Subject·Headings: archives ; conservation of cultural heritage ; historiography ; history ; conference papers (form) ; Djibouti ; Northeast Africa ; historical sources

Études préalables du projet de développement rural intégré de Bonconto (Casamance) en République du Sénégal : rapport provisoire / Agroprogress Kienbaum International GmbH. - [Bonn]: Agroprogress Kienbaum International GmbH, 1984.
ASC Subject·Headings: Senegal ; rural development ; agricultural development

Rapport d'une mission d'études effectuée du 6/12/83 au 19/12/83 dans la communauté rurale de Sinthiang Coundara, arrondissement de Bonconto, département de Vélingara, Sénégal / A.N. Achterstraat. - Bonn: Agroprogress Kienbaum International GmbH, 1984.
ASC Subject·Headings: Senegal ; farmers ; small farms ; land law ; land rights ; land conflicts

Agriculture d'autosubsistance ou agriculture de rente? : la prise de décision des paysans entre différentes cultures, et l'impact de l'intervention de la SODEFITEX et de la culture cotonnière sur les sociétés Peul en Haute Casamance. L'exemple du village de Lenguewal / Alexandre N. Achterstraat. - Amsterdam: Institute of Cultural Anthropology/Non-Western Sociology, Free University, 1983.
ASC Subject·Headings: subsistence farming ; small farms ; crops ; cotton ; Fulani

Étude de la commercialisation du riz et du maïs au Sénégal (production locale) : rapport sur les résultats de l'enquête / Secretariat d'état à la recherche scientifique et technique, Institut sénégalais de recherches agronomiques. - [Place of publication not identified]: SONED Afrique, 1983.
ASC Subject·Headings: Senegal ; rice ; maize ; agricultural production ; trade

Étude d'un plan de développement régional intègre du Sénégal oriental : étude complémentaire, rapport de fin de 1ère phase. Annexe 1 - le milieu humain / République du Sénégal, Ministère du plan et de la coopération. - Dakar: Soned Sodeteg, 1977.
ASC Subject·Headings: Senegal ; regional development ; development planning ; social development ; population ; 1970-1979

South Africa
The refined player : sex, lies and dates / Stevel Marc ; foreword by Hugh Anthony. - South Africa: Leversram and Blaac Jasmine, 2015.
ASC Subject·Headings: South Africa ; artists ; romantic relationships ; motivational literature

South Africa
A just defiance : the bombmakers, the insurgents and a legendary treason trial / Peter Harris. - London: Portobello Books, 2011.
ASC Subject·Headings: South Africa ; political violence ; African National Congress (South Africa) ; apartheid ; assassination ; trials ; lawyers ; personal narratives (form)

South Africa
Invaded : the biological invasion of South Africa / by Leonie Joubert ; photography by Rodger Bosch. - Johannesburg: Wits University Press, 2009.
ASC Subject·Headings: South Africa ; pollution ; ecosystems ; biodiversity ; flora ; fauna ; plant diseases

Subsaharan Africa
La question nègre : parlons-en encore / Têtêvi Godwin Tété-Adjalogo. - ©2013 Paris: L'Harmattan, 2013.
ASC Subject·Headings: Subsaharan Africa ; Western countries ; Blacks ; race relations ; colonialism ; neocolonialism ; pan-Africanism ; self-concept

Subsaharan Africa
Animation rurale: een strategie voor de ontwikkeling van het Afrikaanse platteland : een drietal praktijksituaties uit Senegal en Kameroen / A.N. Achterstraat. - [The Netherlands]: [Publisher not identified], 1977.
ASC Subject·Headings: Cameroon ; Senegal ; rural development ; elite ; ideologies ; theses (form)

First year English for science students / Bonad. - [Khartoum]: University of Khartoum, Faculty of Education, English Department, 2000.
ASC Subject·Headings: Sudan ; language instruction ; English language ; higher education ; textbooks (form)

Essays on Arab politics and economies / by Roger Owen. - [Khartoum]: University of Khartoum, Institute of African & Asian Studies, 1982.
ASC Subject·Headings: Sudan ; Arab countries ; economic history

Pocketwoordenboek bananen Luganda-Nederlands / door de studenten van PRE-University College, onder begeleiding van Maarten Mous en Margaret Nabiyiki. - [Leiden]: Leiden University, 2019.
ASC Subject·Headings: Uganda ; Ganda language ; Dutch language ; bananas ; dictionaries (form)

Two aliens in Zambia : leven en werken in een ontwikkelingsland / Geert en Marisca Bruinooge. - [Oegstgeest]: Bruinooge Producties, 2019.
ASC Subject·Headings: Zambia ; Dutch ; teachers ; social life ; personal narratives (form)

Displacement, elimination and replacement of indigenous people : putting into perspective land ownership and ancestry in decolonising contemporary Zimbabwe / edited by Jairos Kangira, Artwell Nhemachena and Nelson Mlambo. - Mankon, Bamenda: Langaa RPCIG, 2019.
ASC Subject·Headings: Zimbabwe ; resettlement ; land rights ; eviction ; literature

African Literature

Ivory Coast
Le chant du korafola : poésie / Macaire Etty ; préface de Konan Roger Langui. - Paris: L'Harmattan, 2018.
ASC Subject·Headings: Côte d'Ivoire ; poetry (form)

Èlà : a child of two worlds / Tunde P. Osipeju. - Lagos: Bards Culture Press, 2015.
ASC Subject·Headings: Nigeria ; drama (form)

Kéba, l'héritier bamanan de Faraguédougou / Cheikh Amadou Diarra. - Dakar: L'Harmattan Sénégal, 2018.
ASC Subject·Headings: Senegal ; Bambara ; novels (form)

La tristesse des moineaux : roman / Seydi Sow. - Dakar: Harmattan Sénégal, 2018.
ASC Subject·Headings: Senegal ; Aids ; novels (form)