Watch Akinyinka Akinyoade's participation in the livecast 'The Kleptocracy Project'

ASCL researcher Akinyinka Akinyoade participated as Nigeria expert during the launch of The Kleptocracy Project, a long-term investigative collaboration between a network of journalists from countries all over Africa and platform ZAM. The project looks into questions about how money intended for health, education, and safety ‘disappears’ or fills the pockets of corrupt leaders in African countries. The publication of the ZAM Kleptocracy Project investigations kicked off on 24 June 2021 in Pakhuis De Zwijger in Amsterdam, and was broadcast live. Other participants were (a.o.) Ivan Pillay, former head South African revenue services, Eliza Anyangwe, editor at CNN, based in Amsterdam, Joy Kirigia, broadcast journalist at Africa Uncensored based in Nairobi, Benon Herbert Oluka, Africa editor at Global Investigative Journalism Network based in Kampala.

Watch the livecast:

Illustration: Diana Ejaita

Date, time and location

24 June 2021