Africa’s food and nutrition security: 2010-2050

This research programme will predict the food and nutritional needs of a number of African countries up to 2050 on the basis of:

  • population size, growth rate and composition
  • nutritional requirements by age and sex, and taking activity levels into account
  • demands for various foods

Intra-country and cross-country comparisons will be made regarding the choice of crops grown and the animals kept, and food consumption patterns (depending on dietary preferences, incomes and prices). Estimates will be made of the loss to human health and the economy. The projected demands of the future food basket on natural resources (land, water, fertilizer and energy) and the effects of emissions will also be assessed.

Research project
2012 to 2016

Senior researchers


food basket ; population ; hunger ; undernutrition ; overnutrition ; agriculture ; access ; distribution ; food prices ; income ; economic value ; scenario studies ; water ; environment ; private sector ; gender ; food policy