Rethinking Africa's transcontinental continuities in pre- and protohistory

An international conference to mark the retirement of Wim van Binsbergen as a professor at the African Studies Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands.

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The first day of this conference, Thursday 12 April 2012, will be open to anyone interested in attending. If you would like to participate as an observer, please register. We invite you to pay the conference fee of € 25 on your arrival at the conference venue.
Coffee/tea and lunch are included in the registration fee.

The second day of the conference, Friday 13 April, will be open to invited guests only as it is essentially meant for preparing a book that will be published by Brill in the Afrika-Studiecentrum Series.

Scientific convenor: Wim van Binsbergen (
Conference organizer: Marieke van Winden (

This conference has been made possible by financial support from the Leids Universiteits Fonds (LUF), the Faculty of Philosophy at Erasmus University (EUR) and the African Studies Centre.

Date, time and location

12 April 2012 to 13 April 2012