The transformation of the African Christian landscape through media technologies: focus on Pentecostal Christianity in Botswana and Zimbabwe

Seminar date: 
03 June 2008
Speaker(s): Lovemore Togarasei (Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Botswana)

In this project Lovemore Togarasei looks at how media has transformed the African Christian landscape. Specifically he focuses on the use of modern media technologies by Pentecostal churches in Botswana and Zimbabwe. What media technologies are being utilized by these churches? What theology informs the utilization? How has the use of these technologies led to a need for a redefinition of 'a Christian'; in other words what are the implications of the use of media technologies for Christian ecumenism and fellowship? These are some, among other, questions that he will endeavor to address in an attempt to show how the appropriation of media technologies has transformed the African Christian landscape.