SWIP: shallow wells improvement project

Several shallow wells that provide water for the people and animals in the semi-arid regions of Kajiado District, Kenya were improved in the early 1990s with technical and financial assistance provided by a Netherlands Integrated Development Programme. As a result of having access to water at shallow depths (up to 20 m), local people have been able to generate more income and become food secure. However these wells started to dry up in 2005. In collaboration with Dr Moses Mwangi (SEUCO-Kenya), a research project was started in 2008 to look into the reasons for this and several new activities have subsequently been initiated, including support for local well owners. A water-users association is now in its initial year and progress has also been made with a shallow wells manual. This is being produced in collaboration with Mr P. Langui and provides an overview of the fifteen most innovative shallow-well designs that have been implemented over the last twenty years in Kajiado. Contact was also made with two Dutch companies that claim to have lasting solutions that will improve water availability.

Research project