School farming and school feeding in Nakuru, Kenya

School garden in Kenya. © Dick Foeken (ASC Leiden)Although urban agriculture has become an increasingly important topic among researchers and policy-makers, school farming in urban areas has been largely neglected to date. This is surprising as, in combination with a school feeding programme, school farming has the potential to alleviate hunger, increase children’s attendance rates at school and help them to develop sound eating habits. The study’s main objectives are to describe the practice of school farming, establish the contribution of school farming to school feeding programmes, determine the extent to which pupils benefit from school farming and school feeding programmes in terms of food security and school attendance, and assess the potential for school farming in combination with school feeding

2006 to 2012

Senior researchers



urban agriculture ; school farming ; school feeding

Funding and cooperation




University of Nairobi, Department of Geography (Dr. Samuel O. Owuor) and Applied Nutrition Programme (Dr. Alice Mboganie Mwangi)