Rhetoric and Social Relations. Dialectics of Bonding and Contestation

This volume explores the constitutive role of rhetoric in socio-cultural relations, where discursive persuasion is so important, and contains both theoretical chapters as well as fascinating examples of the ambiguities and effects of rhetoric used (un)consciously in social praxis. The elements of power, competition and political persuasion figure prominently. It is an accessible collection of studies, speaking to common issues and problems in social life, and shows the heuristic and often explanatory value of the rhetorical perspective. Of the thirteen chapters, seven are on African cases.
Jon Abbink & Shauna LaTosky, eds, 2021, Rhetoric and Social Relations. Dialectics of Bonding and Contestation. Oxford - New York: Berghahn Books (e-book & hardback).
'It is a quite fascinating, accomplished, and innovative volume… The co-editors and contributors have put together a rich, multiperspectival, and often compelling exploration of the complex and consequential nexus of social relations and rhetoric.' - Don Brenneis, University of California, Santa Cruz

Author(s) / editor(s)

Jon Abbink and Shauna LaTosky, eds

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Jon Abbink is Professor of Politics and Governance in Africa at the African Studies Centre, Leiden University.

Shauna LaTosky teaches Cultural Anthropology at Thompson Rivers University.

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