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Ben Enwonwu (Source: Wikipedia)On 5 February 1994, Nigerian painter and sculptor Odinigwe Benedict Chukwukadibia Enwonwu, better known as Ben Enwonwu, died in Lagos at the age of 76. Arguably one of the most influential African artist of the 20th century, his pioneering career opened the way for the postcolonial proliferation and increased visibility of modern African art.  Enwonwu crater on the planet Mercury is named in his honour.

Ben Enwonwu was born a twin on 14 July 1917 in Onitsha, Nigeria. His father, besides from working as a technician with the Royal Niger Company, was a renown traditional sculptor who created masks and traditional images for ceremonies and shrines. Enwonwu enrolled at the Government College, Ibadan and  completed his secondary education at Government College Umuahia in 1937. At both colleges, he studied fine art under Kenneth C. Murray (1902-1972), an art teacher and archaeologist. Enwonwu became Murray's assistant and was recognised as one of the most gifted and technically proficient students of the ‘Murray Group’ (Ben C. Enwonwu, C. C. Ibeto, D.L. Nnachy, M. Teze and A. P. Umana). 
In 1944 he was awarded a scholarship to study in Britain where he received a first-class diploma in fine art from the Slade School of Fine Art in 1947. Subsequently his work was widely exhibited in Britain, Africa, and the USA, and he won numerous distinctions, including the MBE in 1954. His public commissions include the bronze statue of Elizabeth II in front of the Federal Parliament, Lagos (1956) and Anyanwu (‘Sun’, 1954-55), a figure of a woman clad in the regalia of Royal Benin, donated to United Nations in New York in 1966. 
(Source: Wikipedia)

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