De koerier van Maputo (The Courier of Maputo)

Cover De Koerier van MaputoThis month’s ASCL Library Highlight focuses on ‘De koerier van Maputo’ (The Courier of Maputo) by Jenne Jan Holtland. In this recently acquired Dutch-language non-fiction work by journalist Jenne Jan Holtland, the writer explores the surreal yet true story of Klaas de Jonge, a Dutch citizen who became involved in the armed struggle against Apartheid in South Africa in the 1980s, and who ended up spending over two years in diplomatic asylum in the Dutch embassy in Pretoria.

Young journalist Holtland came into contact with Klaas de Jonge by chance, after spotting him in the audience of a lecture in Amsterdam, and became fascinated by his story. The book is based on extensive research, involving many hours spent with Klaas, numerous interviews, and in archives in the Netherlands as well as in Southern Africa.

The book sheds light on the involvement of Klaas, and his spouse at the time, Belgian-Dutch Hélène Passtoors, in the smuggling of money, political pamphlets, and later weapons and explosives for the ANC, and its armed branch Umkhonto we Sizwe. The couple and their children lived in Maputo, Mozambique, then an important place of refuge for ANC activists, and for the recruitment of helpers in the armed struggle.

While reconstructing the story of Klaas’ involvement, arrest, and refuge in the Dutch embassy, Holtland attempts to tackle some fundamental questions. Was violence an acceptable means in the struggle against Apartheid, and if yes, against whom? How did foreigners like De Jonge and Passtoors become so deeply motivated to fight for liberty in a country that was not their own? How do they look back on their activities and the consequences, in particular the deaths of civilians? By showing different standpoints on these issues, Holtland makes clear there are no ready-made answers. This makes the book an interesting and thought-provoking read.

For non-Dutch readers, who will have to wait for a possible translation to read this work, and for Dutch readers who would like to learn more, we have compiled a list of sources on the ANC’s armed struggle, and activists mentioned in the book, below.

Germa Seuren

More sources

Klaas de Jonge
Klaas de Jonge, 'de koerier van Maputo'
Radio interview with Jenne Jan Holtland and Klaas de Jonge. - VPRO OVT, 17-10-2021. (in Dutch)

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Hélène Passtoors
Hélène Passtoors : The life and times of an MK soldier
Interview by Melt Muburgh, sound clips by Johan Allers, videos edited by  Gys Loubser. Footage and images provided by Hélène Passtoors, or are available in the public domain. Additional images: Rapport and Nationaal Argief (Croes, Rob C. / Anefo). - LitNet / Voertaal, 2021.
Watch part of the interview below.

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Watch below

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Individual activists mentioned in the book
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Other items mentioned in the book
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