Literature list on the Anglophone crisis and Internet shutdown in Cameroon

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    Internet back in Anglophone Cameroon.

The Anglophone regions in Cameroon, the North West and South West, have experienced violent clashes in recent months following plans of the government to impose the use of French language in schools and courts. Protests have led to a shutdown of the Internet in these regions, including Bamenda, the country’s largest anglophone city, causing economic losses to small businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as highly limited access to information. 

ASCL Community fellow Francis Nyamnjoh, who is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Cape Town and a member of the editorial board of the Langaa Research and Publishing Group, compiled a list of relevant books providing background to the crisis. These publications are available in the ASCL Library:

Cameroon's predicaments / Peter Tse Angwafo

The Cameroon condition / George Ngwane

The Cameroon GCE crisis : a test of Anglophone solidarity / Francis B. Nyamnjoh; Richard Fonteh Akum; Azong Wara

Cameroon political story : memories of an authentic eye witness / N.N. Mbile

Neoliberal bandwagonism : civil society and the politics of belonging in Anglophone Cameroon / Piet Konings

Imperialistic politics in Cameroun : resistance & the inception of the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons / Carlson Anyangwe

Betrayal of too trusting a people : the UN, the UK and the trust territory of the Southern Cameroons / Carlson Anyangwe

I spit on their graves : testimony relevant to the democratization struggle in Cameroon / Godfrey B. Tangwa

Regional balance and national integration in Cameroon : lessons learned and the uncertain future / Paul Nchoji Nkwi; Francis B. Nyamnjoh

Political philosophies and nation-building in Cameroon : grounds for the second national liberation struggle / Nfamewih Aseh

Southern West Cameroon revisited / Anthony Ndi

Cameroon : the stakes and challenges of governance and development / Tangie Nsoh Fonchingong; John Bobuin Gemandze

The task of today and other seminal essays / Bernard Nsokika Fonlon

The 1961 Cameroon plebiscite : choice or betrayal / John Percival; Lalage Neal

Urgency of a new dawn : prison thoughts and reflections /  Nfor N. Nfor

Cameroon's contemporary culture and politics : prospects and problems / Milton Krieger

The Cameroonian novel of English expression: an introduction / Shadrach A. Ambanasom

The Anglophone Cameroon predicament / Mufor Atanga

God the politician / Peterkins Manyong

In chains for my country : crusading for the British Southern Cameroons / Nfor N. Nfor

The Obasinjom warrior : the life and works of Bate Besong / Emmanuel Fru Doh

The reunification debate in British Southern Cameroons : the role of French Cameroon immigrants / Joseph Lon Nfi

Road companion to democracy and meritocracy (further essays from an African perspective) / Godfrey B. Tangwa

The secrets of an aborted decolonisation : the declassified British secret files on the Southern Cameroons / Carlson Anyangwe

State of a Union : the half century of Cameroon's bicultural experience / Emmanuel Yenshu Vubo

Stifled justice in Cameroon : detained for six years without judgement / Rose Chia Fonchingong

Straddling the mungo : a book of poems in English & French / Peter Wuteh Vakunta

Under the broken scale of justice : the law and my times / Nyo' Wakai

The following books are not in our Library collection but can be ordered with African Books Collective:

Not Yet Damascus / Emmanuel Fru Doh

Perspectives on Written Cameroon Literature in English / Shadrach Ambanasom

Their Champagne Party Will End! Poems in Honor of Bate Besong / edited by Joyce Ashuntantang, Dibussi Tande