José Carlos Schwarz

Album cover José Carlos Schwarz & Le Cobiana DjazzOn 27 May 1977, one of the most famous Bissau-Guinean poets and musicians of the 20th century, José Carlos Schwarz, died near Havana at the age of 27. His works and actions have inspired generations of musicians, but he remains little known beyond the borders of his country.

José Carlos Schwarz was born in Bissau (Portuguese Guinea) from parents of Cape Verdean, Portuguese Guinean and German descent. After his high school education in Senegal and Cape Verde and a short stay in Lisbon, he returned to Guinea-Bissau in 1969. In 1970 he formed the Cobiana Djazz band with a group of friends (Aliu Bari, Mamadu Bá and Samakê). The band was a considerable local success, partly because the band started to play more and more gumbe, an original West African music style. Schwarz wrote in Portuguese and French, but he sang in Creole.

He also became politically active, and joined the resistance against the colonial ruler. He was imprisoned in the prison of the Ilha das Galinhas (Guinea-Bissau) for his participation in the struggle for the independence of his country. Inspired by this experience, he composed the song "Djiu Di Galinha".

Following the independence of Guinea-Bissau in 1974, Schwarz became director of the Department for Art and Culture, also responsible for Guinea-Bissau's youth policy. In 1977 he got a job at the Guinea-Bissau embassy in Cuba. On May 27 of the same year, Schwarz died in a plane crash near Havana.

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