Ustadh Mau

Ustadh Mahmoud Mau at the British Institute in Eastern Africa in Nairobi, 2009 (Source: Ustadh Mau’s private archive)On 20 February 1952, Muslim scholar, poet and imam Mahmoud Ahmed Abdulkadir, commonly known as Ustadh Mau, was born on Lamu island. Since the 1970s, audio recordings and, to a lesser extent, printed versions of his poems have been circulating on the Kenyan coast and beyond. His poetry covers overarching sociopolitical issues and (often practical) matters of concern to the community.

Ustadh Mau never attended a secular state school; he received all his education in Swahili and Arabic from very renowned Islamic teachers at the local madrassa and Islamic institutes. Since 1985 he has been the imam of Pwani Mosque, the oldest mosque on Lamu. He was the first imam on Lamu to give his Friday sermons in Swahili. Beyond his ongoing role as imam, Ustadh Mau ran the family-owned bakery until 2005.

Between 1975 and 1978, Ustadh Mau was actively involved in local politics as a poet. In the election campaigns for the regional member of Parliament, he supported the local candidate, whom he saw as morally upright and a representative of justice. He composed a series of political poems under the title of Kimwondo (“Shooting Star”), in which praised his candidate and critisised the opponent. The poems became popular both within and beyond the Lamu area as its audio-cassette recordings were widely distributed and circulated. It is these compositions that established Ustadh Mau’s reputation as a poet to a wider public.

UstadhMau is a keen book collector. His private library houses Swahili Muslim manuscript poetry in ajami, and booklets and memoirs from the Middle East and India. Besides manuscript and print material, his library treasures include audio cassettes of his Friday sermons, delivered since 1986.  Roughly two thousand items from his personal library are presently being digitised under a MEAP grant (for more information on the digitisation porject see UMADA).

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Selected publications

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