NWA Small Grant for project on SDGs for inclusive global development

A consortium of academic institutes - among which is the ASCL - has been awarded a small grant for a project that will look at the role of new technologies in approaching the SDGs: what are the benefits for the South? Technical and medical innovations hold great promise for improving lives in the Global South. However, technologies developed in the West do not automatically function in other societies. Co-creation of technologies by social and medical/technical scientists within a relevant socio-economic context will be the most important way forward within this project. Within this project, the ASCL will specifically collaborate with Delft University and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) on the use of satellite data for African climate and development policy, culminating in a Lorentz workshop on this topic in April 2022.
Consortium: Erasmus University Rotterdam, ASCL/Leiden University, Wageningen University & Research, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), Delft University of Technology
Secretary on behalf of the NWA (Dutch Research Agenda) route Sustainable Development Goals for inclusive global development: Prof. dr. ir. N.C. (Nick) van de Giesen – Delft University of Technology
Amount awarded: 149,686 euros